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Advance notice of the AGM:24th May

Do please note the date for the Club’s AGM which is 24th May.  Attendance at last year’s AGM was very disappointing, so poor in fact that we weren’t quorate and had to take special steps to ensure the Committee and Post Holders were properly appointed.

This is the only evening of the year that is devoted to Club business but we do run it in such a way that it is also an enjoyable social event and an important chance to recognise and thank those whose tireless work in the background makes all the many Club activities so successful.

Papers for the AGM will be sent out via the newsletter no later than 10th May – please download and print the papers in readiness for the meeting and read them in advance.  There will not be any copies available on the night.

Formal proposals, which must include named proposers and seconders and which includes Management and Selection Committees and Post Holder nominees, for the AGM’s consideration must be received by the Club’s Secretary, Tim Crabb, no later than the 3rd May.

I look forward to seeing you there!

Lorna Brown, Chair

Andrew Vance’s Reflections

April Print Group

Don’t forget Print Group on Tuesday10th April! As usual you are very welcome to bring along work in progress, work you would just like to share or images you’d like a second option on.  The Print Group is a really good place to chat about images, gain really helpful ideas and understanding about how images are judged in competitions.

And with the deadline for the Annual Exhibition only one month away, it’s a perfect place to start thinking about which images you might like to enter and how to show them to their best advantage.

The Print Group meets on the second Tuesday of every month in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre.  The cost is £3 for Club members and £4 for visitors.

Lynne Owen’s Face in the Window


How many senior moments I am allowed.

Only 2 glaring errors in the newsletter sent out earlier today:

a) date of Newsletter is 22nd March not 22nd April

b) Deadline date for next Club/Intermediate Print Comp is 12th April not 12th August.

I am sure everyone will have picked up on these errors so this is just belt and braces.

My excuse is that I was brought up in the age of Secretaries  – yes I really am that old!!


Print Panel Competition 5th April

All members may enter the Print Panel competition on 5th April as an open competition.  Each Panel must comprise between 3 and 6 separately mounted images with a common theme and brought in a plastic bag.  The Panel may be displayed on 1, 2 or 3 rows of a print stand for best effect as decided by the author and that layout should be shown in the printed hanging plan, with a title.  One copy of the plan to be on the inside of the bag and the other on the outside.

Panels should be brought on the night (5th April) and all will be judged but not marked.  At the end of the evening the judge will allocate a first, second and third place together with some certificates of merit.  The winning panel will be displayed at the Annual Exhibition in August

Thursday 15th March

If there was one piece of advice we should all take away from Andy Beel’s presentation last night it was, ‘Be your own photographer’. Andy was of course a very welcome late stand in for Richard Walton who was unable to join us due to ill health, and he was able to take up the planned theme of ‘Mostly Mono’ with his own very fine mostly black and white images.

Andy is well known for his mono work and also for his enthusiasm in encouraging others and sharing his skills and we enjoyed seeing his large scale work and the wealth of tips and suggestions he provided. His thinking about understanding your own ‘trends’ by analysing what and how you take pictures and – consequently – being able to change was interesting, and he demonstrated this by his habit of taking ‘left hand pictures’ (as in panels) and his need to make more right hands images!

He holds that there is good lighting somewhere, sometime in any day and he  couples this with Hugh Millsom’s advice of photographing during ‘gentlemanly hours’, for Andy is no early morning riser! 

He summed up his approach to printing as, ‘Brighten what you want people to look at, darken everything else – thank you and goodnight’, although in truth his very thorough approach to post-process planning (fully explained in his books) gives much more about how exactly to achieve the desired light and dark. A full evening with tips across the spectrum, from camera and lens use, right through to how the colour of the mount you chose can change the look of the print – and all put together at such short notice, for which we were very grateful.   Jan recommends you follow Andy’s blog, here is his post about West Sussex

Andy Beel

Don Baldwin news

Just a note about Don, who was much boosted by receiving the card from members the other week.

He is now at Bognor Hospital in Don Baines Ward  and is likely to be there for another week  or so.  Although the hip operation appears to have been successful Don is unable to walk around to exercise it as following the triple by-pass he is unable to put any strain on his arms. Helen tells us he is slowly making progress in the right direction but has really been through the mill.

Cards and messages from members would be very welcome  to encourage his recovery.

Don’s Helm on Deck 

Prints for St Wilfrid’s Hospice

We are planning to change our prints at the Hospice in the near future.  All who use the building are most appreciative
of our images.

The collection box for suitable prints will be available at the next few Thursday meetings.
We hope to collect forty or so pictures in order to make changes to the current display.
Thanking you in advance.
John Field           Hilary Featherstone


Caravaggio’s Artichokes © Lorna Brown

The PAGB Group will meet this coming Monday, 5th March. The meeting will take place at the usual venue, the small hall in the Tangmere Village Centre.

We will meet at 6.45pm for a prompt 7.00pm start. Please come at 6.45 to help set the room up.

The cost is £3 for club members and £4 for non members.

Please bring along your prints and PDIs for evaluation by the group.


We are. now coming to the end of our Salon Competition, just one salon left. Below please find the details of the final salon.

Cheltenham International Salon of Photography

 5 SECTIONS   This is a Digital Only Salon

Monochrome,  Colour,  Nature,   Creative,   Travel

Image Size 1900 (horizontal)  x 1200 (vertical)) pixels

sRGB Colour space.

 Cost One section £9

Two sections £12

Three section £15

Four sections £18

Five sections £21

Closes  Monday 2nd April

Results  24th April