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Club successes at The Southampton International Exhibition of Photography.

This year several members of the PAGB Group entered the Southampton International Exhibition of Photography, with considerable success. The image featured above is The Scoundrel & The Scholar © John Howes which won a PSA Silver Medal.

Between them, 7 members of the group won 8 awards and had 38 images accepted in this exhibition. Congratulations to all for an excellent result.

Featured below are some more of the successful images. 

The Hermit © John Howes which won an SCC Certificate at the exhibition. John won three awards in total with six acceptances.
Beautiful Plumage © John Howes which won a SCC Medal
Dalmatian Pelican © Ann Mcdonald which was awarded a GPU Ribbon.
Old Control Room © Mike Davison, accepted for the exhibition
Mycena © Glyn Edmunds, accepted for the exhibition.
Tourmaline Sunangel ©, another image by a club member which was accepted for the Exhibition.
Health and Safety © Peter Rocchiccioli, accepted for the exhibition.

Certificates of Merit for Club Competitions

The results of the survey of Members on the policy for presenting Certificates of Merit for Club competitions was reviewed by the Management Committee on 11th March. In total there were 22 responses (15% of the membership) and of these:

12 voted for option 3 – that certificates be available only on the website so those who wished to do so could download their own copy;

5 voted that the current policy be continued – certificates presented for marks of 9, 9.5 and 10 and

5 voted for certificates to be presented for those gaining a mark of 10 but for 9 and 9.5 these be available on the website

Whilst the majority preferred the website only option the Management Committee were aware that those who support the status quo and variations of it felt strongly that to have a policy of Certificates being only available on the website undermined their value.

After considering all options the Management Committee decided that Certificates of Merit will be presented on the night for all those achieving a mark of 10 for both prints and PDIs and in addition Certificates for those achieving 9, 9.5 and 10 will also be produced on the website for download (see Jeff’s post below). I hope all members will feel this is an acceptable compromise

Upcoming Competitions

If you look at the programme, or competition key dates, you will see that we have several competitions coming up which are separated by only one week.

In particular, the Advanced Print on 21st March is closely followed by the Advanced PDI on the 28th of March. Then the Club and Intermediate have their 3rd Print on 18th April, closely followed by the Club and Intermediate PDI on the 25th of April.

To save confusion, we don’t normally put upload sites up to collect PDIs for the same class at the same time. At the moment sites are open for the 3rd Advanced Print and 3rd Club and Intermediate Print competitions.

There is only one week between the closing date of the 3rd Advanced Print and the 3rd Advanced PDI, so the upload site for PDIs will only be available for one week, from 8th to 13th of March.

Similarly, the Club and Intermediate PDI upload site will only be open for a week between 5th of April and 11th of April.

Please take extra care to ensure you upload your entries to the correct site, hold onto your PDI entries and upload them promptly and it will be a great help.


Congratulations to PAGB Member ROSS LANEY who won a Gold Medal and a Bronze Medal in the Miroc Digital Circuit for his image Crown Mines, Cornwall (featured). In addition Ross also had twelve acceptances in this circuit. The Miroc Circuit is an international salon in which the images are judged separately in four different countries, Serbia, South Africa, Russia and Norway. Well done Ross!

Standings – Intermediate Print Competition 2018-19

First NameLast Namescore1score2score3score1score2score3Total

A score of zero indicates that nothing was entered.

Standings – Club CLASS Print Competion 2018-19

Cumulative scores after two rounds of print competitions.

First NameLast Namescore1score2score3score1score2score3Total

A score of zero indicates that nothing was entered. The stupid software won’t let me leave a blank.

scores – 2nd intermediate print competition 2018-19

First NameLast NamePrint TitleScore
HeatherBuckleThe Turbine Hall Tate Modern10
HeatherBuckleOld Masters New Master10
HeatherBuckleThe View from the Wings9.5
LindaBullimoreChurch Door in Bari6.5
LindaBullimoreWhat’s in the Bag?9
LindaBullimoreAlbarabello Almond Seller7.5
ElkeEppBepton Down – Harebell8
ElkeEppThe Wind That Shakes the Barley6.5
HilaryFeatherstoneInto the Blue8.5
HilaryFeatherstoneThe Deal8.5
HilaryFeatherstoneGetting by7.5
ChrisGledhillFox on the Prowl10
ChrisGledhillAt the Imperial City9.5
MikeHancockHaircut Sir9.5
MikeHancockIn the Shadow of the Budha10
MichaelHarrisBucking Bronco9
MichaelHarrisA Beautiful Smile9.5
StuartHeirWinter Quayside (1 of 1)8
StuartHeirCanabis Variations – the Weed Wagon8
StuartHeirThe Bridge of Sighs Pdi (1 of 1)8.5
FrankSandbachElephants Drinking8
FrankSandbachStudying Picasso8
FrankSandbachRed Arrows7.5
RayThurgoodCarnival Girl7.5
RayThurgoodHigh Tide8
RayThurgoodThe Hot Tap!8.5

Held on 7th February 2019
Judge –

Scores – 2nd Club print competition 2018-19

First NameLast NamePrint TitleScore
WendyChalkDevon Beach9.5
WendyChalkTree Tunnel10
TimCrabbBaroque Church, Prague8
TimCrabbLeaving the Station7.5
TimCrabbJourney to the Centre of the Earth?7
JonathanFiskeReflection on Yesteryear10
JonathanFiskeEn Vogue10
JonathanFiskeWalls for Expression10
GaryHowesLife Imitates Art8.5
GaryHowesWingtips on the Water8.5
GaryHowesDinner is Out There8
JohnWaddJust Resting7.5
JohnWaddMy Eye is on You7.5
JohnWaddDistant Memory7.5
RichardWebbCascade II9.5
RichardWebbBlackpool Pier9
RichardWebbDino, Prince and Charlie8

Held on 7th February 2019
Judge – Glyn Paton

Competition Certificates of Merit – Members Views Sought

I announced at the last meeting that we have been considering possible changes to the procedures for issuing Certificate of Merit certificates in both PDI and Print competitions.  The current policy is that Certificates are printed and distributed to all members obtaining marks of 9, 9.5 and 10 in both PDI and Print competitions.  They are given to members publicly on the first Club meeting after the competition but if recipients are not present they are then distributed informally at meetings thereafter.  The present review has been actioned because many members do not seem very interested in picking up Certificates at all (often up to one third are never claimed) and after one recent competition the Print Secretary had to print 35 Certificates of Merit, at least half of which were never claimed.

In considering this situation the Management Committee appreciated that for some members receiving Certificates is very important, recognising their considerable work and achievement, but for others it is of little significance.  The following alternative options were suggested on which members views are now being sought:

  1. That printed Certificates are produced by the Print/PDI Secretaries and distributed only for those scoring 10 marks in both Print and PDI competitions;
  2. That Certificates are produced only for those scoring 10s in Print competitions where they can be attached to the back of the relevant print, but not for PDIs;
  3. That Certificates be produced for all scores of 9, 9.5 and 10 electronically but be made available only on the Website so that members who want them can print their own
  4. That the current policy and practice remains unchanged.

The Management Committee always seeks to manage in the best interests of the Club as a whole and by supporting the majority of members’ views and priorities.  I would be grateful to receive members’ comments on these 4 options within the next 2 weeks and in the light of responses received the matter will be considered further at the next Management Committee meeting on 11th March.  Any changes would not be implemented until the 2019 -20 Programme Year.

Please reply to