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Small print competition 2020-21. Round 2 results.

The winners of the second round of the Small Print Competition were 1st ‘Be Happy’ (Louise Le-Good), 2nd ‘Bull’s Eye’ (Nikki Holden), 3rd ‘Sea Spray’ (Nikki Holden). Highly Commended were ‘Catch of the Day’, ‘Playing with my Boat’ and ‘Boy on Dhow!’ (Carlien Murray), First in the Queue’ and ‘Venerable Oak’ (Vivien Ruddock), ‘Grab the Bike and Leg it’ (Nikki Holden) and ‘Autumn Shades’ (Louise Le-Good)

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks to the judges.

SxPF presents a FREE talk to its members on 21st November

SxPF presents a FREE talk to its members on  

Saturday 21st November 2020 at 7pm till 8pm approx.   This talk will be presented by Lawrence Homewood EFIAP BPE2 CPAGB

Title: Access to Photography – 5 Portrait Photographers  

Access to Photography – 5 Portrait Photographers  

Lawrence Homewood EFIAP as part of his ACCESS TO PHOTOGRAPHY presentations will be looking at five, distinctly different, well known photographers and how their styles differ from each other.  

Showing you how they go about photographing their subjects and the end results. The idea behind this presentation is to inspire club photography and show how, within one genre, styles can be so different.  

He looks at the work of David Bailey, Richard Avedon, Annie Leibovitz, Terry Richardson and Steve McCurrey. We critique three images hoping if possible to get audience participation or feedback.  

Finally Lawrence concludes his presentation with a working example taken at the  Kitsch Studio and Woodlands Gardens where he takes inspiration from all 5 photographers showing you how he set up the studio and obtained his end results.   This is a new presentation has been put together during the current lock-down. Time 40 minutes approximately. If you are interested in seeing this online talk we have supplied the links below. 

Zoom SxPF is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Lawrence Holmwood Talk
Time: Nov 21, 2020 19:00 London

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Meeting ID: 957 0422 7691
Passcode: memtalk

Can all the member clubs please pass this information onto their members as we are keen to do more of these presentations and encourage other members to do similar presentations in the future and get more interaction between member clubs. We would like to see as many of you as possible 

best wishes

ValerieSxPF Secretary

Leigh preston

Hi All,

What a fantastic set of images shown by Leigh tonight and very ably supported by John. The images were wide ranging in content , thoughtful in presentation and a lesson to us all in how to see an image and how to present it. For me it was one of the best yet.

My thanks to all those for joining this and previous zoom meetings as we regularly seem to get 50 plus attending. Obviously it’s not the same as our congenial meetings at Tangmere but at least we’ve been able to continue meeting and enjoying some wonderful presentations and strong competitions.

Let’s hope that the vaccine for coved 19 is successful so we can get together again at our regular home in Tangmere sometime in the not too distant future.

Once again, stay safe and look after yourselves.


Multimedia Group

It strikes me that this lock down is an ideal opportunity to do a Zoom meeting on Multimedia. I’m short of evenings so it would have to be during the day, preferably a weekday morning.

If you are interested in producing a book, an AV or slideshow then please contact me at and I will try to arrange a Zoom meeting.

Books and AVs are a great way of presenting your work. Modern cameras also produce excellent video, which often goes to waste, but with some simple editing can be turned into something more permanent.

A lot of photographers like to make year books or to use books to publish their project work or work on a particular theme. Well made AVs can also be useful to present both pictorial and documentary work.


RPS Group 17th November

Following our sessions looking at an overview of the RPS distinctions, the RPS Group continues via Zoom sharing images that might form suitable portfolios – panels – for submission to the RPS. 

For L – Licentiate – level you can send images for an initial discussion or, when you are ready, include a hanging plan of how you think these will work together. 

If you are interested in the A – Associateship – please submit your statement of intent, or just a broad outline of your project along with images illustrating the theme.

You are also very welcome to join the meeting simply to watch.

Please use WeTransfer sent to  sizing your images to 1900 x 1200 by  5pm on Monday 16th November.

Chichester Cameraclub is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: RPS Group Monthly Meeting
Time: Nov 17, 2020 19:30 London
Every month on the Third Tue, until May 18, 2021, 7 occurrence(s)
Nov 17, 2020 19:30
Dec 15, 2020 19:30
Jan 19, 2021 19:30
Feb 16, 2021 19:30
Mar 16, 2021 19:30
Apr 20, 2021 19:30
May 18, 2021 19:30

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Meeting ID: 830 2402 9645
Passcode: 965288

The featured image is from Frank Adams’ FRPS panel

Chair update

Hi All,

Great night last night viewing all the advanced PDI’s. Congratulations to all and in particular Ray Acland who received a 10 for his Yorkshire Dales image.

In last weeks newsletter I posted a potential plan for our print competitions and requested that all those who feel they would like to participate, mail me via a link to the chair that can be found on our website in the ‘CONTACT US’ section along with other important contact email addresses. To date I have had 12 responses as follows; 3 club, 2 intermediate and 7 advanced. To hold a viable competition it is felt that we need at least 10 to take part for advanced, 7-8 for intermediate and 5+ for club.

It is important for your committee to know whether there is interest in holding the print comps as if not we have to find alternatives for the 6 print comp dates in the calendar. Therefore I will hold the response date open for one more week only.

Please stay safe in this new lockdown.



Scores 2nd Advanced PDI Competition 2020-21

First NameLast NameTitleScore
RayAclandMomentary Airbourne8
RayAclandDorothy and Partner7
LornaBrownTowards Suilven9
LornaBrownThe Foundry9
RichardCorkreySylvan Light8.5
RichardCorkreySelham Common9.5
RichardCorkreySavernake Forest9
JanDavisTea with Martin Parr8.5
JanDavisChristmas is Coming6
AndyDulsonSally Pearson8.5
AndyDulsonLaviai Nielsen9.5
AndyDulsonA Decisive Moment7.5
ChrisGledhillFirst Light at Cathedral Beach8
ChrisGledhillLanding on One Leg7.5
ChrisGledhillThe King Mono7.5
DavidHarrisSecond Coming – Emerging Emperor Resting8.5
DavidHarrisBlack-Tailed Skimmer (Orthetrum Cancellatum)8
DavidHarrisSatin Stream8.5
GaryHowesWhich Way Was the Hive?7.5
GaryHowesPollen Covered8
GaryHowes15 Mins of Fame8.5
JohnLarryOrbiting the Earth7
JohnLarryElephant at Dawn9
JohnLarryTunnel of Light6.5
StephenMarsh10.45 Am – Central Line8.5
StephenMarshStreet Vendor, Sri Lanka9
StephenMarshStudying Sisley at R a8.5
BrianMuirThe Groyne9
BrianMuirThe Smoker8.5
BrianMuirTake Him Away8.5
JimMundayGrey Seal, Farne Islands8.5
JimMundayEast Head Posts9
SueNashHeading for Extinction8
SueNashNo 4 and the Palm Tree Shadow8
JeffOwenX Marks the Spot7.5
JeffOwenMetropol Parasol7.5
JeffOwenDare We?6
LynneOwenHorror Shirts!7
LynneOwenGirls on Film7
MichaelPalmerThe Bognor Cockle9
MichaelPalmerSouth Bank Star7.5
KeithSawyerCultural Fusion7.5
KeithSawyerDivine Mercy9
ChristineWoolgarThe View9.5
ChristineWoolgarThree Standing8

Print group Tuesday 10th November

The Print Group’s November Zoom meeting falls on Tuesday 10th November, once again looking at how to get the best out of your digital files.  You are welcome to submit a maximum of three images for sharing and discussion, following the guidance below. November’s meeting will be led by Tim Crabb in Lorna’s absence.

Please note that you should now use for mailing all images not the personal email addresses you used before.

You can find  all the Zoom invitation sign in details  for Club events on the Club website under the programme listings or via the news posts

To submit images for discussion please follow this guidance on how to do so.

Please submit images by 5pm on  Monday 9th November by email attachment to

Resize images to 1600 x 1200 pixels, maximum 2MB. You can find resizing guidance on the Club website at

Please title your images (embedded in the file please, not as an email list) with your name then either the title or other identifier, such as file number ie Lorna Brown Sunny Afternoon or LornaBrown no1 

If MAC users can find how to attach rather than embed images it would be really helpful but isn’t necessary (PCs read some MAC images as embedded not attached, which can be resolved by how the MAC makes the attachment)

Chichester Cameraclub is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Monthly Print Group Meeting
Time: Nov 10, 2020 19:30 London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 832 4070 3782
Passcode: 528180

The featured image is ‘The Basket Maker’ by Mike Davison

Chair update

Hi All,

I have to say last nights presentation by Mark Pain was one of the best we’ve had for a long time. He showed some brilliant sports images and gave us a detailed insight into his planning process and camera settings used to obtain them. I guess one thing we all need to remember is his mantra of being technically, physically and mentally ready before taking the image.

Now I have a very important request for all members. Your committee have been working hard to develop a proposed print competition plan that will allow us to undertake our print competitions this season. It reads as follows;

CCC Draft Print Competition plan for the 20/21 season.

1. Members should prepare Prints and associated PDIs as usual in accordance with the club’s competition rules.

2. An upload site will be created for each Competition on Photocomp and PDIs should be uploaded in the normal manner with the correct title for each print submitted. Please upload in order of preference in case we receive too many and have to reduce entries from three to two.

3. Three or more collection points have been determined in the East, West and central Chichester districts to minimise travel for the delivery of mounted prints.

4. Three empty club Nomad print boxes will be held at each collection point clearly labelled with the address of the collection point and either Club comp, Intermediate comp or Advanced Comp.

5. Members will deliver prints inside a bag to a chosen collection point, which must remain the same for each competition they enter, and place them in the box so as to minimise print handling. They must be delivered on or before the agreed deadline date which will be three weeks before the comp date not the usual two.

6. The relevant Nomad box will then be transported to a central address where the collator will note which prints come from which collection address box, retain the bags, collate and label the prints as per competition rules, place them in a Nomad box and forward to the respective judge by courier.

7. Judges to receive the Nomad box at least seven days before the scheduled competition date to enable them to assess the prints in preparation for the scheduled competition date.

8. At the scheduled Zoom meeting, on the respective competition date, members will see the PDI’s and listen to the judge’s comments.

9. The Judge will place the prints back in the Nomad box for collection and transportation to the collator’s address by courier.

10. The collator will transfer the bagged prints into the relevant nomad boxes as per note taken at point 6.

11. Nomad boxes to be returned to the respective collection addresses and prints to be collected by members as they deliver for the next comp.

12. Any uncollected prints will be taken to Tangmere at the end of the comp programme fo future collection.

All the above will be further supported by a risk assessment for the safety of all concerned.

It is vitally important that we have enough members willing to enter as we will be looking for an absolute minimum of 30 prints for a competition to make it worthwhile. On that basis can those who are willing to enter prints please mail me at,, by Friday 6th November. If the uptake is favourable we will finalise the logistical arrangements and compile the risk assessment.

Even after completing all this work, we will obviously still need to take into account the Covid situation and the Government guidelines of the day, but hopefully we will be able to move froward and undertake print comps.

Many thanks and stay safe.