Key Competition Dates

Key Submission Dates    
Competition Date Submit By
1st Adv PDI Comp 26-Oct-23 12-Oct-23
1st Club/Int PDI Comp 12-Oct-23 28-Sep-23
1st Small Print Comp 12-Oct-23 05-Oct-23
2nd Round Small Print 09-Nov-23 02-Nov-23
1st Club/Int Print Comp 09-Nov-23 26-Oct-23
1st Adv Print Comp 23-Nov-23 9-Nov-23
3rd Rnd Small Print Comp 07-Dec-23 30-Nov-23
North Mundham Exhib 27-Jan-24 22-Dec-23
2nd Club/Int Print Comp 25-Jan-24 04-Jan-24
4th Rnd Small Print Comp 25-Jan-24 18-Jan-24
2nd Adv Print  Comp 08-Feb-24 25-Jan-24
2nd Club/Int PDI Comp 22-Feb-24 08-Feb-24
5th Final Small Print Comp 22-Feb-24 15-Feb-24
2nd Adv PDI Comp 07-Mar-24 22-Feb-24
Small Print of the Year 11-Apr-24 04-Apr-24
3rd Club/Int PDI Comp 21-Mar-24 07-Mar-24
3rd Adv PDI Comp 11-Apr-24 28-Mar-24
Spring Exhibition 06-07/April 2024  
Print Panels 04-Apr-24 On the Evening
3rd Club/Int Print Comp 25-Apr-24 11-Apr-24
3rd Adv Print Comp 09-May-24 25-Apr-24
PDI of the Year TBD TBD
Annual Exhibition 03-10 Aug 2024 16-May-2024