North Mundham Exhibition 2022 – advanced members

We were unable to hold North Mundham Exhibition this year due to the pandemic and it is now time to give some thought about the 2022 exhibition. For newer members, this is for Advanced Class members only and takes place over the weekend of 15th and 16th January. The exhibition is not judged and gives an opportunity to show very creative work unbound by the limits of the traditional mount, with each participant given a display board to fill as they wish – including mounted work if that is preferred.

While we are of course aware that the situation might change again, we are now starting the planning process and as part of that would like to know how many of you would take part and if you would have you enough new work available.

On a second, and very important point, after nearly twenty years organising this exhibition Iain McGowan has decided it is time to stand down. Therefore I am hoping that one of you will volunteer to work with Iain this year and take up the responsibility for the future.

I’d be grateful if you could respond to this mail via before the 19th Sept so I can analyse the responses to determine a way forward.

Mike Harris

The featured image is by Michael Palmer

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