Barry Mead Lecture

We were pleased to welcome Barry Mead as our speaker last night on the subject of ‘Windmills of Your Mind’.  Barry has been a judge for us in recent times but had not visited the Club for a lecture for some years so his presence was long overdue.

Barry’s background is in fine art teaching and that artistic element features strongly in his work.  Whilst photography initially was used as an aid in the teaching process it gradually became an all consuming passion and he has been a full time photographer since 1998 with a prodigious output of work.  Since then he has amassed an impressive list of awards and photographic qualifications, including the awarding of honorary membership of the RPS for his services to photography.

Barry’s images cover a wide range of subjects from wildlife to landscape and sports though it is his creative photography that really stands out through the blending of many diverse ‘straight’ pictures  to create surreal and dream like images.  His imagination and creative inspiration really has no bounds.  He is a strong advocate of experimentation to develop a wider skill set, always trying something different, even way out.  His early years of photography were characterised by stretching darkroom techniques to their limits and more recently he has adopted the same approach to digital work.  The result was a hugely entertaining evening with lots of award winning images – a true inspiration to all.

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