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Eamonn McCabe Special Lecture

Over 100 people from Chichester and Bognor Camera Clubs and a number of visitors from other Clubs in the region were treated to a superb presentation by Eamonn McCabe on the theme ‘My Life in Pictures’.  Reflecting on a professional career that spanned five decades, his story took us from his first photographic experiences of trying to capture the essence of a concert by The Who to becoming one of the leading press photographers of his generation. Working mainly for the Observer and Guardian newspapers he covered three Olympic Games and won the coveted “Sports Photographer of the Year” award a record four times. His harrowing pictures of the Heysel Stadium disaster in 1985 marked a watershed of personal development from sports photographer to photo journalism and subsequently he became the Guardian’s picture editor and won the “Picture Editor of the Year” title a record six times.

Jude Law


In the latter part of his career, working freelance, he specialised in portrait work, taking photos of the rich and famous from Bill Gates, David Bailey, to John Hurt and Jude Law, even a session with Tony Blair who refused to look up from writing a speech.  Virtually every portrait image shown incorporated a humorous story from his attempts to get round ‘the minders’ to dealing with the awkward and getting his subjects to ‘give him something’ of themselves.  Whatever the challenge his photos were stunning, different and totally memorable.  The whole lecture was delivered in an open, friendly and humorous manner and gave us a real insight in what it is like to work at the very top of the photographic profession.

A thoroughly captivating evening fully appreciated by everyone present.

Results of Print Panel Competition

The Print Panel competition was judged in a highly entertaining style by 4 judges with FRPS qualifications: John Bradshaw, Janey Devine, Iain McGowan and visiting judge Leigh Preston.  The judges all commented on the exceptionally high standard of work with lots of different and highly creative images on show, particularly abstracts.

Special congratulations go the winner, Jean Brooks, with Phil Shaw in 2nd place and Lynne Owen 3rd.  Jean’s panel will be on show at the Club Annual Exhibition in August.

Congratulations also go to the following who gained ‘Highly Commended’ for their work: Linda Bullimore, Tony Baverstock, Heather Buckle, Jeff Owen, Stephen Marsh, Glyn Edmunds and Stephen Tattersall.

Programme Changes April/May 2018


There will be the following changes to the Programme:

On Thursday 12th April Paul Mitchell, past Chair of Arena, and a very capable photographer,  replaces Sue Brown. Trips to Autralia  and sick daughter have necessitated this rearrangemet.  For those unable to make this event, Paul is talking to Havant Camera Club on Tuesday 10th April.

On Thursday 17th May John Tilsley ARPS DPAGB APAGB replaces Chris Neill-Griffin who has moved up to Lewis in the Northern Isles.


How many senior moments I am allowed.

Only 2 glaring errors in the newsletter sent out earlier today:

a) date of Newsletter is 22nd March not 22nd April

b) Deadline date for next Club/Intermediate Print Comp is 12th April not 12th August.

I am sure everyone will have picked up on these errors so this is just belt and braces.

My excuse is that I was brought up in the age of Secretaries  – yes I really am that old!!


3rd Advanced Print Competition

Rosemary Wilman was our judge for last night’s Advanced Print Competition.  Rosemary commented that the work was of a uniformly high standard and she had great difficulty in selecting the best.  15 images of particular merit were held back for further review but eventually marks of 10 were given to the 5 images below.  Once again particular congratulations are due to Phil Shaw who gained 10s for 2 of his images including a tiger leaping off a tree – the outcome of a 3 hour wait.

A full list of all marks received is shown later in this Newsletter.

Print Panel Competition 5th April

All members may enter the Print Panel competition on 5th April as an open competition.  Each Panel must comprise between 3 and 6 separately mounted images with a common theme and brought in a plastic bag.  The Panel may be displayed on 1, 2 or 3 rows of a print stand for best effect as decided by the author and that layout should be shown in the printed hanging plan, with a title.  One copy of the plan to be on the inside of the bag and the other on the outside.

Panels should be brought on the night (5th April) and all will be judged but not marked.  At the end of the evening the judge will allocate a first, second and third place together with some certificates of merit.  The winning panel will be displayed at the Annual Exhibition in August

Barry Mead Lecture

We were pleased to welcome Barry Mead as our speaker last night on the subject of ‘Windmills of Your Mind’.  Barry has been a judge for us in recent times but had not visited the Club for a lecture for some years so his presence was long overdue.

Barry’s background is in fine art teaching and that artistic element features strongly in his work.  Whilst photography initially was used as an aid in the teaching process it gradually became an all consuming passion and he has been a full time photographer since 1998 with a prodigious output of work.  Since then he has amassed an impressive list of awards and photographic qualifications, including the awarding of honorary membership of the RPS for his services to photography.

Barry’s images cover a wide range of subjects from wildlife to landscape and sports though it is his creative photography that really stands out through the blending of many diverse ‘straight’ pictures  to create surreal and dream like images.  His imagination and creative inspiration really has no bounds.  He is a strong advocate of experimentation to develop a wider skill set, always trying something different, even way out.  His early years of photography were characterised by stretching darkroom techniques to their limits and more recently he has adopted the same approach to digital work.  The result was a hugely entertaining evening with lots of award winning images – a true inspiration to all.