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Sussex Federation PDI Championship

The Club won two trophies at the Sussex Federation PDI Championship.

We won The Developers Round and the Overall Top Club based on the combined scores of The Developers Round and Open Round.

We came 5th in the Open Round.

Well done to all the selected photographers.

The individual results will be posted when we receive the official results from the Sussex Federation.

They will be posted on the SXPF webpage here:

On 12th November Sonia and Paul from the Sussex Federation will attend the Club to present the Trophies to us.

First Beginners and Intermediate PDI Competition deadline extended

Especially for new members, but for all Beginners and Intermediate members, who are not quite sure or ready to submit entries to the forthcoming PDI competition, there is an extension to the deadline to next Thursday 22nd October.  Please go to the PDI Upload Site to upload your images.  Contact Jeff Owen for any issues, or for new members unsure about resizing, contact your mentor.




First Round Enprint Competition Results

The first round of the Enprint Competition was held on the 8th October. Six Beginners, including four new members, submitted eighteen images which were judged by Peter Rocchicciolli and Glyn Edmunds. Congratulations to the following winners, whose images will be retained for entry into the final competition in  the Spring:

1st: Ed Feldmanis with “Autumn Mist”

2nd: Terence Powling with “Prince of Wales Quarry, Cornwall”

3rd: Ed Feldmanis with “Reviving Past Glory”

Thank you to all who entered and to the judges. Please don’t be disappointed if your image was not chosen this time round as there were many excellent images submitted.  The next round is coming up quite quickly, so could I please have your entries by November 5th for judging at the main meeting on Nov 12th. This will be another “open” competition so you can enter images on any topic, but the December round will be a set theme to be announced later. If you didn’t enter this month then now’s the time to get out there with your camera or dust off the back catalogue! For new members I should point out that you can enter any of your enprint images into the main competitions next season (suitably sized, enhanced and mounted) but you cannot use an image as an enprint that you have used previously for the main competitions. The same image cannot be used in more than one competition this season.

If you have any questions about the competition please speak to me at the next meeting when you can also collect your enprints from me.

Linda Bullimore

Roll of Honour Latest News

George Atkins

7th ICS Circuit 2015 USA

8 Images (consisting of 4 Colour & 4 B&W Images) in 1 Salon

ISF Gold Medal Best Author:  set of images colour & monochrome

ICS Gold- Best of show: monochrome

SWAN Gold: Colour

Argus Bronze: monochrome

Well done

Name Event Acceptances Awards
George Atkins 7th ICS Circuit, USA 8 (4 colour, 4 B&W) ISF Gold Medal – Best Author: set of images colour & monochrome

ICS Gold – Best of Show: monochrome

SWAN Gold – colour

Argus Bronze – monochrome

Glyn Edmunds Trierenberg Super Circuit 8
RPS Analogue Group Exhibition 3
John Larry Saudi Arabia Photo Art 1
Sydney Harbour 9
Reflections, Serbia 3
Midland 3
Cyprus 2
Ecological Truth Zajecar, Serbia 1
Ecological Truth Nova Gorica, Slovenia 2
Ecological Truth Banja Luka, Bosnia Herzegovina 1
Ecological Truth Sofia, Bulgaria 3
Photo Emotion, Bosnia 4
Swiss 5
S4C, USA 5 1 Honourable Mention
Photo Creators, Egypt 7
South Devon 1
Perlenses, Hungary 2
Taichung, Taiwan 3
Northern Counties 3
Shadow, Serbia 7 2 Honourable Mentions
Finland Circuit – Carelia 2
Finland Circuit – Helsinki 1
Finland Circuit – Kuopio 1
Finland Circuit – Vihti 1
Finland Circuit – Vision 1
Swansea 2
Name Event Acceptances Awards
John Larry (continued) Taipei, Taiwan 4
Sydney 5
Keith Sawyer Sydney Harbour 6
Varna, Bulgaria 1
Photographic Society of New York 1
South Devon 2
Gate Gallery Open Art Exhibition (Cardiff) 1
Beyond Group 1
PSA International 2
East Calcutta Photographic Association 1
PSA China 5
Northern Counties 1
Arctic, Norway 1
Photographic Salon Society of New York 4
German Mega Circuit 2
Sydney 3
Pietro Rocchiccioli RPS Analogue Exhibition 2



Earlier Successes Not Previously Notified

Name Event Acceptances Awards
Glyn Edmunds Cotswold Monochrome 4 2 Commended

1 PAGB Silver Medal

Keith Sawyer RPS Creative Group Members’ PI Exhibition 2
Southampton 1
Rushden 1
Hoylake 2
Midland 3
Oklahoma 2
Spring Arts and Heritage Centre (Havant) Open Art Exhibition 1




Ist Advanced PDI Deadline for Submission Extended

It has been decided to extend the deadline for submission of entries for the first PDI competition until Thursday 8th October. This is because of delays in getting the upload site published and to make sure everyone has time to get their entries in.

Please go to The Upload Site and select the appropriate competition. If you have any issues please contact me (Jeff Owen) at: