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Portrait Group: Lighting Basics with Reg Wilson

Wednesday the 9th December we will be meeting at 7:30 in the Small Hall at Tangmere to start learning about studio lighting from Reg Wilson.  This is a chance to get in on the first steps in a what will be a series of sessions to find about studio photography.

We will not be taking pictures this time but participate inunderstanding in setting up lighting.  The emphasis will be  LOOKING at the effect on one of our two models, Sophia and her boyfriend.

This first session will be on how to use just one key light in a number of different positions to light one subject, each subsequent session will be on how to add additional lights to help enhance the key light.

This portrait session is open to all on the waiting list as well as members.

Jan & Andy

Portrait Group

College Hair November 2015


College Barber’s November 2015

The portrait Group recent sessions 2015

50’s /60’s Themed Lighting Tutorial by Reg Wilson


First Lighting Tutorial October 2015
Second Lighting Tutorial December 2015

James Bond theme night at West Dean College.

James Bond theme night
James Bond theme night
James Bond theme night

Choi Kwan Doo Shoot.


PAGB Group

Leader: Ann McDonald ARPS, DPAGB

The PAGB Distinctions group has been set up to help people get the many distinctions available to them through the PAGB and FIAP distinctions route. The group encourages members to strive to achieve the very high standard of photography required to achieve these distinctions.


We will also look at work for people who are trying to enter images into both National and International Photographic Salons and encourage members to enter these competitions, as accepted images will often help gain the FIAP distinctions.


We meet at 7.00pm on the first Monday of the month unless it is a bank holiday, in which case the meeting is moved to the second Monday. The meetings take place in the small hall in the Tangmere Village Centre.