Print group Meetings – your Views

As you know it has been decided to continue Club Thursday meetings via Zoom up to Christmas, a decision made in response to Members’ preferences. Zoom has certainly been a great way for our programme to carry on during these weird times and some of our interests have been at least as well served this way as in physical meetings.

However, the Print Group by it’s very nature means we really need to see the physical prints – prints are just different to PDIs and although we’ve coped on Zoom it is no substitute for the real thing.

As the group meets in the small hall, is limited in the numbers attending so space is not restricted and the hall can be easily ventilated, I am happy to run the meetings physically as I believe this is the more productive course for this group if members agree.

Before I confirm that however I do need to know how members feel – both those who have been regular attenders over past year but also those who might be thinking of entering print competitions or just enjoy the printing process.

Please let me know using

The featured images is a FIAP Gold Medal winning photograph by Richard Ryder

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