Focus Group Exhibition 2019

The Focus Group was founded in 2006 by four landscape photographers who had travelled to Scotland from the South of England to explore the photographic possibilities in this area. These founder members were Iain McGowan FRPS, Bill McKnight ARPS, Nigel Chapman and Peter Bamforth ARPS. Four further members were subsequently invited to join the Group: Janey Devine FRPS, John Bradshaw FRPS, Leigh Preston FRPS and Robert Heather LRPS.

The Group spends two weeks together each year in different parts of the UK to explore the images that can be found there. This also allows them to work closely, sharing experiences and ideas, to develop new and innovative approaches and also to plan future projects and develop a programme of exhibitions. Currently the Group holds a popular major exhibition of their work in Chichester’s prestigious Assembly Room each year. This is attended by around 1,000 photographers and others from across the South East of England.

We hope you will enjoy and be inspired by this Exhibition of our most recent print work. New locations and approaches will once again ensure that our exhibitions go from strength to strength each year. The Exhibition includes traditional Landscapes, Collages, Documentary and Street Photography, Monochrome images and intriguing Plant close up studies. There will also be Projected images.

The Exhibition runs from 6th to 13th April (exc. Sunday) 9.00am to 4.30pm

Please visit our website at:

where you can find more information and examples of our work.