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11th February Print Group –

The Print Group meets on the 11th February with our usual mix of work in progress through to favourite prints brought along to share.  

With the Spring Exhibition just weeks away now (28th and 29th March) it’s also a perfect chance to bring along ideas for the exhibition where creativity is the order of the day and the usual rules about print mounts are abandoned. The priority for the Spring Exhibition, as it is for North Mundham,  is how to put together a compelling panel.

Also in March, there is the Print Panel competition where the print competition mount rules  do apply while the emphasis is still on how images work best together. To that end, we’ll start the evening with a look at the options within the 40 x 50 cms mount restriction.

We meet at 7.15 for a 7.30pm start in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre, with a £3 charge for Club Members (£4 non-members).  

The featured image is  High Tide at East Head by Wendy Chalk

Print group Tuesday 14th January

The Print Group meets again on Tuesday 14th January with our usual mix of work at all stages of development to share and discuss and consider how to get the best out of our prints.

The group includes photographers across all levels of experience and is an ideal introduction to understanding photographic critique, sharing tips and techniques and looking for advice.

You don’t even have to bring work along until you are ready to. Prints don’t need to be mounted, but do attach them to some card just to keep them in place on the stands. 

Join us at 7.15 for a 7.30 start in the small hall at Tangmere.  

The featured image is White Tree at Crummock by Andy Bracey 

Print group – 12th November

We had another very lively Print Group meeting in October and it is especially encouraging that so many of our newer members are coming along and starting to share their work.

Our discussions turned to the use of good quality printing paper and with this in mind our November meeting will look in particular at the ranges of papers, the pros and cons of lustre, glossy and matt, matching images to paper types and some of the different manufacturers.

If you’d like to just come along and find out more, it isn’t obligatory to bring images, but if you would like to, do  bring your images, work in progress or finished work as always. And if you use different types of paper you’d like to show, that would be particularly helpful, but not necessary – any photographs you’d like to share, discuss and get advice on will be welcome.

Lorna Brown

The featured image is Nest by Lorna Brown and is printed on a matt paper

Print Group 8th October

Print Group got of to a great start last month with a good number of brave new members ready to show work, and very interesting work it was too with much diversity. 

We meet again on Tuesday 8th October at 715 for a 7.30pm start in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre, at £3 for members.

As always, the group welcomes photographers at all levels of experience and you can bring along work at various stages to share. It can be finished work you’d like to show, work in progress or that tricky image that you’d like advice on. You might like to use the group to help you deiced which images to put in for competitions, and later in the year to think about exhibition prints.

You are also welcome to just come along to see what the group is about and there’s no need to bring work if you don’t feel ready to.

There’s no need to mount work – but if you attach prints (which can be just A5 approximate size) to card they will sit better on the prints stands.

I look forward to seeing you then.

Lorna Brown

The featured image is by Steven Tattersall

Print Group Tuesday 14th May

Print Group sessions draw to a close for this season on Tuesday 14th May with a timely opportunity to take a final look at print entries for this year’s Annual Exhibition (deadline 16th May) and how best to maximise your submissions. Advice also available for those who’d like to produce a hanging plan for their entries!

You’re very welcome – as always – to bring any prints along you’d like to share, discuss or ask for thoughts about, and it’s not necessary to bring work in mounts. It does help though if you simply stick any prints onto some sort of card so that they will stand up on the stands.

Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30pm (help setting up earlier than that also appreciated) with a £3 charge for Members and £4 for visitors.

Print Group 12th March

This month’s Print Group is Perfectly Positioned for Panels. With the Spring Exhibition at the end of March and the Print Panel Competition itself on the 4th April, this is a timely opportunity to look at how images work well together through some of the principles behind panelling – which in its simplest means how best to put a group of images together.

This includes thinking about using images with a similar tonal range, concepts such as central images and ‘bookends’ and telling visual stories. We can also touch on the dark arts of making hanging plans.

As always you can bring along work in progress, final ideas to share with others or just come along to meet others and join in the discussions.

Tuesday 12th March in the small hall at Tangmere at for a 7.30pm start. Visitors also very welcome, at a fee of £4, with £3 for Club Members.

A hanging plan for an LRPS submission: Lorna Brown

Print Group 8th January

I fear you really can’t get the staff for the Print Group just now as I’ll be AWOL again this month.  In my defence though, last month was indeed simply pleasure, this time it’s a grandparenting duty call and John Howes has kindly agreed to step into the breech so the group will meet as usual at 7.30pm in the small hall, £3 for members and £4 for visitors.

If you haven’t tried the group yet do come along – it’s an ideal friendly place to simply talk abut our prints, share tips, techniques and ideas.  Bring along any prints you’d like to show, work in progress, perhaps those you’d like advice on or those you simply want to share. They don’t need to be mounted but for purely practical purposes, it is best if you do back them with card so they will stay upright on the print stands and the bottom edge will clear the trim.

In February we will be looking particularly  at different print papers – and with a Lightroom Print process session on the 22nd January, two complimentary sessions that will fit very nicely together.

Print Group December Tuesday 11th December

Our December Print Group will be a ‘self-help’ affair as a rather lovely hotel has made me a pre-Christmas offer it would have been rude to refuse and so I won’t be with you.  Dave Abbott has kindly agreed to look after the evening in by absence – thank you Dave!

We had a bit of a topic in October, comparing images of water and the shutter speeds needed to achieve various different end results – whether that was tranquil still effects or fast ‘freezing’ of swift flowing streams.  In doing so, we visited Scotland, Wales, England and France!

November will revert to any images of any subject that you’d like to bring along to discuss.  For any members who haven’t yet tried Print Group, you can bring work in any stage of development – a first rough print through to finished and mounted images.  It is best to bring prints simply stuck onto a piece of card as this will help keep them upright on the print stands, and ensure the bottom of the print doesn’t disappear below the print stand edge.

While the Print Group offers a chance to share and learn new skills and talk about images you might want to enter into competitions, at heart it is simply an opportunity to just chat about photographs with like-minded folk.

You can come along without bringing any prints – the only caveat is that if everyone does that we have nothing to talk about, so if you can, please do bring prints to share.

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre  at 7.30pm with a charge of £3 for Club Members and £4 for visitors.

Lorna Brown

Falls of Orchy by Lorna Brown – the water frozen in action at 1/800 second shutter speed

Vote of Thanks and Christmas Special

Hi all,

This is a request for both the above.

We are short of volunteers to give the vote of thanks to our judges and speakers on the following dates. Dec 6th, Jan 10th & 24th, Feb 7th & 21st, Mar 7th, 21st & 28th, Apr 11th, 18th & 25th, May 9th & 23rd. This is important for the club so please be kind enough to let either Mike Hancock, Mike Harris or  Glyn Edmunds know by email if you are willing to give a VOT. Obviously we need someone for this coming meeting on the 6th. 

Now for the fun and games. On Dec 13th we have our Christmas special, Ho Ho Ho, which is a fun evening where we can enjoy ourselves by dressing in our favourite Christmas attire, enjoy some Christmas fare and drink while competing as teams in a Christmas quiz so I do hope as many of you as possible can attend. We need prizes donated for the raffle which can be brought to our next meeting on the 6th or on the night of the Christmas special on the 13th. For those who plan to attend could you also bring some finger food and drinks on the night for us all to enjoy.

Print Group Tuesday 13th November

We had a really lively Print Group in October, with two members bravely showing work for the first time – and very good work it was too!  

We meet again on Tuesday 13th November, and this month we will be considering in particular composition and images of water. You may of course – as always  –  bring along work in progress or work you would simply like to share of any sort, but  particularly welcome will be images you feel demonstrate those rules of composition, or indeed that successfully break those rules.

Also – at our last meeting we discussed the speeds required to freeze water or conversely, to create those soft  or even milky images of moving water.  If you have examples and the camera speeds you used do bring those along.  About 8 images and backed with card (to help them stay on the stands) is suggested to ensure time for everyone.

Members who would just like to come along without showing work are also welcome – come along to get a feel for the group to see if it’s for you.  We meet at 7.30pm in the small hall at Tangmere, with a cost of £3 for members and £4 for visitors.


Some Enchanted Evening by Brian Southward