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Google Nik Collection

Google have announced that as from 24th March the Nik Collection will be available absolutely free. Anyone who purchased in 2016 will receive a refund automatically.

This represents a great opportunity for those who have not yet invested in these plug-ins to do so without cost and add these powerful editing tools to their editing suite.


Chairmans blog 24th March

Congratulations to Keith Sawyer getting his Gold Medal from the RPS in the Creative Group  Exhibition for his image  “Isolation” which we have not seen.  Here it is.


Also well done Andrew Coe for his LRPS.

The latest results from the SCPF will be announced tonight. Just to say we did very well.

Peter gave us an understanding of the important work of the Selection Committee in selecting images for competitions summarised in this document  link:

http://Chichester Club Overview on Competitions

Last Thursdays meeting of an extraordinary Video show with sound (AV) for those who like abbreviations spanned a range of moving serious and humorous contributions from friends of our club and Graham Sergeant and Carole Speight.  Carole who put together  beautiful images with an appropriate sound track life the  enjoyment way beyond an ordinary slide show.  Graham also communicated in fascinating way the heroism of Shackleton in his AV.  We look forward to more and encourage members to have a go.


The AV team Graham Sergeant, Carole Speight, Jean Mills and Bob Sherrard from Hailsham Camera Club.

The digital group was also a success on Tuesday where Lightroom on location was demonstrated very well by sheila Tester with support form Lorna Brown.  For some of us who have tried Hipstamatic the demonstration and the superb images from Janey Devine open up a new avenue.


Congratulations to the following group members who won awards in International Exhibitions recently

SUE NASH won a FIAP Ribbon in the 4th MOF International Exhibition

SUE NASH also won an Honorable Mention in the 1st Atlantic International Exhibition

JOHN HOWES won a Silver Medal in the 4th Miroc Digital Circuit

LORNA BROWN won a Judges Ribbon at the RPS Digital Imaging Group’s Print Exhibition 2016. This exhibition gives only seven awards overall, so well done Lorna.



Congratulations to members of the PAGB Group who had a great success in Southampton this year. Between them they won eleven awards and had sixty images accepted.

SHEILA TESTER was awarded 2 Judge’s Medals and 2 Certificates

FRANK ADAMS won a Silver Medal for Best Landscape

LORNA BROWN won a FIAP Ribbon and also won two Certificates

GEORGE ATKINS was awarded a Certificate

MIKE DAVISON was awarded a Certificate

DAVID HARRIS was awarded a Certificate

The following members of the group also had images accepted.






You can see a slide show of all the award winning images here.

Chairmans Blog March 16th

Thursdays Meeting

Rosemary Wilman managed to enchant us with images all with an originality and visual impact from well known locations that we have seen before such as Santorini, Harris and  Yellowstone. Also images from less familiar locations such as Amritsar and Washington made her talk “About Time and More” an inspiration and lesson in image quality from one of the loyal followers of our club.

Certificates for the Beginners and Intermediate PDI competition were handed out and here is one of the winning images from Corinne Noyalet:

“My Sweet Valentine”

Corinne Noyalet-My Sweet Valentine-10

Notable Results

We congratulate Andrew Coe in getting his LRPS.


It is now certain we will finish top of the SCPF Print League first division even though we were 8th in the 8th round. Well done our participants: Ann McDonald, Ross Laney, Mike Davison, George Atkins, Janey Devine, Pete Bamforth, Pietro Rocchiccioli, and Jeanne Sutherland.

We are handing back our trophy for first place in the PDI league that we won last year, as we now are not in the running for the top positions.

Coming Events

Thursday we have the AV group show with Graham Sergeant and Carole Speight where the mega screen with Audio Visual excitement guaranteed. Don’t miss this yearly  extravaganza.

The SCPF Championships.  Is at Highcliffe & Infinity Camera Club, Bashley Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5RY.  The date of 20th March for a start time of 10:00am to approximately 4:00pm.  Visitors to bring their own lunch.  Tea and coffee plus biscuits will be served during the day.

Next Tuesday the Digital Subgroup meet with Janey Devine opening up the world of mobile phone apps and Sheila Tester will demonstrate Lightroom on location catalogue.

Ensure you advertise to you friends and volunteer to help if requested and plan a visit to the Focus Group Exhibition in the Assembly Rooms starting on Saturday the 2ndth April and lasting to the 9th April.  Focus Group






Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 22nd March


The meeting of the Digital Group on 22nd March will feature two of our favourite lady photographers.

In the first part of the evening and following her stunning images at North Mundham, Janey Devine will talk about and show how to achieve creative and fun images from mobile phone and iPad apps. Janey asks you to practice some yourselves and to bring them along on the 22nd when we will show them on the screen using the projector. Bring your mobiles and iPads with you!

Attachment-1 2


For the second half of the evening Sheila Tester will demonstrate Lightroom on Location Catalogue. This is an extremely valuable way of transfering images loaded and worked on on a laptop to your iMac without loosing the post processing you have already done.

Images courtesy of Jae Callow

A Guide to Plagiarism


As a Club we pride ourselves in sharing skills and techniques and we all draw inspiration from fellow photographers, as well as  recognising the difficulties when on a photography trip we all take very similar if not the same images.  But where the line is between taking inspiration and outright ‘copying’ can be hard to define.  And in these digital days,  the outright ‘theft’ of images is easier than it was previously.  For instance, last year, a member of a highly regarded photo club was found to have entered what was someone else’s work in a national competition.  An article in this week’s PAGB enews (157+ extra) makes very interesting reading – touching on prevention, detection and what to do if your images are stolen.

This link to the PAGB enews, which is provided with the kind permission of Rod Wheelans, will take you to the enews and the article, which you will find towards the end of the publication.  If you don’t already subscribe to PAGB enews you might want to sign up while you are on the site.