Advanced Workers Exhibition 2019


You are cordially invited to Chichester Camera Club’s eighteenth advanced members’ exhibition to be held on Saturday, 19th January 2019 at the North Mundham Village Hall.  The exhibition will be open between 10 am and 5 pm with refreshments, light lunches and teas available throughout the day.  If anyone cannot make it on the Saturday, we will be open on the following day (Sunday) between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm.  We will also have refreshments available on that day.

Print exhibitors have had the choice of varying screen spaces with the freedom to display virtually any type of work they wish with no rules on size, subject matter technique, etc. whilst PDI workers are each allowed to have up to 4 images projected, again with no subject ruling.  Based on our previous, similar exhibitions, this freedom of choice has resulted in a considerable display of artistic talent.  The day has also proved to be a great social occasion.

We hope you will be able to visit us and look forward to meeting you on the 19th January. 

Directions: North Mundham Village Hall