Refurbishment of the Club’s Exhibition Panels & Print Display Stands

Demands on the Club’s exhibition panels have grown over recent years, resulting in increased wear and tear. Following the Annual Exhibition in August, it became increasingly evident that the panels required some urgent attention.

A small team of volunteers has now completed the task of refurbishing the panels ready for next year’s round of exhibitions – North Mundham in January, the Focus Group and Spring exhibitions in April and the Annual Exhibition in August.

I would like to thank all those who gave up their time to help in this task, particularly Mike Hancock, Iain McGowan, Ed Feldmanis and his son Alistair, David Harris and Jan Davis.

So long as the panels are handled with care, they should provide us with excellent service for many more exhibition seasons.

The team’s next task later this month is to refurbish the wooden print display stands, which are also in need of some urgent attention.

Wojtek Boden

caroline-marshall-room-for-improvementCaroline Marshall’s Room for Improvement  print from the 2016 Annual Exhibition

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