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We were treated to three very different presentations from members of the HIghcliffe and Infinity Photography Club.  Nicky Pascoe started the evening’s entertainment with beautiful images of dancers both in the studio and in a wide variety of locations including flower fields, Salisbury Cathedral cloisters, Highcliffe Castle and along the coast.  Dancers were shown in acrobatic as well as classical poses, often in the middle of winter but they looked to be enjoying the shoot almost as much as the photographer.  Nickly has developed a real expertise and high reputation for the quality and passion of her work and is often approached by ballet dancers to have pictures for their portfolio.

By way of complete contrast Fay Bowles showed us how to enhance still life photographs with a variety of background textures including wire wool, wallpaper, tiles, water reflections and the contents of a garden shed.  Layers were overlaid to produce really stunning effects and her use of small farmyard animals added a sense of humour and scale to her work.

The evening was concluded by the presentation of Jim Pascoe with a focus on the work and life of choristers at Winchester Cathedral.  Jim has been given unprecedented access to the behind the scenes activities of the boys in both formal and informal settings.  The photos were fresh, original and unusual.

The three presentations added up to an excellent evening of real entertainment and were much appreciated by all.

Key Fob Holders

The only way to access the Club is via a key fob system; the code access pad no longer works.  10 fobs have been allocated to us by the Village Centre and these are held by: Lorna Brown (Chair); Mike Hancock (Vice Chair); Peter Rocchiccioli (Selection Committee Chair); Ann McDonald (PAGB group); Graham Sergeant (RPS group); Dave Abbott (Digital group); Jeff Owen (IT/ Projector lead) and Graham Walls (meeting layout).  In addition Jan Davis is the holder of a spare and Wojt Boden has a fob on behalf of the Exhibition leads – Iain McGowan, Sarah Nichol and himself.

For those who may need occasional access to the Club you will need to make arrangements to get a fob from one of the named key fob holders and then return the fob after use.




We had an excellent prints presentation from Pete Bamforth last night extolling the benefits of the large print format for all of his images, but particularly for landscapes.  Many of the images were taken in winter, full of atmosphere and capturing the essence of the various places visited.  We were taken on a tour of iconic locations with big skies in such diverse places as Glencoe, Iona, Mull, Bhutan, China, Silk Road in central Asia and the Orkneys.  The predominantly black and white images were contrasted with a few in colour with the former generally conveying the greater atmosphere and producing more photographic impact.

This work was contrasted with the more intimate detail of images from Birmingham library, the colourful reflections in the surrounding canals and the high quality truly artistic graffiti on the canal walkways and walls.

Pete has a great eye for capturing both the beautiful and the grand in his work, with all images beautifully printed and presented.  An inspirational evening for us all.

An Evening of AV

Carole Speight and Graham Sergeant provided an excellent evening of AV entertainment covering a wide range of subjects through 12 separate AV projects.  Some were devised in partnership with members of Hailsham and Selsdon Camera Clubs providing mutually supportive ideas and inspiration.  Topics ranged from the profoundly moving ‘Children by Salgado’ complemented by the haunting melody of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’ to social commentary on scenes from the 1950s to humorous cartoons and a film about a ‘A Perfect Husband’ – yes they really do exist!!  Carole and Graham demonstrated that really effective AV could comprise a simple theme with carefully chosen musical accompaniment to complement the mood producing results that produced powerful messages for the audience.  A great success and one to be repeated often in the future we hope.

Images for publicity for Annual Exhibition

Cath Walter asks members to send to her images she can use in the publicity for the Annual Exhibition in August.  Cath tries to get our images in a variety of local and national publications and some of these have long lead-in times.  Images should be about 2 to 4mb in size and should be e mailed to Cath at ‘’.

Annual Exhibition 2017 – Exhibition Rotas 5th to 12th August

Arrangements for the Club’s Annual Exhibition 2017 are well underway. The success of the exhibition relies heavily on the support of Club members to volunteer a small amount of their time during the exhibition week to help with stewarding as well as in the kitchen.


The exhibition requires 3 stewards per session. Each session lasts 90 minutes, although volunteers stewarding the first session of each day should arrive by 9.30am to set-up. Stewarding tasks include:

  • Opening and closing the exhibition (first and last sessions of the day)
  • Keeping an accurate count of visitor attendance
  • Sale of exhibition catalogues
  • Inviting visitors to vote for their favourite print; keeping a running record of votes
  • Maintaining background music
  • Dealing with any enquiries (e.g. interest in club membership)
  • Generally assisting visitors to make their visit successful

Below is a copy of the Stewarding and Kitchen Rota and members are invited to put their names forward to fill the available sessions. Please let me know by email, by phone, or at club meetings which stewarding session(s) you wish to attend. I will keep the rota updated regularly on the website so that members can see which stewarding sessions are available.

If you find that you are no longer able to steward a specific session, but can volunteer for another session already staffed, it would help greatly if you could negotiate directly with another volunteer to swap sessions. Please let me know of any changes so that I can update the rota.


In addition to stewarding, we will be selling refreshments to visitors (teas, coffees, biscuits, cakes) and we are asking for at least one volunteer per session to staff the kitchen. If you can support the exhibition by taking a turn in the kitchen, please put your name in the green section of the rota marked ‘Kitchen’.

Income from Sales

It costs nearly £3,000 to put on the exhibition, just over half of which is covered by advertising income.  The rest comes from catalogue and refreshments sales, so every catalogue and tea/cake sold helps towards covering our costs and making a successful exhibition for the Club.

There will be space for members to sell cards, with a 10% sales commission to the Club.

Wojtek Boden
Mobile: 07786 643641



Saturday 5 August

10.00 – 11.30

11.30 – 1.00 1.00 – 2.00 2.00 – 3.30 3.30 – 5.00

Daily Totals

Wojtek Boden Helenka Boden
David Harris
David Harris
David Harris
Sat. 5th



Glyn Edmunds
    Liz Boden
    Wojtek Boden
Period Count          

Monday 7 August

Dave Abbott
Mike Hancock
Mon. 7th



Period Count          

Tuesday 8 August

Wojtek Boden Glyn Edmunds   Sheila Tester
Tues. 8th



Period Count          

Wednesday 9 August

Dave Abbott
    Wojtek Boden Weds. 9th



Liz Boden
Period Count          

Thursday 10 August

Wojtek Boden
      Mike Hancock Thurs. 10th



Period Count          

Friday 11 August

      Sheila Tester
Friday 11th



Period Count          

Saturday 12 August

Wojtek Boden
Liz Boden
Sat. 12th


  Vanessa Stern
Period Count          


            Any problems please contact: Wojtek Boden    Mobile: 07786 643641

Southern Counties Federation PDI League Event

We were delighted to welcome back Rosemary Wilman as our judge for the Southern Counties Photographic Federation PDI league event at the Club.  8 PDI photographs from each of 8 Clubs in Division 1 of the league were shown so the quality and range of work on display were very high.  Rosemary gave an insightful and informative analysis of each of the images explaining clearly what worked and where improvements could be made covering issues such as sharpness, light and shade, composition, colour balance, atmosphere and clarity of story.  All present gained valuable insights to be used in their own photography and Rosemary’s careful analyses and clarity of views were much appreciated by all.

First PDI Competition for Club and Intermediate members

Chris Neill-Griffin was our judge at last nights PDI Competition for Club and Intermediate members, overcoming another night of traffic chaos when entering Chichester from the west.  Chris is one of our regular judges well known for her ‘forensic’ style in picking up details which enhance or sometimes distract in the image.  She was very complementary on the standard of work produced in both categories and her careful analysis of images, clearly expressed and with considerable humour was appreciated by all.


Her comments incorporated best use of depth of field, image  balance, removing distractions and ensuring consistency of light and shadow across all parts of each scene.  In giving the Vote of Thanks Glyn Edmunds commented on Chris’s excellent rapport with her audience, her clarity of expression and the many practical examples of helpful suggestions to assist photographers with their development and improvement.  Particular congratulations go to George Sayer, Mark Stevens and Helenka Boden in the Club Class and Paul Williams, Justin Hadley  and Philip Acland in the Intermediate Class for scoring a perfect 10.

North Mundham Exhibition for Advanced Workers – January 2017

 Preparations are underway for our major exhibition for Advanced workers at North Mundham on 14th/15th January 2017.  For those wishing to exhibit prints, the application forms are now available via Iain McGowan.  In addition there is the opportunity for Advanced workers to show up to 6 PDIs without charge and the Selection Committee will use many of these images for inter- club competitions in 2017.
The Botallack Tin Mine by George Atkins
PDIs  should be sized at maximum 1920px by 1080px at 300 DPI in sRGB as they will be shown on the Club TV during the two days of the exhibition.  The closing date for PDI submissions is  9th December 2016 with no extensions allowed.  If you have any queries please contact Peter Rocchiccioli.