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New Judging Training Course

The following letter has been received from Ken Scott, Chair of SxPF about the opporunities for training to become a judge

I am frequently asked by Sussex clubs about new judges. We recognise the need for a regular throughput of new judges on to the circuit, because competition is still a mainstay of the club calendar.

As such we are looking to run a new judging training course in SxPF in the first quarter of 2020. If you would be interested in training to be an accredited judge with SxPF, please register an expression of interest with me, Ken Scott,   by end November 2019. There will be nine places available. As soon as possible in November we will issue more details.

We are particularly looking for fresh input and ideas, and would like to hear especially from our talented pool of female photographers.

For more information, visit   where there is an Overview of the Course and a detailed FAQ entitled ‘Becoming a Judge with SxPF’. The training mirrors exactly the course offered by Southern Counties.

PDI Competition Deadlines

The first Advanced PDI competion will be held on 10th October (judge Roy Lambeth). The deadline has technically passed but if anyone has any particular difficulties please contact jeff Owen

The first Club/Intermediate PDI competition will be held on 24th October (judge Caroline Colegate). The deadline for entries is Thursday 10th October. New members wishing to enter will be able to get help on the procedures to be followed from their mentor. Alternatively all the information required is set out on the Competitions section of the website under the headling of ‘Competition Rules Revised March 2019’

Developers Group

We had a very successful first meeting of the Developers Group last Monday 16th September. You will recall that the Developers Group is exclusively for Club class members helping you to progress through your photograhic journey.

For those new members unable to attend last Monday I am circulating a number of the slides used which should help you get away from the automatic setting on your camera to use Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Manual modes. At the end of the meeting members were givren a series of tasks to undertake as ‘homework’ aimed at helping to reinforce the learning achieved. These too are being circulated.

At the next meeting of the Group on 18th November all paricipants will have to opportunity to show their work and we will have a general discussion on tackling any issues or problems raised

Free Fotospeed Workshop in Chichester

There will be a free demonstration of Inkjet Printing by photographic paper manufacturer Fotospeed. The event will be held at London Camera Exchange, East Street on Thursday 26th September from 10am to 4pm

Vince Cater from Fotospeed will be displaying all the latest paper finishes and demonstrating how to get the best out of your home printing for your style of Photography. He’ll explain the importance of printer profiles and show how you can get a free profile for your printer from Fotospeed.

Anyone can bring along their favourite image, choose a paper and Fotospeed will print you a sample. There will also be special offers on the day. Fotospeed are one of our major sponsors so it would be good if as many members as possible could call in to LCE to take advantage of this free event.

Lost Book

On Thursday 5th September, the first Club meeting, Joy Whiting left a hardback book on a chair, second row back on the far side of the Hall. It wasn’t there when I locked up for the evening and hasn’t appeared since.

The book is about ceramics by Edward James Mellon. It is a very special book to Joy. If anyone has seen it or put it away at the Club can you please let Joy know on

Developers Group Meeting on Monday 16th September

The first meeting of the Developers Group will be held on Monday 16th September commencing at 7:30 pm in the Small Hall. The group is exclusively for members in the Club class and we will develop an agenda during the year, in discussion with you, that will best meet the your particular needs.

The first half of the evening will be a presentation on ‘Getting Control of Your Camera’ which should help those who as yet have not progressed beyond the automatic camera modes. Prints will be displayed to show the effects that can be achieved using different shutter speeds and apertures. This section will conclude with a discussion about a series of exercises to be undertaken that will help to reinforce the learning points. Participants will be asked to bring along to the next meeting the photos they have taken in undertaking this ‘homework’.

The second half of the meeting will be a discussion on your specific priorities to be covered in future sessions. It would be helpful if you could bring a selection of prints on the type of photos you like to take so we can identify areas for development. I do hope to see as many as possible of the new members in the Club class. This group is for you. Help us to make it as useful and relevant to you as possible.

Local Photographic Workshop 19th October

We have been notified of an outdoor evening photographic workshop.

The event will take place at a vintage fairground in East Hampshire and will centre on taking the more unusual pictures involving the careful balance between flash lighting and the ambient red, orange and yellow tungsten lighting of the rides and stalls. To make the event more interesting, we’ll be employing an experienced fashion model who’ll be wearing a modern wedding dress to give an unusual twist to everyone’s photographs. For all those attending, we’ll be handing out an A4 sized ‘cheat sheet’ on the day to help start people off with some suggested ‘default’ settings.

The cost of attending will be the entrance fee of £17 to the ground plus £25 for our workshop. Each person will need to purchase their own venue ticket when they arrive (or on-line if they prefer).

If anyone needs more information, they are welcome to email or ring us. Our email address is and our ‘phone number is:  07968 245901

Anyone interested please contact studio2 direct

Start of New Season

The new 2019 – 20 season gets underway next Thursday, 5th September. We start with a speaker of the highest quality, Benjamin Graham voted as the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2017. His presentation this evening will be on developing a personal vision and visual style. More detail on the website.

An evening not to miss – see you there.

Promotions between classes

The following promotions have been agreed for the new season commencing September 2019:

Club Prints to Intermediate: Jonathan Fiske, Richard Webb, Gary Howes, Tim Crabb, John Wadd, Wendy Chalk.

Club PDIs to Intermediate: Graham Ainge, Gary Howes, Andy Bayes, Jonathan Fiske, Richard Webb, Elizabeth Boden, Wendy Chalk.

Intermediate Prints to Advanced: Chris Gledhill, Heather Buckle, Mike Hancock.

Intermediate PDIs to Advanced: Andrew Vance, Chris Gledhill and Heather Buckle

Congratulations to all.