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Christmas Greetings and a little Christmas

Each year we all spend a lot of money on Christmas cards.  In a club like ours we send cards to all our friends and then expect to receive a card in return. 

Stop and think – is that really necessary, would it not be so much better to have just one big card for everybody and use the money we all save to support a small local charity?  

For the last few years we have supported the Snowdrop Trust, a small Sussex charity that “supports nursing care at home for local children with life-threatening or terminal illness and support for their family”.  Snowdrop receives no government funding and relies solely on the generosity of the local community. 

For the next few meetings before our Christmas break I will bring the usual large Christmas card for you to sign and a box for your donations.  As our past chairman Jan Davis used to say:  use the loose change for your tea or coffee and put the notes into the box.  

Last year we raised over £200 – can we beat that this year?  If every member in the club gave only £2 each (or more realistically every other member in the club gave £3 or £4) we could reach that target.  Shall we try?  

In advance, a big thank-you from the Snowdrop Trust. 

Margret Preece 

If you want to learn more about the Snowdrop Trust, their web address is

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