Infrared Camera For Sale

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5 micro four-thirds camera, 16 megapixels, with full-spectrum infrared conversion.

The camera’s internal IR blocking filter has been replaced with a plain glass filter, allowing for hand-held infrared photos using your existing lenses.

You will need to add filters to the front of your lens to be able to use the camera effectively; there are many tutorials on the net that will show you how to do this. The beauty of Full Spectrum conversions is that by adding different filters, totally different results can be obtained, so the camera can be easily modified to record in UV, Infrared or even normal daylight (using the UV/IR Cut filter). This means you are not committing the camera to permanent IR use.

The sale consists of the camera body (no lens), battery, charger, USB lead, shoulder strap and operating manual, all in original box, plus the following filters: 52mm dark red (650nm); 52mm R72 (720nm); 55mm red (590nm); 55mm UV+IR cut (for normal view); 72mm red (590nm).

Price £175. All items can be brought to a club meeting for inspection if required.

Brian Southward

01243 785337;

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