Competition Upload Deadlines

Some gentle reminders:

Entries for the 1st Advanced PDI Competition need to be uploaded by the closing date of 27th September 2018.

Entries for the 1st Club and Intermediate PDI Competitions need to be uploaded by the closing date of 11th October 2018.

If you can’t remember what to do or are new it to it all then the Upload site can always be found here.

Instructions can be found here.


2 thoughts on “Competition Upload Deadlines”

  1. Are we going to adopt the 1600×1200 standard at some point? I note the entry site will not accept anything above 1400×1050 pixels so I had to resize all my pictures.

    1. Nigel, the 1st Advanced PDI had the wrong settings, I have now changed it to 1600×1200. For some things like the Exhibitions and Novium, where we use the TV, we require 1920×1080.

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