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Ollie Taylor ( will be our speaker on 20 May 2021. He contacted us announcing some new courses he’s launching about landscape-astrophotography. 
As we are heading into the period the darker evenings, if anyone wants to try their hand at this without the late nights, here’s the link to his tutorials:



This is an invite to you and your members to attend our online events if you so wish.

Andrew Mills MA. Med. CertED .C&G(dist) will be giving a talk on “Street Photography”
8th October 2020 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start Via Zoom

He is a professional photographer specialising in Advertising, Editorial and commercial photography. He is an experienced lecturer in higher education, lecturing and teaching photography and art of and teaching photography and art photography on degree level courses in university and higher education.

As a exhibiting art and documentary photographer he works on a variety of personal projects and has had over a dozen exhibitions to is name.

Cost for the evening is £4 and if you are interested please send me an email and I will provide the payment method.

Christine Lamb.

African safari

For anyone interested in a photographic safari, the following post we the Club has received may be of interest.

Sophie Brown and Samuel Cox have established a new UK based photographic safari company, specialising in trips to Southern and Eastern Africa.  In addition to running trips with set dates throughout June to August (scheduled specifically for this period to allow for the effects of COVID-19 to settle), they are also able to facilitate bespoke group trips for between 4 and 6 people throughout the year across any of our Southern and Eastern African locations.

The beauty of these bespoke trips is that they can be tailor made to suit the requirements of the group booking, whether it be duration, location, photographic focus or photographic teaching.

For example, they currently offer a yearly photographic workshop in Makalali Private Nature Reserve in South Africa for 6 nights.  But if  an 8 day photographic workshop in Sabi Sands in South Africa (which is renowned for its leopard sightings) is preferred, then they can accommodate that for bespoke private groups.

Further details and booking for to bookings for 2021 and notices of interest for 2022 as well can be made by  email or through their website (

Sophie and Sam have a wealth of experience living and teaching wildlife photography in South Africa.  They are both passionate about the beauty of Africa and it wildlife and are keen to share its magic with like-minded photographers and nature enthusiasts. 

[This is for awareness purposes only and is not an endorsement by the club.]

8th FPT

When lockdown began, the Club re-lit its Flickr usage as a platform for members to exhibit their images.

Membership rose by approx. 130%, along with a increase of displayed images and the addition of themed rounds (“Fortnightly Photo Themes” (or FPT)—- and yes, if anyone has a marketing background, the admin. team is open to rebranding this 🙂 )

The current FTP theme is  YELLOW. Please join fellow members in exhibiting images to Club members on Flickr under the Discussion thread “8th FPT” 

7th FPT: RED

RED is the latest Fortnightly Photo Theme. The colour of passion and excitement … and an appealing image ingredient favoured by club competition judges! 

This round has already gotten off to a great start with a variety of subject matter and shades of red.

All members, regardless of skill level, are invited to share their images around the theme on the club’s Flickr page: 

If anyone has any questions about participating, please get in touch with Jonathan for support.


Smartphone images is the latest Fortnight Photo Theme on the Club’s Flickr site. Try out using your smartphone in place of a ‘real’ camera and share your photographic results.

Open to all Club members, to all skills and subject matter; experimentation welcomed and no limit to the number of images!

For questions and support, please contact Jonathan.

This round runs until the end of June

4th FPT Flickr

The on-going Fortnightly Photo Theme on Flickr is ”Colour Blast”. Postings are open to all CCC members, and will run until then end of May.

The theme came from a suggestion by a member. If you have any requests for future themes or have any questions about using Flickr, please feel free to get in touch with Jonathan.