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Digital Group

On Tuesday 27th February the Digital Group were treated to a superb tutorial by Phil Shaw on post processing and printing an image. The extraordinary detail used by Phil in his preparation for printing  and which he demonstrated last evening goes some way in explaining the quality of his images.

It is hoped we may be able to repeat this tutorial in the autumn when traveling conditions should be more favourable.

Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 27th February

The Digital Group will meet in the Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 27th February at 7.30.  The whole evening will be given over to a tutorial on printing. Each year we are asked to feature this subject and it is a couple of years since our last evening on printing. The tutorial will be lead by Phil Shaw and he is bringing his printer so that the results of his guidance will be there for all to see..

Those who know Phil’s work also know the meticulous detail he goes into at every stage of the production of his images. It will be an evening not to be missed. Members £3.00, Visitors £4.00.

Glyn Dewis releases new video “Rosa Cover Shoot”

Glyn Dewis has just released his new tutorial video “Rosa (Cover Shoot)” on which he has been working for the past 8 months. This could be of particular interest to those members who include portraiture as one of their particular interests. There is a 50% off discount which will expire on Sunday.

Hi David

Ok so it’s taken a while to get to this point but I’m happy to say that my ROSA (Cover Shoot) Tutorial is now in my store and available:

CLICK HERE for ROSA (Cover Shoot)

(As a thank you for being part of my email group, at the link you’ll see a 50% OFF Discount Code)


ps> Just a reminder that the discount code is valid until this coming Sunday (18th) when the price of the tutorial reverts to the original full price

CLICK HERE for ROSA (Cover Shoot)


White Layer method


Last Sunday I had the great pleasure of attending a Southern Digital meeting in Ringwood. The speaker for the day was Steven le Prevost. It was a superb day of Creative Photography and during the tutorial Steven mentioned using a white layer to soften an image. He has kindly sent details and through the good offices of Barry Senior I am able to include it here. The even better news is that Steven is booked for a Thursday evening in the autumn.

The links to Steven’s White Layer method on Facebook and his website are as follows:-

Digital Group Meeting of 23rd January 2018

The Digital Group enjoyed two excellent tutorials on the evening of Tuesday 23rd January.

In the first half Ross Laney gave a brief introduction into the possibilities available when using Topas Impression in Photoshop. He showed a number of images where he had used this download to enhance a “painterly” interpretation of the image. He then worked on an image of a street scene in Savannah  and demonstrated how, by using Impression presets with photoshop layers and layer masks, separate presets could be applied to different areas of the image to achieve the desired result.

In the second part of the evening Lorna Brown demonstrated “Working with Textures”.  She talked about where to obtain textures and how to make them. She then demonstrated how to use them in Photoshop using layers and adjustments. Lorna gave the following site for tutorials and textures.



The Digital Group

The Digital Group will meet on Tuesday 23rd of january at 7.30 in the Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre.

For the first part of the evening Ross Laney will give a tutorial demonstrating the use of Topaz Impression. He will turn a straight image into an Old Master and thereby increase it’s value by many millions (possibly).

After the break Lorna will give a tutorial on the use of textures to enhance or mood change your image.


All welcome. Members £3.00, non-Members £4.00

Soft Proofing in Lightroom and Photoshop

I have just received a post from Glyn Dewis on Screen Calibration and Soft proofing in Lightroom and Photoshop and thought members would find this useful.

Just thought I’d drop you a little note to wish you all the very best for 2018.

Not complaining but I’ve been stuck in doors since Christmas Eve with a virus (note I didn’t say man flu) so I put this PDF together and thought I’d send it over. It’s a written step by step version of the video I did a few weeks back going through Soft Proofing in Lightroom and Photoshop so you can get your prints looking like they do on your screen. There’s a bit more in this than the video because I’ve included some extra settings and put a Q&A bit at the end too.

Anyway you can download it by CLICKING HERE or the button below. Oh and apparently the Mac Browser Safari can block them sometimes so if you get that happening just give it a try using another or let me know and I’ll email it direct.

Right, have a good one and I’ll catch you later



Digital Group Tuesday 28th November 2017

The Digital Group will meet in the Small Hall at Tanmere Village Centre on Tuesday 28th November at 7.30.

We are delighted to welcome Frank Adams who will give us a tutorial based on his experience of moving from darkroom to digital and will no doubt show us some of his highly successful images.

Frank tells us he intends to be controversial which should lead to an enjoyable evening. If you know Frank’s work you will want to come along, if you don’t know his work then it is time you did.

Members £3.00 visitors £4.00