Outcome of EGM

A very successful EGM was held on Thursday 1st August, attended by 56 members so we were quorate. The meeting considered and approved all those items left over from the AGM last May on which no final decisions could be taken because we were 2 short of a quorum.

The EGM approved:

the dates of the financial year be changed from from 1st April – 31st March to 1st July – 30th June together with consequent changes to the financial reporting to the membership;

a new deadline date for payment of subsciptions of 15th July.

Both these amendments require changes to the wording of the Club Constitution. A new version will be published on the website dated August 2019.

The EGM also elected a new President (Dave Abbott), the Management Committee, and all Post Holders for the 2019 – 20 season. A full list of all appointments is shown in the new Programme leaflet, distributed last Thursday and available for all members to collect. John Bradshaw, Tim Crabb, Jo Tricklebank and Glyn Edmunds have all resigned their posts and have been replaced by Dave Abbott, Wendy Chalk, Jonathan Fiske and Sue Watts respectively . We are all very grateful for all of those who have given their time to help with the smooth and efficient running of the Club

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