A short Extraordinary General Meeting will be held on Thursday 21st November immediately after the conclusion of the First Club/Intermediate Print Competition. The EGM will have no impact on the Competition which will proceed as scheduled.

The purpose of the meeting is to consider the following proposal of the Management Committee (proposed by Chair, seconded by Vice Chair):

‘It is proposed that the Constitution be amended in paragraphs 6.2.6 and 6.3.3 to delete the figure of 35% and replace it with a figure of 20%’

The effect of this proposed change will be that 6.2.6 will read: ‘The quorum for the AGM will be 20% of the Club’s registered membership’ and for paragraph 6.3.3 ‘the quorum at an EGM will be 20% of the registered membership’.

The justification for this proposal is that with current membership numbers the existing quorum figure of 35% is too high.  Two of the last three AGMs have been inquorate (49 attendees in May 2019 against a quorum requirement of 51) with the result that none of the Constitutional issues under consideration could be resolved until the special (quorate) EGM was held on 1st August.  The lower quorum figure of 20% will also help to reinforce the principle of voting by attending members.

Members are asked to approve the lower quorum figure of 20%. and the revisions to the Constitution as described above.

Mike Hancock, Chair, 30th October 2019

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