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Don’t forget!

The summer might seem like a quiet time for the Club after the seasonal programme ends in May but behind the scenes there has been much going on behind in readiness for the Annual Exhibition.  You will see the website now sports the exhibition poster – with Angela Acland’s eye-catching image of New York and on the Exhibition page, a lovely image by Liz Boden from Lordington Lavender which graces the flyer.  Both poster and flyer will be available at the Members’ Pre Exhibition meeting next Thursday, 27th July at Tangmere at 7.30pm – do please collect some to distribute and help publicise the exhibition. This meeting is for all Members and when you will hear how images submitted for the exhibition have fared – you will receive your certificates and copies of the catalogue will be available.

There is of course  much still to do, stewards are still needed and Sheila Tester, our buffet catering supremo, still needs assistance.  Do please see the details of the help still needed in the separate item from Wojtek Boden, our Exhibition Secretary.

The Exhibition Preview is at 7pm at the Assembly Room in Chichester on Friday 4th August – all Club Members and their guests are very welcome.  The Club Awards will be made that evening and we are delighted that Walter Benzie, the President of the Royal Photographic Society will be our guest of honour and will be making the awards.  There will of course be our traditional buffet (thanks to Sheila and her army of helpers) and then the exhibition will be open to all our guests, who include our friends from neighbouring clubs.

We open to the public on Saturday 5th August – and thanks to the considerable work undertaken by our Members, the quality of the images on show and the reputation our exhibitions have, it will I am sure be another very successful week.  Don’t forget to  come along at the close of the exhibition on Saturday 12th August to collect your images (any images that weren’t selected for the exhibition this year may be collected on the 27th July).

The success of the Club is based firmly on our regular programme of activities, and you will have received notification that following a very positive discussion at the AGM, the annual subscription will be £60 for the forthcoming season .  You can pay by bank transfer or by cheque and these must be paid before the start of the programme. Next year’s weekly programme has once again been put together by Glyn Edmunds and kicks off in great style with the popular Guy Edwardes on the 7th September with A Professional’s Approach to Photography.  

The summer might not be  everyone’s favourite time for being out with a camera but the exhibition is a real photographic highlight both as something of a culmination of the previous season’s achievement and a foretaste of what is to come.  I’m looking forward to seeing it all in place and to seeing Club Members and our many visitors over the week.

Lorna Brown – Chair

Last year’s Exhibition Preview caught on camera by the Club’s patron, The Mayor of Chichester Cllr Peter Budge

Thursday 25th May – PDI of the Year

As the season draws to its close, we welcomed Jeff Lawrence to judge our PDI of the Year competition last night.  Jeff, who holds an LRPS and a CPAGB, was a first-time judge for us, but is a well known and very busy judge across the south.

He gave us an evening of very thorough judging, and we appreciated his careful analysis of our images, along with a thoughtful interpretation of them.  I certainly enjoyed his appreciation of the positive aspects of the pictures and he gave a clear and constructive critique on possible improvements.

We had asked Jeff to select the top three images, along with Highly Commended as he thought fit.  I’m pleased to report that Lynne Owen took first place with Refusal, John Larry came in second with Otter Eating and Sue Nash took third place with Reminiscing.

Jeff awarded Highly Commended to Dartmoor Cascade by George Sayer, Evacuees by John Howes, Lavender Boy by Liz Boden, No Reported Incidents by Keith Sawyer and  Oculus by Jean Brooks.

That concludes the Thursday meetings for this season – with the B&W Group meeting still to come on the 31st May and the RPS meeting on the 20th June.  We of course have the Annula Exhibition over the summer, with the Pre Exhibition Meeting on Thursday 27th July (7.30pm at Tangmere) and the Preview on 4th August at 7pm in the Assembly Room, Chichester. This is also the last of the weekly news posts and there will be no regular newsletters over the summer.  I look forward to seeing everyone at the exhibition events and when the new season starts on Thursday 7th September with Guy Edwardes and A Professional Approach to Outdoor Photography.

Enjoy the summer!

Lynne Owen’s Refusal

Jiohn Larry’s Otter Eating
Sue Nash’s Reminiscing

Graham hangs up the tea pot

Graham Walls, our long-serving and always reliable tea man (not to mention chair putter out in chief!) gave us some seriously bad news last night.  He’s retiring from his spot in the kitchen – and given how long Graham has done this for, and that as he puts, he’s not getting any younger, we can all understand why.  Firstly, we must give Graham our very, very grateful thanks for all those cups of tea and coffee which we so much appreciate.

Secondly however is the grave situation that we now need a new volunteer or there will be no refreshments for the refreshment break!  We need someone to keep the tea, coffee and those important biscuit supplies topped up, ensure there’s milk for the evening, that there are two people in the kitchen to serve, and to hand over the takings to the Treasurer along with receipts for expenditure.

Do please contact me if you (perhaps with a friend?) can take this on.


Club AGM – Where were you?

Chichester is a dynamic and successful club due to the dedicated hard work of a small band of volunteers who give their time each week, or indeed each day, to ensure the Club runs smoothly and offers such a range of activities.  Once a year we require at least one third of the membership to come together at the Annual General Meeting – the only business orientated meeting of the season – to recognise the work of the volunteers, to vote in the new Committee and Post Holders and to discuss issues relating to the Club’s activities in the future.

Last night’s important AGM was very poorly attended and while many Members will have had genuine reasons for their absence, it’s a very poor show when there are insufficient attendees to conduct the business and others didn’t attend because they thought it might be boring, it didn’t concern them or simply because it was raining.

Fortunately, there were no formal proposals on the agenda and so on the principal of absence conferring consent, the new appointments were confirmed.  If any Member wishes to object to that as the meeting was not quorate, do please contact me.

 In the event, despite the disappointing turn out, it was a thoroughly positive (and far from boring!) evening. There was a constructive discussion about the financial challenges we face; a positive response to to suggested changes to the PDI competitions and PDI of the Year, as well as helpful thoughts on improving the projection of PDIs.

We took a moment to thank all those whose unstinting contributions have given us such a successful year (the Review of the Year will be available on a separate post), especially this year our thanks to Liz Boden, stepping down now as Secretary;  to John Dean, our Print Competition Secretary for many, many years, now also stepping down. and to David Donati who has looked after the mentoring programme  who is also leaving the Management Committee.

I am very pleased to say that John Bradshaw was elected to the position of President, the vacancy having been created by the sad loss of Jeanne Bevis who had held the role for so long. I am pleased to welcome Tim Crabb as Club Secretary,  Mike Harris, taking up the reins of Print Competition Secretary and to have Linda Bullimore join the Management Committee, while she continues her Small Print Competition Secretary role.  Also newly elected as Post Holders last night were Richard Smith, taking on the SxPF and Regnum Crouch liaison responsibilities and Sue Nash who replaces Sarah Nichol as an Observer on the Selection Committee – our thanks to Sarah for sterling work.

There was one further significant piece of business last night, which was the appointment of Ann McDonald as Vice President, which gave John Bradshaw his first ‘official’ task in presenting Ann with flowers in recognition of this.  This item is fully reported on a separate post, but it was an honour for me to make this announcement and well deserved by Ann.

Finally, any disappointment we felt at the poor attendance last night was more that compensated for by the  lovely tribute paid to the Club by new Member, Richard Ryder thanking everyone for making him so welcome,  how much he had learnt and how much he was enjoying his membership. 

Newly elected Club President presents Ann McDonald with flowers following the announcement of her appointment as Vice President

Ann McDonald – Club Vice President

At our AGM on 18th May, we made a slight deviation from the Club rules, which I believe will be excused due to the reasons.  A nomination had been received from Iain McGowan, Pete Bamforth, Janey Devine and John Bradshaw which the Club’s Management Committee considered and has wholeheartedly agreed to.  That is the conferring of Vice President status to Ann McDonald.  This is in recognition of her long and very active contribution to Club life, as past Chair, past Chair of the Selection Committee and her ongoing organising role with selection, and her significant contribution to the PAGB Group.  The meeting had heard just some of the successes of that group, and it is to Ann’s credit that she reinvigorated the group in which she not only provides her own insightful thoughts on images, but secures the input from other highly capable Club Members.  Only last autumn she was also instrumental in arranging for the Club to host – for the very first time – a PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit day, arranged and masterminded by Ann to considerable applause. Not least of course is Ann’s skill as a photographer and the role her images have played in securing and maintaining the Club’s good position in southern counties league and national inter-club competitions.  It should also be noted that Ann is the first female Club member to be so honoured – and it is was an honour for me as Chair as to make the announcement to which was made at the AGM as, by means of stealth, we discovered that Ann will not be at the Preview of the Club Annual Exhibition where these announcements are due to be made.  As there is no cup, medal or certificate to mark a the conferring of Vice Presidency, John Bradshaw, just elected as Club President, presented Ann with flowers to mark the occasion. Well done and well deserved Ann!

Club President John Bradshaw and Vice President Ann McDonald