Competition News

All the Cup Winners from 2015 competitions and annual exhibition

Trophies Voted by Members

Photographer of the Year Coath Cup Janey Devine
Services to the Club Edmunds Cup Pietro Rocchiccioli


Monthly Competitions
1 Beginners Lankester Cup Stephen Tattersall
2 Intermediate Sutherland Cup Jean Henwood
3 Advanced Hackett Cup Nigel Prosser
4 PDI of the Year Waddington Cup John Howes
5 EN-Prints Ada Tyler Cup Susan Hayes
6 Beginners Brierly Cup Stephen Tattersall
7 Intermediate Simcox Cup Ross Laney
8 Advanced Postma Cup Janey Devine
9 Print Panel Shubotham Cup Cath Waters
Exhibition Trophies (awarded by Guest Judge, Roy Lambeth)
10 Beginners Sayers Cup Stephen Tattersall
11 Intermediate Birch Cup Lynn Owen
12 Advanced Turner Cup Sheila Tester
13 Portrait Whitaker Trophy Janey Devine
14 Record Bevis Cup Mike Hancock
15 Landscape Chichester Challenge Cup Sheila Tester
16 Pictorial Darley Cup Roger Pagram
17 Best Beginner Evershed Martin Cup Cheryl Marshall
18 Best Intermediate Bastow Cup Jeff Owen
19 Most Creative

Beg. & Inter.

Derek Smith Cup Brian Southward
20 Best Advanced Wilson Dent Cup George Atkins
21 Portrait Read Cup Pietro Rocchiccioli
22 Record Howard Cup George Atkins
23 Landscape Simcox Landscape Trophy George Atkins
24 Pictorial Chichester Cup Lynne Owen
25 Most Original


Edleston Trophy Cathy Hughes
PDIs or Prints
26 10 mile radius of Chichester Cross Stewart Jones Cup

Awarded by selection committee

Stephen Marshall
27 Natural History Portman Trophy Sheila Tester