1st August EGM

The next scheduled meeting for the whole Club is at 7:30pm on Thursday 1st August at Tangmere for the Pre-Exhibition meeting – more details to follow. This will be combined with an Extraordinary General Meeting which will take up the first part of the evening.

The EGM is necessary because the Annual General Meeting last Thursday was not quorate so the key issues of a proposed change in the financial year and a proposed change in the deadline date for payment of subscriptions could not be approved. The meeting voted 49 to nil in favour of the 2 proposals but this cannot be confirmed and actioned without a quorum. Similarly, the election of Officers and Post Holders could not be ratified though those presently in post are carrying on regardless as we assume that is what the members would wish.

It is very important that we have a meeting with at least 51 attendees to make up a quorum to approve these matters so please make a SPECIAL EFFORT TO ATTEND ON 1ST AUGUST.

The Agenda and appropriate papers will be circulated to all members in early July

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