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Salisbury Cathedral Tower

There was to have been a private guided tour up Salisbury Cathedral Tower on Saturday 26th January. It was cancelled due to lack of interest!

Mo Connaly has indicated she would be prepared to organise another one, probably on a Saturday in May (the building is used for other things on Sundays) if there was sufficient interest The ideal number is 10, the maximum is 12 and the minimum 8.

There are 300 steps to the top of the tower but there are a number of landings on the way. Being a private party we would be shown areas not usually open to the public tours and more time would be allowed for photography.

The cost would be about £15 depending on numbers. Although a firm booking cannot be made until we have some idea of interest, in the same way we do not have a firm date yet. If you are interested, without firm commitment please let me know over the next week or so.

Foorspace above choir by Ken Worrall
Inside the Spire by Ken Worrall

Chair’s Evening 31st January 2019

The Chair’s Evening will comprise 2 parts.  In the first half Mike will give a presentation on some of the people and places he has encountered in his photography, reflecting a very personal approach to what he is seeking to achieve and the enjoyment that has produced.

Geographically,  the images will cover several continents and cover some of the moments ‘that took the breath away’.  Inevitably sport will also feature, covering both the challenges of trying to get good images and the sheer enjoyment of being there at major sporting occasions.

The second half, by way of complete contrast, will be a presentation by one of this year’s new members, Alan Frost. 

He is a long standing member of Havant Camera Club, recently having gained an ARPS qualification for his beautifully composed and sensitively produced Black and White images.  Alan comes to Chichester with the aim of developing yet further his already considerable photographic expertise.

The emphasis will be on having a fun evening and I hope including something for everyone’

Spring Exhibition 2019

Having seen the Advanced workers exhibition at North Mundham now is the chance for Club and Intermediate workers to enjoy the same freedom at the Spring Exhibition on Saturday 30th and Sunday 31st of March 2019. If you’re not sure whether to enter this is a quote from one of last year’s new members:I

It was lovely to be able to chat with other members and I feel I have got to know people in the club better.  Thank you for encouraging me to enter and I look forward to hopefully entering the Summer Exhibition.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the Spring Exhibition last weekend.  I had been very nervous in the build up to it, but I felt reassured once I was there and had my pictures up.  Thank you for your positive comments about them.  The other photographs at the exhibition were excellent and most inspiring.  It has given me lots of creative ideas!

See either Carmel Lynch or Sarah Nichol for an entry form and more information.

Novium Exhibition Press

You might like to see (if a little belatedly!) the excellent press coverage the Chichester Post gave our exhibition at the Novium for the launch last year.

Lorna Brown and Rob Campling, the Club’s Press Secretary preview the exhibition. Photo courtesy of the Chichester Post

The LATEST exhibition at the Novium Museum is opening tomorrow, celebrating 125 years since The Chichester Photographic Society was formed in 1893.

Chichester Camera Club: A Celebration of People and Places will feature the rich history of Chichester Camera Club and its development over the years.

Drawing from the club’s archives, The Novium Museum’s social history photography collection and contemporary work, this showcase will also explore the way in which the district has been a source of inspiration to club members across a range of photographic genres.

The Chichester Photographic Society was formed in 1893 and active until 1945 and then after a four-year break, was re-formed in 1949 under the name of Chichester Camera Club.

It has continued as such to the present day and is recognised as one of the most successful camera clubs in the country, welcoming everyone with an interest in photography.

Novium Museum manager, Stephanie Thorndyke, said: “We are thrilled to work with the Chichester Camera Club to put on a exhibition of 125 years since they formed bringing together history and photography.

“It’s a beautiful and rich tapestry of photographs with extremely high standards.

“It’s really an exhibition which is made with our local community as all photographers are local and a big part of the exhibition is, too, with a strong focus on the district.

“I hope that visitors will be inspired by our district and the local community will take part and take photographs.”

A very varied exhibition has come together featuring work from the camera club’s archive – including lantern slides from the early days of the club.

As well as a section of contemporary work, a large part of the exhibition contains photographs drawn from across the Chichester district area that show activities, the people and the geography of this diverse area.

Club members have been submitting their images for a while to get the collection together, many drawn from their back catalogues, such as Dave Abbott’s late 1980’s image, for this part of the exhibition.

The wider district community is also being called upon to become part of the exhibition by submitting their own digital photos for inclusion.

Every three weeks, local residents will be asked to respond to a different theme:

natural world

Twenty of the best photographs from each category will be selected and displayed digitally within the exhibition. The community will also be able to take part in a monthly caption competition and other interactive elements.

Lorna Brown, former chairman of Chichester Camera Club, says: “This is a wonderful opportunity to work in partnership with The Novium Museum to celebrate our long history and the many ways the area in and around Chichester has inspired our members.”

Cllr Eileen Lintill, cabinet member for community services at Chichester District Council, said: “We live in such a beautiful district, with so much to offer. We look forward to input from the community with their own photos as well as images from members of the Chichester Camera Club, in what will become a highly engaging, collaborative and interactive showcase of the Chichester district.”

Further information on community submissions and the exhibition

Our First TripAdviser Review!

I was very pleased to receive the following copy of a TripAdviser review from our friends at the Novium. It is I think the Club’s first TripAdviser review, although others may know better!

 I’m ashamed to say I had never visited the Novium before. What drew me in this time was the wonderful exhibition celebrating 125 years of the Chichester Camera Club and its forebear the Chichester Photographic Society. The Photographic Society survived WWII, then folded in 1945. After 4 years, from the ashes arose CCC. A professional curator was involved in the hanging and it shows in the finished show. I will return for a second or third appreciation of this great show. Open until 10th March. Not to be missed.

Meeting of Developers Group

7:30pm on 21st January 2019

The next meeting of the Developers Group will be held in the Small Hall at 7:30pm on Monday 21st  January 2019. 

The first part of the evening will be a discussion on how to mount prints.  Linda Bullimore will bring her cutting board, as will others, and demonstrate how to achieve consistently good results which will show your images to their very best effect.  Linda will also provide some notes on the techniques used. 

The second half of the evening will be a presentation by Martin Willard ( Club level member) on how he has used Photoshop Elements 11 (Light Room has similar facilities)  (specifically the techniques covered in the October 2018 meeting) to improve a number of his own images. The presentation will be emailed out to attendees after the evening.

Numbers attending this sub group have been disappointing to date so it would be helpful if as many Club members as possible could attend on Monday to demonstrate your commitment to the continuing viability of this initiative

Don Baldwin

One of our long standing members, Don Baldwin,  unfortunately is back in hospital.  He is currently in St Richards, Wittering Ward.  I am sure it would cheer him up to receive some visits during the day from his friends in the Club.  We all send our best wishes and hope for an improvement soon. 

WOrdpress Tutorials

Under the heading ‘WordPress Tutorials’ on the website Jeff has prepared a series of videos showing, amongst other things, how to create a new post and add or fix images relating to that post. It is an excellent resource, clear and understandable so please refer to these tutorials if you have any difficulty in preparing new Posts for inclusion in the Newsletter

Digital Group Tuesday 22nd January 2019

The Digital Group will meet on Tuesday 22 nd January in the Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30. The subject for the evening will be Printing in Lightroom and the tutorial will be lead by Lorna Brown.

The tutorial will be structured with the newest members in mind and it is hoped that a good number will attend this targeted evening. A steady pace will allow plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Members £3.00, non members £4.00. All welcome.

Stephen Tattersall’s Moody Sunset