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Barry Mead Lecture

We were pleased to welcome Barry Mead as our speaker last night on the subject of ‘Windmills of Your Mind’.  Barry has been a judge for us in recent times but had not visited the Club for a lecture for some years so his presence was long overdue.

Barry’s background is in fine art teaching and that artistic element features strongly in his work.  Whilst photography initially was used as an aid in the teaching process it gradually became an all consuming passion and he has been a full time photographer since 1998 with a prodigious output of work.  Since then he has amassed an impressive list of awards and photographic qualifications, including the awarding of honorary membership of the RPS for his services to photography.

Barry’s images cover a wide range of subjects from wildlife to landscape and sports though it is his creative photography that really stands out through the blending of many diverse ‘straight’ pictures  to create surreal and dream like images.  His imagination and creative inspiration really has no bounds.  He is a strong advocate of experimentation to develop a wider skill set, always trying something different, even way out.  His early years of photography were characterised by stretching darkroom techniques to their limits and more recently he has adopted the same approach to digital work.  The result was a hugely entertaining evening with lots of award winning images – a true inspiration to all.

Prints for St Wilfrid’s Hospice

We are planning to change our prints at the Hospice in the near future.  All who use the building are most appreciative
of our images.

The collection box for suitable prints will be available at the next few Thursday meetings.
We hope to collect forty or so pictures in order to make changes to the current display.
Thanking you in advance.
John Field           Hilary Featherstone

Thursday 21st February

We were treated to an real fizz of enthusiasm and energy on Thursday evening when Sue Sibley took us on her Journey so Far. And what a journey it has been – Sue only took up a camera a few years ago, joining Southampton Camera Club some six years ago, and where she was President for two years. She was refreshingly open in showing some of her earlier photographs and relating how she learnt her trade, and for her, how realising you can ‘create’ a picture not just ‘take’ one was very much to her taste. Images with emotion and narrative are what Sue enjoys most, and the narrative she told about the ways she acquired her very high skill levels was fascinating and informative.  Sue was generous in sharing ideas, locations and techniques and particularity encouraging about revisiting older images as our technical skills improve and our thinking expands.

In such a short time Sue has achieved her LRPS and ARPS, as well as her DPAGB, EPIAP and BPE2* and on top of those personal achievements and her role with Southampton Camera Club, Chairs Southampton International Exhibition and most recently has joined New Forest Camera Club as well!  We’ve mostly seen Sue recently in her judging role and she is a very popular judge bringing all her enthusiasm and enjoyment to the task, so it was a real pleasure to have her with us telling us about her own photography and sharing her stories and thoughts.

We concluded the evening with presentations to two of our own highly capable photographers as Peter Rocchiccioli in his role as President of the SCPF made awards to Ann McDonald and Sheila Tester – do see the separate post for the details.

Ann McDonald’s Portrait of a Lady won best portrait individual award at the PAGB GB cup for the open projected images

IMPORTANT – titling images, please read!

We have a very serious issue regarding the titling of images which has had detrimental impact on Club performance.   Some of our members are changing titles of their images, entering them under different titles on different occasions. This is totally unacceptable for several reasons but most importantly,  it has meant the Selection Committee can make mistakenly select the image twice which results in it being disqualified as happened last year.  This is unfair to the other Members whose work has been selected but is then unused because of other Member’s carelessness. Last season in the League PDIs we were relegated because we had inadvertently submitted the same image twice but with different titles.  Fortunately this season we have come second in League 2 and and so will resume our rightful place League 1 for next season.

Another problem that we have found that one Member is using the same title for different portrait images.  This is not acceptable as we can select an image but the one we receive from the Member is different, which as you can imagine causes considerable confusion.

We also also that image titles are kept short – many national and international exhibitions physically limit titles to character count and long titles are problematic, especially when it comes to setting up the Annual Exhibitition Catalogue

We simply must ask for all Members’ co-operation to avoid these problems and the difficulties it has caused the Selection Committee whose job is anyway difficult and whose members give up their time for the benefit of all Club Members.

It is quite simple.  One image – one title: one title – one image.  

Paul William’s short and sweet title – Femme Fatale 

Awards for Ann and Sheila

We were delighted to see Ann McDonald and Sheila Tester both receive awards at the Club meeting on Thursday 21st February – and to have Peter Rocchiccioli present them in his role as President of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation. A very ‘well done’ to both!

Sheila Tester, receiving the SCPF Roll of Honour, by the Federation president Peter Rocchiccioli. A distinction which she very well deserved for the work she has put into Chichester Camera Club over ten years, and before that was a member of Marwell Photographic Group. She has served on Chichester’s  Management Committee many times, currently as Southern Counties Federation Representative,  and is also an active member of the Selection Committee. Sheila is also of course absolutely vital is the success of our Annual and North Mundham Exhibitions where she is our catering supremo. A very well deserved award to Sheila for all her contributions to club photography.

Ann McDonald won the best portrait individual award at the PAGB GB cup for the open projected images for her Portrait of a Lady, and is shown here receiving the award from by the SCPF President Peter Rocchiccioli. This is a great achievement by Ann as there were only eleven awards given nationally and this was also the only one within the SCPF. Many congratulations to Ann for this splendid recognition.

Thursday 15th February

Last night was the second of the two Advanced PDI Competitions of the season and we welcome Lyndsey Green as our judge.  Lyndsey, who holds an MA in Fine Art and is Chair Littlehampton Camera Club, has not judged for us before and it’s always interesting to have a perspective on our work from a different source. Andy Dulson scooped the only 10 of the evening with his super image of Vashti Cunningham, caught in a dramatic moment over the high jump.  Andy of course has a specialism in sports photography and his access to arenas  has provided opportunities to snap many of the athletic greats, including Usain Bolt. This image though was a real gem (you can see it below) full of the drama of the moment and technical competence.

Currently, we only hold two rounds of PDI competitions, but following the discussion at last year’s AGM it was agreed that next season we will trial three rounds and if that is thought to be an improvement, the change will be formally proposed at the 2019 AGM and if agreed will become our practice.

We also heard last night that the forthcoming Sussex Photographic Federation Print Competition has had to be cancelled due to family circumstances for the organisers.  The SxPF competitions are reserved by us for our Members from Club and Intermediate Classes, although open to all classes.  This ensures all our Members are able to have a wide range of images considered and included in inter-club competitions and despite meaning we compete against advanced members from other clubs we often to very well.  Our Selection Committee had chosen the images for submission just last week and so we were pleased to see them during the coffee break.  It is probable that the competition will still be judged – further news to follow.


Andy Dulson’s Vashti Cunningham USA scored 10


Tickets for Eamonn McCabe – 11th April

Tickets are now available to Members of both Chichester and Bognor Regis Camera Clubs for this special event on 11th April with a lecture by nationally renowned photographer Eamonn McCabe.  The cost is £5 to Members of either clubs and, should there still be capacity, will be opened to other clubs at £10. Tickets can be purchased at the Club on Thursday evenings. The event is being jointly sponsored by the clubs as part of an initiative to bring some of the UK’s top photographers to the area.  Eamonn worked for The Guardian and Observer before freelancing since 2001 and some of the achievements during his career include:

Sports Photographer of the Year for a record 4 times covering 3 Olympics;

In 1985 was named News Photographer of the Year for his work at the Heysel Stadium disaster

Won Picture Editor of the Year 6 times;

Appears regularly on radio and TV talking about photography and currently has several pieces of work at the National Portrait Gallery.

Photographers of this calibre are normally outside the budget of an individual Club but the joint sponsorship could make this viable providing we get strong support at the event from both Clubs.  If successful we will do more such events in the future.

The lecture entitled ‘A Life in Pictures’ will be held at the Mitre Lecture Theatre of Chichester University (Chichester Campus) which has a 198 seating capacity at 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th April.  Please put the date in your diary and make a special effort to attend.  

Annual Exhibition – key dates

The Annual Exhibition might seem very distant just now, but it’s not too early to take note of the key dates, especially the deadline for all entries which is Thursday 10th May.  All Club Members who enter work for the exhibition are guaranteed at least one image will be included in this major event for the Club that takes place this year between Saturday 11th and Saturday 18th August at the Assembly Room, Chichester.

You can find the the Annual Exhibition Guidance here: –

Annual Exhibition 2017 Guidance Notes for Entrants

For your diaries, do please also note that the Club Pre-Exhibition meeting will be at 7.30pm on Thursday 2nd August at Tangmere Village Centre.  The Preview Evening, to which all members, their Partners, Spouses and family as well as our friends from other clubs and judges and speakers from the season are invited, is on Friday 10th August at 7pm at the Assembly Room.

Preparations for the exhibition are already well underway and in the run up to the event starting with the organisation of the print entries on the 17th May ready for judging on the 7th June by this year’s judge, Caroline Colegate, lots of volunteers will be needed to help with setting up, stewarding, catering and many other necessary tasks that make our Annual Exhibition such a well supported and popular occasion.

Lorna Brown, Chair

Sorting out the print entries ready for judging for the 2017 Exhibition 

Thursday 9th February

And now for something completely different!  It was a real pleasure to welcome Caroline Colegate to the Club last night, for the third time this season.  Caroline was with us as our scheduled judge for the SCPF Print League at the beginning of December, and again at the beginning of January standing in for Ken Scott for the SCPF PDI League so it was particularly enjoyable to have her with us last night presenting her own work rather than judging.

And what an interesting evening it was as she took us ‘365 & Beyond’. Caroline explained that back in 2009 she had rather run out of steam with her photography, feeling that the demands of club photography were giving her no time for her own work and unsure where to go.  Inspired by Ken Scott she embarked on a 365 project whereby she committed to taking an image every day for a year. For any of us who have contemplated doing 365 (and a number of our members are in picture a day mode) it was really enlightening as Caroline explored how the process had come to increase both her photographic knowledge and her self awareness.

Grouping her images into genres, such as Landscape and Pictorial,  People Pictures (a real challenge she at first found), Desperation Days (simply no time but nevertheless time found!), Abstracts and Patterns and Pre Planned Days, it was so refreshing to listen to someone simply talking about the pleasure they had in photography, if also demonstrating an absolute commitment to meet their self imposed challenge.

But it was work deriving from what became Commemorate my Days type work (Caroline had few of those categories in mind when she embarked on the project) that led on to Caroline’s Associateship panel with the Royal Photographic Society, as that work revealed not just pleasurable times and commemorated happy events but also what she called her darker side.  She noticed patterns of dark and moody images that led her on a voyage of discovery around feelings of entrapment that were limiting and which her project encouraged her to explore and to step outside of.  Her photography, growing out of the 365 project, became not just a stepping stone to the successful ARPS but also a means of therapy that brought self awareness and self fulfilment. A truly fascinating evening.

Thursday 1st February

Last night’s Club and Intermediate 2nd Print Competitions was a thoroughly enjoyable event with Rob de Ruiter as our congenial judge.  Rob, the President at our neighbours, Bognor Regis Camera Club, is a popular and regular judge who clearly very much enjoys the task.  He always find much to like in our images, offers constructive and helpful suggestions about what might be improved and why perhaps things don’t work as they might, and always in a very positive framework. It was a specially successful evening for Ken Worral, who came in with two 10s and a 9.5 in Club Class!

Rob’s visit was very timely as he was able to bring along the tickets for our joint event with BRCC, the Eamonn McCabe lecture on 11th April at Chichester University Chichester Campus.  Eamonn worked for both the Guardian and Observer for many year, and was Sports Photographer of the Year for a record four times and covering three Olympics.  He was named Photographer of the Year in 1985 for his coverage of the Heysel Stadium disaster and holds many other awards.  You can see further details on a separate news post.  Tickets are £5 for members of both Clubs and are currently only available to Club Members.  Chichester Club Members can pick theirs up at the Club next Thursday.

Club and Intermediate Print Competition entries scoring 10 points

Ken Worrall’s Christchurch Priory Ken Worrall’s Peace, Quiet and Freezing TemperatureSuusan Watt’s Curious Cow
Paul Williams’s AngelMichelle Duffy’s SuspendedMike Hancock’s Eyes on the Ball