Lorna Brown FRPS

Congratulations from the chair.

It’s a real pleasure for me, in this unusual year as chair, to be able to offer all our congratulations to Lorna Brown our newest Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society. This is a very high honour indeed and richly deserved, so well done Lorna.

Some words from Lorna Brown FRPS:

I’m quite overwhelmed to have been awarded a fellowship of the RPS today – and one of the first to ‘benefit’, if benefit it was, to sit in on the online assessment, which has resulted in quite shredded nerves.

There have been many who have helped me on this long journey to whom I owe thanks.  Iain McGowan who first recognised the potential in some of the first images, Janey Devine for encouragement in developing the concept and most recently her optimism in the outcome, Graham Sergeant and John Bradshaw for everything I learnt from them at the RPS Group and to Dave Abbott for his quiet support and encouragement. 

Unlike previous assessments, the award is immediate and there is no drawn out period of secrecy, so I am delighted to sign off for the first time, just one hour and 41 minutes after the assessment panel gave the verdict as Lorna Brown FRPS.


Some more images from Lorna’s panel

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  1. Congratulations Lorna, well done. We are absolutely delighted to read of your FRPS achievement and look forward to seeing your panel. Frank and Jill Adams

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