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Welcome to all our new members.  In an unavoidable change to the programme, the first round of the Small Print Competition will now be on 26 September.  Many apologies for that.

This competition is only open to Club Class members and it is really easy to enter.  There is no set theme.  All you have to do is to let me, or Guy Partington, have a maximum of three 7”x 5” (or smaller) unmounted prints by the deadline of 19 September so that they can be displayed (anonymously). 

The rules are quite simple:

Prints can be straight from the camera – you can print your own or have them done commercially;

a small amount of digital manipulation is allowed but only minimal cropping and the use of tools such as colour correction and exposure compensation (it didn’t mean anything to me when I first started either!);

please put your name and a title for the image on a small label on the reverse.

Three winners will be chosen and a brief feedback from the judges will be given.  These images will be held back for the final competition in March when the final 3 winners will be chosen.  Those 3 prints will be eligible for automatic entry into the Annual Exhibiiton in August and there is a small cup for the winner.

One word of warning, if you have a wonderful print that you think you would like to enter into the main club competition, then do not enter it into the Small Print Competition as an image can only be used once in any competition in the season.

This competition gives you a chance to measure your work against others in an anonymous setting, without marks or comments.  However, if you’d like feedback or advice, there are plenty of experts in the Club who will be willing, on the day, to have a chat.  (We’re all very happy to talk about photography). Just ask me or Guy and we’ll point you in the right direction.

Looking forward to seeing all your images soon.


Just a gentle reminder to all Club Class members that the next round of the Small Print competition will be on Thursday 8th November. So could I please have all entries by Thursday 1st November. Three unmounted images sized up to 7″ by 5″ with minimal cropping and minimal digital manipulation are all that is required, or even one or two if you are struggling to find anything suitable. There is no set subject.
I hope new members were able to see October’s entries which were on display in the small hall during the coffee break and that one or two more people will have been persuaded to enter this month. If you are still unsure of the rules and what is required then please feel to ask me or check the website. I look forward to seeing more of your images.
Cheryl Marshall