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We were treated to three very different presentations from members of the HIghcliffe and Infinity Photography Club.  Nicky Pascoe started the evening’s entertainment with beautiful images of dancers both in the studio and in a wide variety of locations including flower fields, Salisbury Cathedral cloisters, Highcliffe Castle and along the coast.  Dancers were shown in acrobatic as well as classical poses, often in the middle of winter but they looked to be enjoying the shoot almost as much as the photographer.  Nickly has developed a real expertise and high reputation for the quality and passion of her work and is often approached by ballet dancers to have pictures for their portfolio.

By way of complete contrast Fay Bowles showed us how to enhance still life photographs with a variety of background textures including wire wool, wallpaper, tiles, water reflections and the contents of a garden shed.  Layers were overlaid to produce really stunning effects and her use of small farmyard animals added a sense of humour and scale to her work.

The evening was concluded by the presentation of Jim Pascoe with a focus on the work and life of choristers at Winchester Cathedral.  Jim has been given unprecedented access to the behind the scenes activities of the boys in both formal and informal settings.  The photos were fresh, original and unusual.

The three presentations added up to an excellent evening of real entertainment and were much appreciated by all.

Key Fob Holders

The only way to access the Club is via a key fob system; the code access pad no longer works.  10 fobs have been allocated to us by the Village Centre and these are held by: Lorna Brown (Chair); Mike Hancock (Vice Chair); Peter Rocchiccioli (Selection Committee Chair); Ann McDonald (PAGB group); Graham Sergeant (RPS group); Dave Abbott (Digital group); Jeff Owen (IT/ Projector lead) and Graham Walls (meeting layout).  In addition Jan Davis is the holder of a spare and Wojt Boden has a fob on behalf of the Exhibition leads – Iain McGowan, Sarah Nichol and himself.

For those who may need occasional access to the Club you will need to make arrangements to get a fob from one of the named key fob holders and then return the fob after use.




We had an excellent prints presentation from Pete Bamforth last night extolling the benefits of the large print format for all of his images, but particularly for landscapes.  Many of the images were taken in winter, full of atmosphere and capturing the essence of the various places visited.  We were taken on a tour of iconic locations with big skies in such diverse places as Glencoe, Iona, Mull, Bhutan, China, Silk Road in central Asia and the Orkneys.  The predominantly black and white images were contrasted with a few in colour with the former generally conveying the greater atmosphere and producing more photographic impact.

This work was contrasted with the more intimate detail of images from Birmingham library, the colourful reflections in the surrounding canals and the high quality truly artistic graffiti on the canal walkways and walls.

Pete has a great eye for capturing both the beautiful and the grand in his work, with all images beautifully printed and presented.  An inspirational evening for us all.

Thursday 7th September

The new season got off to a truly fabulous start with Guy Edwardes and his A Professional’s Approach to Photography.  It was an evening of simply stunning images and considerable technical information.  Guy, whose first love is nature and landscape photography in the UK, also runs very popular workshops both here and abroad, and is very widely travelled.  Quite a number of Club members have been on Guy’s workshops and everyone speaks very highly of them.

The first half of his talk concentrated on wildlife and he took us around the world, revealing also many of the techniques that produce such quality pictures.  We were then treated to a second world tour via stunning landscapes, again with an insight into the techniques behind them.   As Mike Hancock said in his vote of thanks, the season got off not so much with a bang, but with an absolute explosion.  It was a wonderfully inspiring evening, and Guy also has a website  ( that is well worth a look and publishes a regular newsletter than includes excellent technical advice and suggestions.

As it was the first meeting of the new season we also welcomed our new members, who we hope, were inspired by Guy’s presentation and not overwhelmed by the extraordinary quality of Guy’s work!

There was some outstanding business from the Annual Exhibition, and it was rather fitting that Sheila Tester was presented with her book token for winning the vote for the most popular image at the Annual Exhibition, which was for Church at Vic, taken on a workshop with Guy.

Guy kindly draw the winning voting slip from the popular image votes, which was won by Stephen Emmerson, who also wins a book token.

There were trophies to present to Members who had missed the Preview Evening; that was Ed Feldmanis who received the Simcox Trophy for topping the Print League and Guy Partington for the Best Cub Class print in the exhibition, who received the Evershed Martin Cup.  

Which takes us to the Owl – or the redundant  Portman Trophy.  The bidding for which currently stands at £30.  Any better offers to me by close on Saturday please!

Sheila Tester receives her book token from Woytek Boden for winning the most popular print in the Annual Exhibition

Lorna Brown, Chair

Is that our Julieanne Kost?

Many of us who use Lightroom and Photoshop hold Julienne Kost in very high regard.  She’s a ‘Principal Digital Imaging Evangelist’ with Adobe, and, job title aside, she presents very understandable tutorials on a whole range of topics, from the very basic to the most advanced.  

So I was intrigued to see in the Guardian art and design section a series of photographs by ‘Californian artist Julienne Kost’, whose series Window Seat’ has been shot while travelling on business.  She says that, creatively frustrated by the environments she found herself in – hotels, convention centres, airports – she started taking photographs of landscapes from her plane seat.  You can see the work at: –

I’m pretty certain that is indeed ‘our’ Julienne and emboldened, I’m sharing here a photograph I also took from my plane seat when I was bringing back a teddy bear for my granddaughter and was making a book about his journey for her.

Little Black Bear waves goodbye to the Tetons, by Lorna Brown

Annual Exhibition – Visitors’ Favourite Prints

Visitors to the Annual Exhibition are asked to vote for their favourite print, a task that can prove difficult as the response to all the prints has been very positive.  The range of styles and topics was – as always – very diverse, and it’s good to note that every photographer won a vote and the outcome was close run.  The winner however was Sheila Tester for Church at Vic,  with joint second place going to John Field for Path up to the Windmill  and Peter Rocchiccioli’s Camel Herder.  Stephen Tattersall’s Dusk at West Wittering came in third.

The winning voting slip will be drawn at the first Club meeting of the new season, Thursday 7th September and the winner notified shortly after.

Annual Exhibition – a flying start!

The Annual Exhibition is off to a splendid start with our traditional Preview Evening and very good attendance on the first few days.

Our Preview Evening on Friday was very enjoyable, with our families and friends, friends from some 40 of our sister Clubs across the region, some of our speakers and judges and our guest of honour, Walter Benzie, the President of the Royal Photographic Society, who made our presentations.  

The success of the exhibition and the Preview Evening is due to the hard work of our army of volunteers, especially on Friday evening that of  Sheila Tester and her team for the buffet!  Thanks are due to Dave Abbott for ensuring all those 29 trophies are correctly engraved and distributed, to John Howes and the strong arm team for getting all the hardware for the stands up, moved for the Preview and replaced for the exhibition, to Carmel Lynch and all the contributors for the raffle and to Jeff Owen for the PDI presentation.  Jeff also looks after the database that supports the judging and selection process, for which we must also thank our judge this year, Alison Cawley, and the Selection Committee, chaired by Peter Rocchiccioli .  Peter once again has secured a superb range of sponsors, including that for our excellent print material from Aperture (and the special photobook discount you can find in the catalogue).  It was good to have Fotospeed with us on Friday and the London Camera Exchange on Saturday – and a special mention too for Mifsuds who also donated equipment for the raffle and for sale.

Thanks are also due to Cath Water for her work on publicity and of course to all the stewards over the week, and of course to all our exhibitors without whom the exhibition simply couldn’t happen!  Finally, many thanks to Wojtek Boden, this year’s Exhibition Secretary who brought all these disparate elements together and to our Vice Chair, Mike Hancock, who has been quietly working away supporting all our efforts.

The main feature on Friday was naturally the presentations, and it was good to see new members doing well, with Helenka Boden, George Sayer and Richard Ryder all achieving awards in their first year of membership.  Carmel Lynch was thrilled to receive her first cup, and Glyn Edmunds, despite all those letters after his name, was very pleased to receive his first cup for a digital image! Special mention however has to go to Lynne Owen who had a splendid evening, winning not only four cups but also receiving her CPAGB from the President of the SCPF, our own Peter Rocchiccioli who also presented Ross Laney with his DPAGB.  A fitting award was the Edmunds Cup to Graham Walls for services to the Club – very well deserved and a very popular award – as was the award of Photographer of the Year to Ann McDonald.  You can see the roll of honour and the photographs from the awards on the separate post, along with the award to Graham Sergeant of Life membership – another popular and well deserved award.

It was an excellent evening, so thank you  once again to everyone who made it so successful!

John Bradshaw, CCC President congratulates Graham Sergeant on the Life Membership announcement

‘The Owl’ retires

The Portman Trophy, AKA ‘The Owl’ has been retired from duty as the annual Best Natural History Award and is now looking for a permanent home.  Potential carers from the Club Membership are invited to make financial bids for his custody, which will be awarded to the highest bidder.  Expressions of interest and your best bid to Lorna Brown by the close of  the first meeting in the new season, Thursday 7th September.

The Owl has been replaced by the Tester Cup, kindly donated by Maurice Tester. It was won for the first time (but will it be the last!?) suitably enough by Sheila Tester – well done Sheila!


Your Club needs you!

Plans are well underway for the opening of the Club’s major Annual Exhibition next week – for which many thanks are due to all those who have already given their time and skills in this complex fete of organisation.  BUT!!! We still need volunteers to ensure everything runs to plan, so please do check out the list below and see where you can assist.

The ‘Strong Arm Gang’for setting up and dismantling the exhibition stands we need helpers at 4pm at Tangmere Village Centre on Thursday 3rd August.  This is to load all the equipment onto the van, and to collect stands from Oving ready for taking to Chichester. 

On Friday 4th August at 8.40am at the Assembly Room in Chichester, we need plenty of volunteers to help unload and to set up the gear ready for mounting the prints.  During the evening we’ll also need strong arms to reset the exhibition after the presentations.  Don’t worry – Sheila Tester, our catering supremo, takes very good care to ensure you won’t miss out on the buffet (or the wine!).

Dismantling on the Saturday 12th August also needs helpers to undertake the set up in reverse from 5pm – please don’t forget!

All Members – all Members who are able to should attend the Assembly Room to put up their own prints on Friday 4th August from about 9.45am. Everything you need and guidance on mounting the prints will be available, but it’s helpful if you can bring your own tape measures and levels.  Similarly, please do be there on Saturday 12th August at 5pm to take away your own prints.

Stewarding – there are still gaps in the Stewarding rota, please contact Wojtek Boden for the latest situation if you can find an hour or two to help.

Buffet – Sheila Tester will be pleased to receive finger foods for the buffet from 5pm on Friday 4th August, or, if you prefer, cash donations to Sheila so she can supplement the buffet for the evening.

Raffle –  donations for the raffle to Carmel Lynch for Friday 4th August please.  These can be left at the Assembly Room during the day or brought along in the evening.

It is the sterling efforts on the part of Club Members that mean our Preview on Friday 4th August at 7pm for 7.30pm, for all Members, our guests and friends,  is always an excellent social occasion and a chance to promote our Club, acting as it does as a curtain raiser for the highly regarded exhibition.  So it’s many, thanks thanks to everyone for all the contributions – not least the 450 plus images themselves without which the exhibition would be rather flat!