EGM 21st November – Proposed Amendment

The following proposed change to the Constitution amendment has been received.

“In the matter of the current proposal by the Committee to reduce the quorum required at Annual General and Extraordinary General Meetings (currently 35% of the registered membership) to 20%.

While I fully support the need for a reduction to be made and agree with the reasons given for this, I believe that 20% is too low for good governance and democratic best practice.

20% would represent almost half the current level whereas a level of 25% would mean that twice as many members who were not on the Committee could block any attempt to enforce proposals which were judged to be unreasonable.

I therefore propose that this amendment to reduce the quorum requirement to 25% is considered at the EGM and seek the support of the members”.

This amendment is proposed by John Bradshaw and seconded by Ann McDonald. It will be presented and voted upon at the EGM on 21st November.

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