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1st PDI Competitions

The PhotoComp upload site (here) is now set up for the 1st Advanced, Intermediate and Club PDI competitions.

Information on Uploading PDIs for Competitions can be found here.

If you are unsure about resizing look at the instructions here. We will also be covering this at the Digital Group Meeting this month on September 27th details here and here.

Jeff Owen

By Magret Preece
Margret Preece’s Annual Exhibtion PDI, It wasn’t my fault



RPS Group 2016 Season

The RPS group meets to support Club members and visitors who are interested in working towards the Royal Photographic Society awards.  You are very welcome to come along to find out more about the group – there is no need to bring images, but if you have work you’d like to have considered in developing an RPS panel (that is a collection of images that work together) do bring them along.  No need to make them full size, or mounted at this stage.  7.30 in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre, with a cost of £3 for members and £4 for visitors

For times and details of meetings please check the Programme Pages.

Graham SergeantGraham Sergeant FRPS who leads the RPS Group

PDI of the Year 2016

The results for 2016 PDI of the year are:


Peter Rocchiccioli, This is my Home


John Larry, Dawn in Africa


Lorna Brown, The Bureaucrat

Highly Commended:

Andy Dulson, Strange Stories

Lorna Brown, Memento Mori

Lynne Owen, Wild Party at the Beach Hut

Stephen Tattersall, Majestic Gull


Peter Rocchiccioli-This is My Home-9

Peter Rocchiccioli’s winning PDI of the Year, This is my Home

Use External Disk drives formatted as NTFS on the Mac

If you have a large external disk drive that you have formatted under a recent version of Windows you may find it has been formatted as NTFS. This is a Microsoft proprietary file system that Apple do not support write access to. So you will be able to read from but not write to this drive on your Mac. The older filesystem FAT32 (that did read and write on both systems) is now discouraged and newer versions of Windows do not offer this as a formatting option.

If you want to use the drive on both Mac and Windows you could reformat it as exFAT, which both support fully or you have to load a software driver on the Mac to let you write to these file systems.

I found this article ( that has three important points in it:

1) Windows does let you format drives with exFAT, which is the best solution since both Mac and Windows can read/write them. Obviously formatting will remove any data on the drive.

2) Users with Seagate drives can download a free copy of Paragon NTFS driver for Mac from here (, but I think this probably only works for Seagate drives.

3) There is still a way to get the free driver installed, and it is described in the article. It is a bit tortuous but I managed to do it on my Mac and it works fine.

Resetting Photoshop Settings

Dave Abbott asked me to pass on this tip. I was having serious problems with PS CC when stacking images from layers. Although PS would auto align without an issue, PS would always hang after reporting 20% progress on the blend stage (Edit=>Auto Blend Layers=>Stack Images).

On the web I came across the suggestion to clear the PS settings and it seemed to solve the problem.

Start PS CC and hold down Shift+Ctrl+Alt (on Windows) until a dialog pops up asking if you want to delete Adobe Photoshop Settings file. Say yes. PS will clear the settings.

This worked for me and I hope it is useful to others.


Uploading Exhibition Entries

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.15.18

When uploading PDIs for Tangmere Spring exhibition or the main summer exhibition (Prints or PDI) you now may optionally add in the location of the entry.

To specify the location you need to add it to the title field. In this example we assume the entry is called “A fine shot of the Cathedral” and it was taken in Chichester. So the title to be entered would be:

“A fine shot of the Cathedral@ Chichester”

In other words the location starts after the @ character. This is optional so if you don’t want to include a location just omit the @.