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North Mundham Exhibition -19th and 20th january

We run a Tombola table at the North Mundham Exhibition but as yet few items have been received. This is a good money making feature at the Exhibition so it would be appreciated if members could donate some items to be used. In addition there is a Sales table for unwanted photographic equipment and again more donations would be welcome.

It would be good to have some items this coming Thursday 10th January if possible .  Donations can be given to Carmel Lynch, Kim Tattersall or Mike Davison or if necessary Joy Whiting or Iain McGowan.

Bios for North Mundham Exhibition

North Mundham Exhibition

Please can you send your biographies to Sue Nash. Cut off date DECEMBER 13TH 2018
After this date we will be able to supply a card with your name but not biographical details.
All that is required is about 150 words about you and your photography and if you can your panel.

Please send all Bios to

If you can write it in the following font that would be helpful: Arial size 14

I look forward to hearing from you!
Many thanks


Novium Exhibition News

Our exhibition at the Novium is coming together this week – and starting to look very exciting.  Some of the working group spent Monday finalising the arrangement of all the prints, and on Wednesday and Thursday of this week everything is being hung.  

What a real treat – we have someone doing that for us, and it really is quite a task, so grateful thanks! There are a few pictures of work in progress below.

There is still some space for the Preview Evening next Wednesday 21st November, so if you haven’t yet replied to Laura Williams at the Novium (please see the separate post), please do so in the next day or two.

Any members who have greetings cards for sale, or even prints that are display ready and might attract sales, do please let me know as the shop is also being fitted out with a photography theme and we can have space there (at a 15% commission).

Lorna BrownA section of the installed time line wall 

Prints stacked and ready to be hung The Novium’s Window promoting our ExhibitionSome on the archive prints waiting to be displayed

All images Lorna Brown

Sales opportunities at the Novium

Many of our Club Members make greetings cards and offer prints for sale and there will be a chance to put these on display in the shop area or the Novium during our forthcoming exhibition.

In the first instance, please let me know what you might like to have for sale – at this stage it’s quite open and we can agree with the museum what, how and display arrangements.

Please note we have agreed a 15% commission with the museum for all sales which is very advantageous and considerably less than the usual percentage they charge.

Lorna Brown

Stephen Tattersall’s Moody Sunset

Chichester Camera Club Novium Exhibition – Preview Evening

Members will be aware that the Club has a very special exhibition this winter working with the Novium, Chichester’s district museum in Tower Street.  The exhibition marks 125 years since the beginnings of the Club with the Chichester Photographic Society and will include sections drawn from the Club’s archive of prints, work that illustrates and has been inspired by the Chichester district area and our current work.

The Novium would like to invite members to the preview evening on Wednesday 21st November – as the invitation below. Please note though that unlike the Preview for our Annual Exhibition, the space is limited and consequently the invitation is open to Club members only and is on a strictly first come first served basis. Please reply to Laura Williams at the Novium via her email as shown in the invitation.


Novium Museum – Deadline for submissions

Plans for our very special exhibition at the Novium, Chichester’s district museum are progressing really well.  A very varied exhibition is coming together featuring work from our archive – including lantern slides from the early days of the Club, which started in 1893 as the Chichester Photographic Society.

As well as a section of our contemporary work. a large part of the exhibition will be photographs drawn from across the Chichester district area that show activities, the people and the geography of this diverse area.  Club members have been submitting their images, many drawn from their back catalogues, such as Dave Abbott’s  late 1980’s image above, for this part of the exhibition and the deadline in now looming, Thursday 4th October.

We would like lots of images, and you can submit either prints, which should be unmounted and either A4 or A3, or you can upload through the normal Photocomp routed digital images.  Prints should have your name, the title, the location and the date of the photograph, and digital image titles should include the location and date too please.

The usual suspects are of course Goodwood, Chichester City, the Weald and Downland Museum, the Witterings and Selsey and West Dean, so we would particularly welcome images from outside that area, even slightly over the borders too. Unlike the Club’s 10 Miles of Chichester competition for the Annual Exhibition, these do not need to be immediately recognisable locations.

The exhibition will open to the public on 24th November and runs through until 10th March 2019.





Prints for St Wilfrid’s Hospice Display

I forgot to remind everyone in the Newsletter sent out yesterday about the request for new prints so we can change the display at St Wilfrid’s.  We have a long standing arrangement with St Wilfrid’s Hospice to provide about 30 prints, kindly provided by members that are hung in the Hospice corridors.  The display is changed around 3 times a year and is much appreciated by residents at a very difficult and often traumatic stage in their lives and of course staff and visitors.

The box for prints will be out on the next 3 Thursday Club evenings so please bring some prints along.  For new members, the prints have to be in mounted in the usual 50cm x 40 cm mounts and Hilary Featherstone then arranges to take them to St Wilfrid’s and puts them into the frames provided by the Hospice.

This year the ‘old’ display will then be transferred to the recently opened Sage Centre in Tangmere (for patients suffering from dementia) and then returned to members a few months later.

These intitiatives provide opportunities for members across the Club to display their work and, importantly, helps to promote the Club’s community profile.  Please do show your support by bringing in some of your work.

In addition we are also seeking prints for the Selection Committee to consider for external Club competitions and for the Novium display  about which separate posts have been written



Chichester Camera Club exhibition at the Novium Museum

This winter the Club will be exhibiting at the Novium Museum in Chichester and we are now looking for images from all members.  The exhibition is being developed in partnership with the museum and, as you can see from the image below, marks the 125th Anniversary of the Club, under the title, A Celebration of People and Places.

The exhibition will include some of our contemporary work, some drawn from our archives and include a strong community input.  There will also be a theme of how the Chichester district has inspired photography and it is your images from across the district that we are now inviting you to submit for consideration.

Chichester district is a very large geographic area, reaching from just east of Rowland’s Castle to Wisborough Green, and from Selsey on the coast up to Linchmere Common, just south of Haslemere.  

The Photocomp portal is now open for you to upload up to 10 images of the people and places you have photographed across the district.  Please upload at 1920 x  1080 dpi and in sRBG as normal..  From the first Thursday of the new season, there will also be a box for prints.  Unusually, these should be unmounted, and ideally A3 but can be A4. The work does not have to be recent, and unlike the 10 Miles of Chichester Cross section in the Annual Exhibition, there is no requirement for the image to be recognisably of the area, but should have a title, plus location and on prints the date of the photograph.  Just add a label to the back of your prints with your name, image title &  location and the date. The closing date is Thursday 4th October.

This is a really exciting and one-off opportunity so do please look out your suitable images and start uploading!

Lorna Brown

Annual Exhibition – change of name

Stephen Marsh asked at the last AGM if the Club would consider changing the title of the Annual Exhibition to the Summer Exhibition suggesting that the tile ‘Annual’ is inappropriate given that we run 3 ‘annual’ exhibitions at North Mundham in January and separately in the Spring as well as in August.  At a time when many Clubs struggle to mount one exhibition a year then we should celebrate the fact that we run 3 such popular events.  This was referred to the Management Committee who agreed entirely with Stephen’s point at a meeting last Tuesday so in future the August event will be known and marketed as the Summer Exhibition.

External Links

We have a long standing arrangement with St Wilfrid’s Hospice to provide about 30 prints, kindly provided by members that are hung in the Hospice corridors.  The display is changed around 3 times a year and is much appreciated by residents and staff.  With members support we will be extending this arrangement to two other locations:

The Sage Centre, Tangmmere – this is a purpose built centre, with a catchment over the south of West Sussex helping those suffering with dementia.  The Centre opened last May, really warm and welcoming and we were approached by someone who had heard of our St Wilfrid’s arrangement asking if that could be replicated.  Hilary and I visited a few days ago and identified a number of treatment rooms where our pictures would be very suitable (in the process being dragged into a pom pom dancing class with residents, but fortunately with no video).  We hope that the St Wilfrid’s display will move on to the Sage Centre before the prints are retuned to members.  We will be asking for more of your prints when the season starts.

Fernhurst Centre at St Richard’s Hospital – this is the MacMillan Cancer unit at St Richards.  Jan Davis has been in discussion with staff about how best we can help to brighten up the unit and several members have kindly agreed to donate some of their images.

Both these initiatives help to raise the Club’s profile in the local community as well as helping vulnerable people at a difficult and often traumatic stage in their lives.  They provide further opportunities for members across the Club to display their work.  I do hope everyone will continue to give your support and provide some images when the boxes go out next week.