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Request for Prints and PDI’s for PAGB Interfederation Championship and Exhibition

The Federation needs your prints for the PAGB Interfederation Championship and exhibition.

We need to select:

30 Colour Prints

30 Mono Prints – FIAP Definition

30 Open PDIs (not nature)

30 Nature PDIs – FIAP Definition


These are the numbers the Federation have to send in as our entry, so we need many more to select from!


The print mount size must be 50x40cm (see the note below on print size tolerances required for exhibition framing)

The PDIs are to be 1400×1050

All must be to Peter by this Thursday 27th April so that they can be considered for selection.


Please support the Federation with your prints and PDIs

Peter Rocchiccioli

Selection Committee – Role Guidance

The Club’s Management Committee has been working with the Selection Committee to make clearer to all Members the role of the Selection Committee and what it does.  As part of that, we have agreed ‘Role Guidance’ so that there is a clear, set out understanding of the function of the Selection Committee.

Briefly, the purpose of the Selection Committee is to allocate new members to the appropriate classification; to manage the internal promotion system of members; to select images for the Annual Exhibition and for external competitions to represent the Club and to achieve the best results, while promoting work from as many members as possible across Club, Intermediate and Advance classes as appropriate. 

The Selection Committee has done rather well this year in selecting images for the external competitions and in consequence the Club’s standing is good.  Their task isn’t an easy one, not least as the Club’s standard is high and selecting the representative images from so many potential entries can be hard.  Combined with that, the rules for some external competitions are complex and putting together the right mix of images from members who do or do not have accreditations, the balance of different genres and ensuring as many different photographers are included in the mix can be a challenge!

The guidance is now published and you can read it here  CCC Role Guidance Selection Committee April 2017

John Howes with his winning image The Holy Man from the recent SCPF Print Championships

Last Call for Prints

We are still looking for prints from ALL members for the Hospice and the Selection Committee.  Joan and Jon Barham organise a changing collection of prints at the Hospice and are hoping to update that in the next week or two.  The Hospice Print box is still rather sparse so do please look out prints for them for next week.  Panel collections are very suitable!

The Selection Committee meets on Friday 24th February to select images for both the Regnum Crouch and Sussex Photographic Federation Print Competitions.  The SxFed competition is one Chichester keeps for our Club and Intermediate Class members, so do please bring your prints along next Thursday.  Those that scored 9, 9.5 or 10 are particularly welcome, but the Selection Committee would also like to see other images that you would like to submit.   The Selection Committee do have a considerable task in putting the images together for the SxFd as the rules are very complex, so please don’t be discouraged if you haven’t had work selected before.

Janey Devine’s Children of Myanmar 1



Southern Counties Federation  (SCPF)


The Bureaucrat Lorna Brown
Guardian of Mother Russia Mike Davison
This is my Home Peter Rocchiccioli
There is more Action up There Peter Rocchiccioli
Aglais Urticae Ross Laney
Red Grouse in long Grass Sheila   Tester
Church at Vik Sheila   Tester
The Woodshed Supervisor Ann McDonald


A Group of Mycena with Spider Sheila Tester
The Family Heirloom George Atkins
Memento Mori Lorna Brown
I’ve had Enough Mike Davison
The Five Chairs Peter Rocchiccioli
Waiting Ross Laney
The Midas Touch (Tortoiseshell) Ross Laney
The Sawmill Foreman Ann McDonald


Feeding Frenzy Janey Devine
Through the Doorways Ann McDonald
Lying Mirror John Larry
Secrets Mike Davison
Mada Saini outside his Home Peter Rocchiccioli
Black Veined White Ross Laney
A Group of Mycena with Spider Sheila   Tester
The Jetty Sheila   Tester


Damselflies Mating David Harris
Palouse Contours Glyn Edmunds
A Distance from Now Lorna Brown
The Indian Grandfather Peter Rocchiccioli
Mycena Nargan Sheila Tester
Boy on the Steps Ann McDonald


West Bay Andy Dulson
A Place to Sit Lynne Owen
Rising Mist over Jasna Lake Mike Hancock
It is only a Game Mike Hancock
Descending Leopard Stephen Tattersall
Indian Old Man John Howes
Tail Pecking Gannets Ann McDonald
Streets of London Stephen Tattersall


Sussex Federation  Championships 


Weymouth Fishing Floats David Donati
Illuminated Dome Jean Henwood
Wild Party Lynne Owen
Godwits at Pagham Stephen Tattersall
The Mosque at Night Sue Nash
Scooter Rally Tony Street
Sussex Federation  Championship


Two’s Company Frank Sandbach
Misty Morning Justin Hadley
Carla Paul William
Hovering Phillip Acland
The Listener Sarah Nichol
Windswept Sue Watts


The Trevose Head Lighthouse George Atkins
Botallack Tin Mine George Atkins
The Family Heirloom George Atkins
Tracey 3/2/9 Glyn Edmunds
Three Sighted Mice Jean Brooks
The Bureaucrat Lorna Brown
Man with Brolly Mike Davison
Long Walk Home Pete Bamforth
Madi Saini outside his Home Peter Rocchiccioli
There is more Action up There Peter Rocchiccioli
Red Grouse in Long Grass Sheila Tester
A Group of Mycena with Spider Sheila Tester
Long Walk Home Pete Bamforth
Made Saini outside his Home Peter Rocchiccioli
Travoise Head Lighthouse George Atkins
Church at Vik Sheila Tester
The Midas Touch Ross Laney