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SCPF Print Box Orders

Nomad Print Boxes 2018  

The closing date for the next order of Print Boxes will be Friday 27th April.

They should be available for collection at the Reps Meeting/Finals Day at Littleton on Sunday 13th May.

Nomad describe these boxes as Heavy Duty in that they have two webbing straps and moulded black plastic corners.

Handles can be supplied on any size box at an additional cost of £3.

    Note: There are two types of handle – webbing handles and suitcase handles. I wouldn’t recommend the suitcase handles for boxes 4 inches and above in depth. Also handles can be a bit of a nuisance if you are going to be sending your box through the post on a regular basis.  If you are ordering a 6” deep boxes please bear in mind that they are a substantial weight when filled.


21” x 17” x 1 5/8 £25.70 Please note the new prices
21” x 17” x 3″ £26.70
21” x 17” x 4″ £27.70
21” x 17” x 6″ £28.70

All order enquiries contact –   

Orders in writing and with cheques payable to:

E.J. Bennett. 6 Inhams Road, Holybourne, ALTON, Hants GU34 4EU

When ordering please give your email address and the name of your club. Note:   Visit the Website – Single Boxes can now be ordered on line.

April Print Group

Don’t forget Print Group on Tuesday10th April! As usual you are very welcome to bring along work in progress, work you would just like to share or images you’d like a second option on.  The Print Group is a really good place to chat about images, gain really helpful ideas and understanding about how images are judged in competitions.

And with the deadline for the Annual Exhibition only one month away, it’s a perfect place to start thinking about which images you might like to enter and how to show them to their best advantage.

The Print Group meets on the second Tuesday of every month in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre.  The cost is £3 for Club members and £4 for visitors.

Lynne Owen’s Face in the Window

Print Group Tuesday 12th December

Our December meeting will look particularly at different photo print papers and how they can affect the final look of your prints.  Do please bring along examples of different papers (nothing needs to be mounted but prints backed with card stand more easily on the print stands) or as always any work in progress or finished work you’d like to share.

You will also be very welcome if you’d just like to come along to see how things go.  The Print Group is a great way to share views on images and along the way learn much about possible processing techniques and how to get the very best out of your photographs.

We meet in the small hall at Tangmere at 7,30pm on the second Tuesday of the month, £3 for Club Members and £4 for visitors.

Lorna Brown’s Caravaggio’s Artichokes is printed on a matt paper

Print Group Tuesday 14th November

The Print Group meets this coming Tuesday, 14th November at 7.30pm in the Small Hall at Tangmere.  As always, everyone is welcome but this is a special invitation to newer Members to find out more about the Print Group.

The purpose of the group is to get the very best out of our prints, so you can bring along finished work you would like to share, new work you’re not quite sure about or anything in between.  If you just want to come along and find out how the group works without bringing any images along, you’ll also be very welcome.

If you do bring work, it doesn’t have to be mounted, but it does help if you back it with card just so that it sits properly on the print stands.

There is a charge, which is £3 for Club members and £4 for visitors who are also very welcome to join us.

Lorna Brown

Mike Davison’s Slateland North Wales

Print Group 10th October

The Print Group gets together for its first meeting of the new season on Tuesday 10th October and is an ideal opportunity to find out more about what the group does.  While members with all ranges of experience do come to and value the group, it is a particularly good meeting for newer members where you can just see other members’ work and hear the conversations  or bring along you own images to show and discuss. 

It’s a friendly gathering with work shown that is in progress, where we consider how to get the best out of the print, or where we show finished work that we would like to share.  You don’t have to mount prints, although having them stuck to card does help them stay on the stands.  Later in the season, we sometimes look at work that has been judged and consider how the judge’s comments might be applied – or indeed ignored!

If you don’t feel ready to show any work yet, you will still be welcome to see what we do.  Later on, we will also be looking at the different  effects that different paper types can give – our emphasis is on getting the very best out of your work to produce really good finished prints.

We meet on the second Tuesday of every month at 7.30pm (although please come along earlier to help set up) and the cost is £3 for members and £4 for non-members.

Lorna Brown

Frank Adams’s Lindisfarne Castle makes a superb print

Print Group Tuesday 11th April

The Print Group this month is an ideal opportunity to bring along prints for both the forthcoming exhibitions – that’s the Spring Exhibition taking place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd April, and the Annual Exhibition the deadline for which is 27th April.

All members are guaranteed that at least one image will be included in the Annual Exhibition, and the Print Group will be a good place to think about how best to put images together for the exhibition, to find out more about how the judging and selection processes  work, and – we hope – to make sure you get a good number of your submissions accepted!

As always, either finished work or work in progress welcome.  There is no need to mount the images, but backing them with some simple card does help to keep them on the stand!

7.30pm in the small hall at the Tangmere Village Centre, £3 for Club Members and £4 for visitors.

George Sayer’s Temple and Mosque

Print Group Tuesday 14th March

It’s Tuesday 14th for this month’s Print Group, to which all are welcome.  Bring along work in progress you’d like to get the views on, finished work you’d like to share, and for Club and Intermediate Class members, work you might be considering for the forthcoming Print Competition, the deadline for which is 30th March.

Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre, 7.30pm, £3 for Club member and £4 for visitors.

Softly Softly by Mike Davison

Print Group Tuesday 14th February

The second Tuesday in the month is Print Group when you can bring along work in progress or finished work you would like to share, ask for opinions on or explain how you created it in a supportive and friendly setting.

Work doesn’t need to be mounted, but it is helpful if you can back images with card so that they will stay up better on the print stand. If you would just like to sit in and see how the group works, you will also be welcome.

There will be a second chance to see different papers and a look at how the printer settings can affect the outcome in black and white prints.

All Club Members are welcome, as are visitors.  £3 for Club Members, £4 for visitors at Tangmere Village Centre in the Small Hall at 7.30pm.

Fading Glory, a print by David Donati

Print Group – Tuesday 10th January

The first Print Group of the new year will be looking particularly at how the choice of paper can influence the final print with samples of different products and the same image printed on different papers.  As usual, do bring along work in progress or finished work that you would like to share and discuss – if you have examples of photographs on different papers that will be especially welcome.

No need to mount the work but do please use some plain card to back the prints as this makes viewing easier on the stands.

Small hall at 7.30pm and all are welcome, with a £3 charge for members and £4 non-members.

The snow in this winter scene (Grasmere Snowstorm by Lorna Brown) will look whiter on some print papers than others