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Chairmans Blog 8th November

We all enjoyed the meeting with Mike Read and his catalogue of exceptional images of the unique species of birds and penguins on the Falklands Islands. The quality of the images was special due to the wild life that was unafraid of people and of the photographer’s experience as a freelance wildlife photographer and his incredible knowledge of all the names of the birds.

Support our club at the SCPF PDI LEAGUE MATCH  The PDIs first league match is at Bracknell on Monday 9th November. The judge is Jay Charnock FRPS. All of this information can be obtained from the Southern Counties Photographic Federation website.


Road closures at Tangmere 9th to 13th November

There are overnight carriage repairs planned for the A27 both east and west bound between Monday 9th November and Friday 13th November between Boxgrove and Crockerhill which will affect Club members going home after Tuesday’s Print Group and the Thursday Club Meeting as they come into effect from 8pm.

You can find details of the diversions that will be in place on the WSCC website here and search for ‘Tangmere’ between those dates.

There are also roadworks planned for Meadow Way (the road down from the Tangmere/ Boxgrove roundabout) the same week currently are not planned for Club nights.  These are also listed on the County Council web.


Print Group – Tuesday 10th November

It’s Print Group on Tuesday 10th November  and with the first Beginners and Intermediate Print Competition coming up soon, a good opportunity to bring along prints you are considering entering.

Everyone is welcome, and all kinds of images – whether that first thoughts on new work, pieces in development or final prints you would like to show and discuss with others.

Work doesn’t have to be mounted or full size, but attached to card helps keep prints upright for viewing.  If you’d like to just come along to see what the group does you will also be very welcome.  7.30pm in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre.


Jeff Morgan workshop at Emsworth 18th Nov 10am




FROM 10am to 4pm

Use of Camera Raw (in Photoshop, Elements and Lightroom)

In this demonstration Jeff will show you how to extract the best quality image out of your raw file. We will cover the workflow and some of the advanced tools available. All of your basic, single image adjustment work can be completed in Raw; Photoshop these days is only needed for more advanced work such as Layers for compositing and for advanced cloning.

Let’s make this session very real and practicable trying to help you get the most out of your raw captures. If you have an image that is giving you a particular problem, one that is difficult or one you would just like processing suggestions on then please bring one Raw image along. Please bring your questions.

Field Photography: How to plan and accomplish a successful location shoot

This is a practical discussion and demonstration on how to go about planning and organising a creative photography outing. Starting with the research before a shoot, continuing on with the equipment and its use during the shoot. Then Jeff will look at how he sets about shooting images, the equipment he uses and how to use it. Next he will show some of his work with discussion and demonstrate how it was captured. What do you really need to use for a great image? Is it better to use filters or not? Do your images lack quality, sharpness or good colours; we will study and discuss good practical field craft for high quality photography. Your questions and participation will be warmly welcomed. Break out of your bounds and try some new techniques and equipment.


Jeff’s website is

Chairmans Blog 1st November

Our webpage has  posted  Thursdays PDI results and our good results from the SXPF and the forthcoming events:  SCPF competitions, Portrait Group shoots , PAGB  meeting on Monday and Mike Read on the Falklands islands Thursday  and check out The Workshop with Jeff Morgan on the 14th Nov and don’t miss

The Ice Track Expeditions talk on Wednesday at the Assembly Rooms and order your tickets from the RPS at,

We all enjoyed the evening of excellent PDI images from the beginners and Intermediate members showing a very high standard of work. The judge Alan Cooke was very good at putting his red spot on the key elements that would improve the images. The issues that repeated themselves in his sympathetic constructive comments that pursue us all photographers were cropping, background clutter and all the finesses that need to be perfect in portraits.

He complemented many of the photographers with being brave with portraits and finding interesting angles and new subjects and in particular gave extra points to those who got up early to get sunrise images.

Jan Davis




The next meeting of the PAGB Group is on Monday 2nd November at 7.00pm. Because we look at both Prints and PDIs there is a lot of setting up to do so please come along at 6.50 to help set up. As usual we will try to see and comment on the work of everyone attending.


Digital group Meeting 27th October

Lorna Brown

An Introduction to Composite Image Making with Layers and masks

Ann McDonald

Ann will give a tutorial showing how to draw the best out of an image and guide the viewers eye to the important part of the image.

Ann has asked for images for her to use for demonstration purposes. If you have an image which you think is “almost there” but just needs that extra something please send the file as an attachment to Ann by Sunday 25th at the latest.


Site Passwords

Just a reminder to all members about password security. The recent hacking of Talk-Talk is very much in the news and in among the hype and doom being churned out by the newspapers one important thing comes across.

You should never use re-use passwords between web sites.

I do hope when you chose the password for this site you did not use the same password as you use for your internet banking or other private web sites.

If you suspect you did, please click on the Forgot Password link and change your password to something different.

If you have trouble remembering your passwords you might want to try a password safe such as KeePass.