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Refocussed Exhibition – 8th to 13th November

A group of 8 photographers (the ‘Refocussed Group’) from the Chichester and Bognor Camera  Clubs are mounting an exhibition at the Oxmarket Centre of Arts in East Street Chichester from 8th to 13th November inclusive.



David Harris – Asian Swallowtail

The exhibition has free admission but all proceeds will be donated to St Wilfrid’s Hospice.  It is open from 10am to 4:30 daily and a wide variety of photographic styles will be on display.  All are welcome.


Jon and Joan Barham would like to change the display at the Hospice at the beginning of November and need a new set of photographs from which we can choose the 32 pictures that are required to put up along the corridors.
The photographs will stay at the Hospice until February 2017 when the display is changed again, but should anyone need a print returned earlier contact Jon/Joan and the photo will be returned to you and replaced with an alternative.
Have Handbag will travel by Jeff Owen
Boxes for prints will be out at the Club on the next 2 Thursdays i.e. 27th October and 3rd November.  Please support the Club by bringing along your pictures; the display of these photographs is really well received and brings a lot of pleasure to all the people at the Hospice and they are very grateful to the club for allowing them to have this on-going display.
Thank you for your help.  Jon and Joan look forward to coming to club on the 3rd November and finding the boxes overflowing with beautiful pictures!!!


Last night’s speaker, John Bogle, gave us a fascinating account of his journey as a photographer from holiday snapper to superb photographs of wildlife.  His interest started on fishing trips to Africa in the early 2000s where he got up close to crocodiles, elephants and hippos in the wild in what looked like a very flimsy boat on very large rivers.  Gradually the photographic activity became more important than the fishing, not only in photographing big game but also small creatures collecting round his camp at night.  Over the years that developed into a fascination with butterflies, including their behaviour, and his many award winning images were an inspiration to us all.  John shared details of the equipment used to get pin sharp images with beautiful blurred backgrounds (Sigma 150mm macro lens, monopod with Wimberley clamp and tripod), the most appropriate times of the day or night to get the best shots before the butterflies were warmed up and ready to fly and details of the best locations locally and in Norway, France and Switzerland. 


His favourite time was early morning before the sun came up crawling on all fours in rain, frost and drenching dew.  As David Harris noted in his vote of thanks, not only did we all now know ‘how to do it’ but also that consistently superb images do not happen without a lot of effort and preparation and a willingness to endure some personal discomfort.  The mental image of early morning dog walkers on Old Winchester Hill viewing with incredulity a soaked John Bogle crawling through the grass waving his camera apparently at nothing in particular will live long in the memory.



The October meeting of the Black and White group will be held on Wednesday 26th October in the Large Hall at Tangmere commencing at 7:30pm and as usual everyone is welcome, both members and non-members at a charge of £3 and £4 respectively.  Representatives of Lee Filters will be present demonstrating the various effects to be achieved using their products so come along for an informative and enjoyable evening