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Spring Exhibition


In case anyone needed a reminder The Spring Exhibition  is on at Tangmere this weekend.  We hope to see you there for Coffee, Tea and Cakes (and maybe a few images to look at!) Above all to enjoy a time of talking photography wider club members and visitors in a relaxed environment.



Thursday 19th April

Bristol Salon of Photography is one of the top international photographic exhibitions and its ‘roadshow’ forms a regular part of our programme, brought to us by Pete Howell and Carol Sykes. The 2018 Exhibition once again attracted applicants from across the world and the show we enjoyed last night really was a world-wide trip.  There were superb images from photographers from more than 50 countries in four categories; open colour, open monochrome, photo travel and nature.  We were treated to a wide selection from the successful entrants in all categories in a projected image format greatly enhanced by the carefully chosen sound track – what a difference some music makes!

The Club had a number of Members who had been successful in the Salon – and with an overall acceptance rate of less than 23%, that’s an achievement.  Last night’s show included work by Sheila Tester and Peter Rocchicciolli and with a particularly good showing by Ross Laney who had had five acceptances with three Honourable Mentions, one in mono and two in nature.  One Club Member who is a regular in any acceptance list is Ann McDonald – missing this time as she was one of the judges!

Pete and Carole will be back next year – and, I hope, once more with a good showing for Chichester!

A few key dates for the diary, with only four Club sessions left this season: 3rd May – there is no Club meeting (local elections) but this is the deadline for both PDI of the Year entries and formal proposals for the AGM.  10th May – the deadline for Annual Exhibition entries, boxes will be out for print submissions next week.

Penniless by Ross Laney, was awarded an Honourable Mention in Britol Salon of Photography.

Photographer required

We have an enquiry from David Powell who asks if any of our experienced members might be interested in a small project to take pictures at a birthday celebration in Birdham on the harbour, for about 3-4 hours in the late afternoon of the 7th July, for which he would pay a fee.

If anyone is interested please let me know and I will pass on David’s contact details so you can call him directly.

Lorna Brown

Eamonn McCabe Special Lecture

Over 100 people from Chichester and Bognor Camera Clubs and a number of visitors from other Clubs in the region were treated to a superb presentation by Eamonn McCabe on the theme ‘My Life in Pictures’.  Reflecting on a professional career that spanned five decades, his story took us from his first photographic experiences of trying to capture the essence of a concert by The Who to becoming one of the leading press photographers of his generation. Working mainly for the Observer and Guardian newspapers he covered three Olympic Games and won the coveted “Sports Photographer of the Year” award a record four times. His harrowing pictures of the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985 marked a watershed of personal development from sports photographer to photo journalism and subsequently he became the Guardian’s picture editor and won the “Picture Editor of the Year” title a record six times.

Jude Law


In the latter part of his career, working freelance, he specialised in portrait work, taking photos of the rich and famous from Bill Gates, David Bailey, to John Hurt and Jude Law, even a session with Tony Blair who refused to look up from writing a speech.  Virtually every portrait image shown incorporated a humorous story from his attempts to get round ‘the minders’ to dealing with the awkward and getting his subjects to ‘give him something’ of themselves.  Whatever the challenge his photos were stunning, different and totally memorable.  The whole lecture was delivered in an open, friendly and humorous manner and gave us a real insight in what it is like to work at the very top of the photographic profession.

A thoroughly captivating evening fully appreciated by everyone present.

Results of Print Panel Competition

The Print Panel competition was judged in a highly entertaining style by 4 judges with FRPS qualifications: John Bradshaw, Janey Devine, Iain McGowan and visiting judge Leigh Preston.  The judges all commented on the exceptionally high standard of work with lots of different and highly creative images on show, particularly abstracts.

Special congratulations go the winner, Jean Brooks, with Phil Shaw in 2nd place and Lynne Owen 3rd.  Jean’s panel will be on show at the Club Annual Exhibition in August.

Congratulations also go to the following who gained ‘Highly Commended’ for their work: Linda Bullimore, Tony Baverstock, Heather Buckle, Jeff Owen, Stephen Marsh, Glyn Edmunds and Stephen Tattersall.

Programme Changes April/May 2018


There will be the following changes to the Programme:

On Thursday 12th April Paul Mitchell, past Chair of Arena, and a very capable photographer,  replaces Sue Brown. Trips to Autralia  and sick daughter have necessitated this rearrangemet.  For those unable to make this event, Paul is talking to Havant Camera Club on Tuesday 10th April.

On Thursday 17th May John Tilsley ARPS DPAGB APAGB replaces Chris Neill-Griffin who has moved up to Lewis in the Northern Isles.

Advance notice of the AGM:24th May

Do please note the date for the Club’s AGM which is 24th May.  Attendance at last year’s AGM was very disappointing, so poor in fact that we weren’t quorate and had to take special steps to ensure the Committee and Post Holders were properly appointed.

This is the only evening of the year that is devoted to Club business but we do run it in such a way that it is also an enjoyable social event and an important chance to recognise and thank those whose tireless work in the background makes all the many Club activities so successful.

Papers for the AGM will be sent out via the newsletter no later than 10th May – please download and print the papers in readiness for the meeting and read them in advance.  There will not be any copies available on the night.

Formal proposals, which must include named proposers and seconders and which includes Management and Selection Committees and Post Holder nominees, for the AGM’s consideration must be received by the Club’s Secretary, Tim Crabb, no later than the 3rd May.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Lorna Brown, Chair

Andrew Vance’s Reflections

3rd Advanced Print Competition

Rosemary Wilman was our judge for last night’s Advanced Print Competition.  Rosemary commented that the work was of a uniformly high standard and she had great difficulty in selecting the best.  15 images of particular merit were held back for further review but eventually marks of 10 were given to the 5 images below.  Once again particular congratulations are due to Phil Shaw who gained 10s for 2 of his images including a tiger leaping off a tree – the outcome of a 3 hour wait.

A full list of all marks received is shown later in this Newsletter.

Thursday 15th March

If there was one piece of advice we should all take away from Andy Beel’s presentation last night it was, ‘Be your own photographer’. Andy was of course a very welcome late stand in for Richard Walton who was unable to join us due to ill health, and he was able to take up the planned theme of ‘Mostly Mono’ with his own very fine mostly black and white images.

Andy is well known for his mono work and also for his enthusiasm in encouraging others and sharing his skills and we enjoyed seeing his large scale work and the wealth of tips and suggestions he provided. His thinking about understanding your own ‘trends’ by analysing what and how you take pictures and – consequently – being able to change was interesting, and he demonstrated this by his habit of taking ‘left hand pictures’ (as in panels) and his need to make more right hands images!

He holds that there is good lighting somewhere, sometime in any day and he  couples this with Hugh Millsom’s advice of photographing during ‘gentlemanly hours’, for Andy is no early morning riser! 

He summed up his approach to printing as, ‘Brighten what you want people to look at, darken everything else – thank you and goodnight’, although in truth his very thorough approach to post-process planning (fully explained in his books) gives much more about how exactly to achieve the desired light and dark. A full evening with tips across the spectrum, from camera and lens use, right through to how the colour of the mount you chose can change the look of the print – and all put together at such short notice, for which we were very grateful.   Jan recommends you follow Andy’s blog, here is his post about West Sussex

Andy Beel