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Digital Imaging Group Online Meeting – 26 May 2020

Our next online meeting will be on the topic of Managing & Organising your Images and will be presented by Richard Ryder. Over the years we take many thousands of photographs and spend many hours crafting some of them in post processing but how on earth do we find that elusive image that you know you took some time ago but it seems to have disappeared down a black hole.  This session will hope to provide you with some of the answers!

Topic: Chichester Camera Club’s Digital Imaging Group Meeting
Time: 26 May 2020 @ 07:30 PM

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Meeting ID: 894 4563 3226
Password: 052630

Digital Imaging Group online meeting 28 April 2020

This is our first online meeting so I do hope you will be able to join us.  Richard Corkrey will be showing us how he creates some of his lovely woodland images.  During this tutorial he will be showing us how he used Lightroom for his initial adjustments [also applicable to Adobe Camera Raw] before taking the image into Photoshop and making adjustments there and in DxO NIK collection.

Meeting details are:

Topic: Chichester Camera Club Digital Imaging Group Zoom Meeting
Time: Apr 28, 2020 07:30 PM London

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Video Tutorials from Digital Imaging Group meeting 25 february 2020

At our meeting on 25 February 2020, Richard Ryder showed the attendees how to use 2 rather ordinary images to create something a bit special.  Then in the second half Sheila Tester showed us how to set up Lightroom to create some standard print templates.

Richard’s tutorials can be found here:

Sheila’s tutorials can be found here:

Digital Imaging Group – 24 March 2020

Both Peter Rocchiccioli & Richard Corkrey will be demonstrating how they some of their special images.  Peter will shows us how he created one of his stunning black and white images of an Indian cyclist whilst Richard will show us how he gets the best out of his beautiful tree pictures.

The digital imaging group is suitable for all club members but especially for newer members who are interested in learning techniques to bring out the best in their photographs.

Cost £3 for members and £4 for guests.

Digital Imaging Group 28 Jan 20 – tutorials

Ann McDonald and Jan Davis were the presenters at our January 2020 meeting were they demonstrated using various ways to “Dodge” & “Burn” using Photoshop on the one hand and a walk-through of Capture One Pro on the other.

Jan’s demo of Capture One Pro can be viewed here

Ann went through 5 different methods of doing Dodging & Burning using Photoshop – each as a separate tutorial – just click on the links below to view the tutorials:

Digital Group: Photoshop for dodging and burning and introduction to Capture One on 30th January

Ann revealed her secrets using photoshop layers curves for dodging and burning.  She recommended that those wanting to try should familiarise themselves with Sheila’s demonstration on layers.   Video will be posted.  

Jan Davis demonstrated Capture One Pro a RAW processing software that is used by professional photographers with very good results.  Capture One costs £299 for a perpetual licence or £20 per month  

Despite brain freeze the recording of the demonstration was thought not saved but has been recovered.  However to simplify Jan’s explanations here is a YouTube from Capture One showing the essential processing steps in about 7 min.  There are a series of other short videos showing all the key aspects of a software which does all that photoshop does but on The RAW filles.