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Site Passwords

Just a reminder to all members about password security. The recent hacking of Talk-Talk is very much in the news and in among the hype and doom being churned out by the newspapers one important thing comes across.

You should never use re-use passwords between web sites.

I do hope when you chose the password for this site you did not use the same password as you use for your internet banking or other private web sites.

If you suspect you did, please click on the Forgot Password link and change your password to something different.

If you have trouble remembering your passwords you might want to try a password safe such as KeePass.

6-30th October Photographic Exhibition: Nina Borowsky at the Portsmouth Central Library

6-30th October Photographic Exhibition: Nina Borowsky at the Portsmouth Central Library – Peter Rocchiccioli thinks this is a really good and very contemporary exhibition for members to go and see. He truly recommends it.

The statement below goes with the images, not your simple club photography. Must be seen to be appreciated.

Nina Borowsky

I spent my childhood growing up amongst picturesque fields and mountains, which cultivated my passion for nature and moving image.

After a four-year degree at university in Theatre Production I worked as a television producer for nine years. Eventually when I moved to the south of England my growing interest in imagery led me to photography.

My work explores a dreamy and romanticized view of contemporary landscapes and the human interaction within, all through careful observation and minimal digital alteration. The images are captured like a moment that is flashing by in a film and captured as a still or the continuation of the film that is life.

Working in two different styles, the portraits search out the relationships people have with each other, themselves and their work in different setting and locations.


Dear Club Secretaries

I am writing to invite you and your member to Southampton CC on Monday 16 November when the speakers are  two high profile members of Chichester CC:
Ann McDonald, ARPS, DPAGB and Peter Rocchiccioli, ARPS, BA(Hons), AFIAP.
Peter is currently vice-President of the SCPF.
Will you please circulate the attached flyer to your members and to anyone else you feel may be interested.
We hope to see you there.
Best wishes
Heather Wagstaff
Programme Secretary
Southampton Camera Club
Click on the image below to see the flyer:
SCC 16 November 2015

More Salon Successes for PAGB Group Members at Tallaght International Salon of Photography

 Tallaght 25th International Salon of Photographic Art

  • Contratulatons to GEORGE ATKINS who had 8 Print acceptances in the Salon. He was also awarded a FIAP Silver Medal and a Ribbon
  • Congratulations to JOHN HOWES who had 7 PDI acceptances in the Salon.
  • Congratulations to LORNA BROWN who had 4 PDI acceptances in the Salon .
  • Well done to all of them. It is a great achievement to gain acceptances and awards in this prestigious FIAP & PSA international Salon.


North Mundham – PDI Images

Dear members of the PDIs Advance group could you please support the Club North Mundham Exhibition by submitting up to 4 new images for the PDIs section. These can be uploaded at the normal site

Since we are using a HD TV to show the entries please note each image may be up to 1920×1080 pixels, sRGB. This is wider than our normal 1400×1050.

This is at no cost and it will be an opportunity to show your new work for all members and visitors.

As a bonus and incentive to you, all of the images will be retained by the selection committee for future consideration in the forthcoming external competitions.

Your support is appreciated and I thank you in advance for your input.

Peter Rocchiccioli

Selection Committee Chair

Getting a Site Password

The new web site has different user names and passwords from the previous web site (maintained by Pete King). You will need to have a user name and password to be able to log into this site and see information we only want to be available to club members, such as competitions results.

If you do not have a login and password you need to find the Lost Password button at the bottom of the home page (see below and circled in red):

Lost Password

Then press this and you will be taken to to the following screen:

Request new Password

enter the email address you have given the club and follow the instructions given and in the emails you will receive.

If you have problems please contact me (Jeff Owen)