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Revised competition rules – your views

Over the past few years there have been times when it has been clear that the Club’s competition rules can be rather vague and open to misinterpretation. To sort out any ambiguity and to be as clear as possible about what can be accepted and what can’t, we have revised the rules.  We’ve also taken the opportunity to update the information, so, for instance, we are suggesting that the En Print Competition should now be called the Small Print Competition, as well as updating the PDI submission rules.

The Management and Selection Committees along with the Competition Secretaries have worked together on this and we would now like to have your opinion.  You can find the draft Revised Rules  here Please let Lorna Brown have any comments or questions by Thursday 21st April.

We hope that we can agree revised rules by the end of the month so that they can be approved at the AGM in May.  The revised rules would then come into effect from September with the new season.

Lorna Brown

Joan Barham-Gathering Clouds over Loch Arklet-10

Joan Barham’s Gathering Clouds over Loch Arklet scored a 10 in the final Intermediate Print Competition of the 2015 – 16 season


A Guide to Plagiarism


As a Club we pride ourselves in sharing skills and techniques and we all draw inspiration from fellow photographers, as well as  recognising the difficulties when on a photography trip we all take very similar if not the same images.  But where the line is between taking inspiration and outright ‘copying’ can be hard to define.  And in these digital days,  the outright ‘theft’ of images is easier than it was previously.  For instance, last year, a member of a highly regarded photo club was found to have entered what was someone else’s work in a national competition.  An article in this week’s PAGB enews (157+ extra) makes very interesting reading – touching on prevention, detection and what to do if your images are stolen.

This link to the PAGB enews, which is provided with the kind permission of Rod Wheelans, will take you to the enews and the article, which you will find towards the end of the publication.  If you don’t already subscribe to PAGB enews you might want to sign up while you are on the site.




Liz says thank you

DSCF4509 1
Wojtek has asked to send his and Liz’s sincere thanks for all the very kind messages, cards and flowers Liz has received from the Club and individually from her friends at the Club. She has been very touched by everyone’s kind response to her illness and their best wishes.
Liz has tried to reply to all the email messages, but she asks that you all forgive her for being brief in her replies as she finds it difficult to concentrate for any length of time.
Wojtek says he thinks Liz is making small steps towards recovery, although she is still finding it difficult to express many words and phrases due to her dysphasia. Consequently and most unusually, the house is eerily quiet, although he is doing his best to fill the void!  She will be getting speech therapy support, so he is looking forward to Liz returning to her chatty self eventually.
If anyone would like to visit Liz they would be very welcome, but please phone Wojtek  in advance.  You can find the number in the Members’ only section of the website, in ‘Useful phone numbers and email addresses’ under documents. Do bear in mind that she will flag a bit after about 30/40 minutes.
 Liz looks forward to attending Club meetings and seeing you all as soon as she is able.

Liz Boden

I called in to see Liz and Wojtek Boden on Friday to take Liz the flowers and card from the Club.  For those who haven’t yet heard, Liz had a stroke about two weeks ago.  As strokes go, this could have been much worse, she was in hospital only a short while, is home recuperating, has had no physical effects but – very cruelly for Liz – her speech is somewhat impaired and she tires very quickly.  Wojtek says she is a model patient and he’s making a fine nurse!  They were both very touched to hear from the Club and to know we are all wishing Liz a very swift and full recovery. We look forward to seeing them both back at the Club very soon.

Lorna Brown

Liz’s recent image  ‘Drumbeat’

Richard Curtis at Digital Group 23rd February

Richard Curtis,  a Principal Solutions Consultant at Adobe with a focus on Digital Imaging and the UK contact for Photoshop, Lightroom, Elements and the Creative Cloud, returns to the Club on Tuesday 23rd February.  Richard is a keen technologist and a photographer for over 20 years, with a focus on travel and portrait photography. His presentation last year on Creative Cloud and the interface between its parts, as well as his advice and guidance on Photoshop and Lightroom was first rate – and with more from Richard plus answers to some of our queries this is an evening not to be missed.

Tuesday 23rd February at 7.30pm, in the large hall at Tangmere Village Centre.  All welcome, £3 for Club members and £4 for visitors.

File 18-01-2016, 19 42 06

John Larry – Salon successes

Congratulations are in order to John Larry who has achieved his 100th award on the international salon circuit!  That’s some achievement on John’s part, and – if memory serves – he’s got something like 1000 acceptances.  Those of us working towards our AFIAP and even EFIAP awards are in awe of John’s success rate and send him our warmest congratulations.

John Larry-Dawn in Africa-10

John Larry’s Dawn in Africa, which scored 10 in the 1st Advance PDI competition this year

2nd Beginner and Intermediate PDI competition

We welcomed Jim Pascoe as our judge last night, accompanied by Nicky, his wife.  They are Hampshire-based professional photographers specialising in what Jim calls ‘people pictures’.  He has a particular line in photographing the Clergy, including the Bishops of Winchester and Guildford, and many of us will recognise his lively image of choirboys running towards the camera.  Jim has a real knack of making relaxed, friendly portraits, and that capacity came across in his judging.  As he admitted, ‘I’m always a sucker for good portrait’, and we noticed too his enjoyment of images that had been thought through, and appreciated his helpful critiques.

You can see the results on the competition pages, with Corine Noyalet, Justin Hadley and Ed Feldmanis coming in first, second and third positions in the Beginners, and Lynne Owen coming in top of Intermediates with Stephen Tattersall and Frank Sandbach in second and third positions at the end of this year’s PDI competitions.  Lynne’s rather comprehensive  win is in contrast to the outcome of the Advance league which concluded last week.  There,  Andy Dulson, Stephen Marsh and Ronnie Hall tied in first place!  Well done to all the winners and to everyone for making this year’s PDI competitions so interesting with so many really excellent images.

Lynne Owen-The Friendly Fisherman-9.5

Lynne Owen’s The Friendly Fisherman  scored 9.5  in the 2nd Intermediate PDI competition

RPS Landscape Group – update

Further news on the inaugural meeting of the RPS Landscape Group from Paul Graber, the Events Co-ordinator at the RPS, to be held on 2nd April.   Meet up at 10.30 at Chichester Cross, a couple of hours of urban photography, then down to West Wittering  after lunch, hoping for long exposures/ sunset, weather, and car park hours permitting.  Paul would like to know if Club members are interested in joining the meeting, and about places to eat and good photo sites.

If you would let me know, I will pass the information on to Paul.

Lorna Brown


I'm Watching You

Stephen Tattersall’s  I’m watching you

2nd Advanced PDI Competition

We welcomed Chris Neill Griffin as judge for last night’s competition, returning to the Club after a gap of some years.  Chris told us her judging had been described as ‘forensic’ and we certainly agreed! A very perceptive judge, we all valued her careful critiques.  Chris has a very sound technical and aesthetic grounding and her analysis of the images, the composition, the use of colour, sight lines, camera and post processing techniques was first rate.  We all learned from Chris’s  thorough judging, as well as appreciating her passion for photography and clear enjoyment of our images.  You can find the results and standings on the competition pages of the website.

Stephen Marsh-The Fourth Plinth X 2-10

Stephen Marsh’s The Fourth Plinth x2