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Digital Imaging Group – 24 November 2020 Tutorials

At the Digital Imaging Group we examined in depth the new Colour Grading tool recently released by Adobe for Lightroom and Photoshop [via Adobe Camera RAW – ACR]. We viewed 2 videos by Julieann Kost and the other by Colin Smith [Photoshop Cafe]. Some attendees had also viewed other tutorials and links to these are also given below:

Julieanne Kost – Color Grading in Lightroom Classic

Colin Smith [Photoshop Cafe] – Next Level COLOR grading in Photoshop 2021

Other Tutorials recommended by members:

Lightroom is Getting Advanced Color Grading

A video about colour grading and colour theory by Joanna Kustra.  Although she uses Photoshop and Lightroom this is using split toning rather than the new Colour Grading feature and it is more a tutorial about how to use colours.

Here also is the link to the Affinity Revolution about transferring colour grading from one photo to another.  

This is a link to a video similar to the ones you showed this evening.