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a Very Successful PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit (APM) Workshop


The PAGB Group organised a very successful APM workshop in Tangmere on Sunday 30th October. Many thanks to the SCPF who funded the day.

This workshop was intended for those who are thinking of applying for one of the PAGB distinctions, CPAGB, DPAGB and MPAGB. During the course of the day the attendees were given valuable advice on how  to put together a successful panel of images. Those who had brought along images had the opportunity to have them assessed by highly experienced adjudicators and they received advice and feedback on the standard of their work and the award level for which they should aim.

We were very fortunate to have six of the best advisors in the UK in attendance, Rod Wheelans (PAGB Awards Chairman), Anne Greiner, Richard Speirs , Gordon Jenkins, Leo Rich (PAGB Awards Secretary) and Roy Lambeth.

Those attending the workshop found it a very valuable experience indeed. Here are just a few of the positive comments we received afterwards about the day

‘I found Rod’s talk and the discussions afterwards very enlightening and constructive’

‘I thought the day was very well constructed and the advice about weakest image first, and avoiding repetition was very sound and should help anybody contemplating the C or D PAGB awards considerably’

‘Rod Wheelans and the PAGB judges gave a first class account of themselves and the organisation’

‘I personally would not have missed the day for anything’

‘The comments and advice I received have given me the confidence to go for my CPAGB’

‘Thank you very much for such a well organised day on Sunday and for the warm welcome I received’

‘I really enjoyed today’s advisory day – thank you for the excellent & efficient arrangements’

‘A very helpful day’

‘The stamina and devotion of the PAGB team was very impressive’

‘(the advisors) enthusiasm and energy was very impressive. We don’t know how they do it’

‘Yesterday was PERFECT’

 I would like to thank the following club members who gave considerable help in making the day a success.

Sheila Tester, Lynne Owen, Janey Devine, Lorna Brown, Jeff Owen, George Atkins, Mike Hancock, Glyn Edmunds, John Howes, Jan Davis, Phillip Acland, Ray Acland, David Harris, Peter Rocchiccioli and Ross Laney.

Many thanks indeed to everyone, we are very fortunate in CCC to have so many members who are prepared to engage so enthusiastically in our activities.

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