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Uploading Exhibition Entries

Screen Shot 2016-03-06 at 13.15.18

When uploading PDIs for Tangmere Spring exhibition or the main summer exhibition (Prints or PDI) you now may optionally add in the location of the entry.

To specify the location you need to add it to the title field. In this example we assume the entry is called “A fine shot of the Cathedral” and it was taken in Chichester. So the title to be entered would be:

“A fine shot of the Cathedral@ Chichester”

In other words the location starts after the @ character. This is optional so if you don’t want to include a location just omit the @.

Enprint of the year Final

The final of the Enprint Competition was held last night, 3rd March.

Huge congratulations to Ed Feldmanis who swept the board with his three winning images.

1st place was “Cold Dawn”, 2nd “Reviving Past Glory” and 3rd “Wakehurst Water Gardens”.


Congratulations are also due to Mem Baybars, Terence Powling and Bill Harding who also had images in the final. Throughout the year nine different photographers took part in the competition, submitting a total of seventy five images, so a big thank you to all the people who took part.


SCPF Selected Images

It should be said from the selection committee that it was a fantastic response from the membership who had real difficulty in choosing the images, spoilt for choice hopefully the results will show that.

We will be posting latest standings inSCPF leagues soon.


Chichester Entry Form for SCPF Championships 2016 (PDIs) copy


Chichester Entry Form for SCPF Championships 2016 (Prints) SCPF copy



Chairmans Blog Tuesday 1st March


John Chamberlin gave us an amazing collections of images of landscapes and wildlife in his talk “Near and Far” from so many places he had visited in the last 2 years.  His enthusiasm and engagement was rewarded in the quality and beauty of his photographs.

This week we are looking forward to Ray Ackland’s second Black and White evening on Wednesday.  Thursday’s meeting, The SCPF PDI league competition  will give us a chance to see the images from clubs we are competing with in the league judged by Steve Smith FRPS,

Next week we have a PAGB group meeting on Monday the 7th and Print Group on Tuesday the 8th and on Wednesday a Portrait Worksop with Reg Wilson where all who come can take photographs.



Liz Boden

I called in to see Liz and Wojtek Boden on Friday to take Liz the flowers and card from the Club.  For those who haven’t yet heard, Liz had a stroke about two weeks ago.  As strokes go, this could have been much worse, she was in hospital only a short while, is home recuperating, has had no physical effects but – very cruelly for Liz – her speech is somewhat impaired and she tires very quickly.  Wojtek says she is a model patient and he’s making a fine nurse!  They were both very touched to hear from the Club and to know we are all wishing Liz a very swift and full recovery. We look forward to seeing them both back at the Club very soon.

Lorna Brown

Liz’s recent image  ‘Drumbeat’

The Richard Curtis Evening at the Digital Group 23rd February 2016

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 15.31.15

On 23rd February Richard Curtis made his long awaited return visit to the club Digital Group. The meeting was held in the main hall at Tangmere and was very well attended by club members supplemented by welcome visitors from  Bognor, Hayling and other local clubs.

Richard gave his usual “tour de force” performance covering a wide range of subjects and answering questions from the audience as the evening progressed. Amongst the subjects covered were the latest updates in both Lightroom and Photoshop CC. He also demonstrated workflow, moving between Lightroom and Photoshop using smart objects.

He also covered Lightroom mobile, manipulating images whilst on the mobile device and transferring the worked on images to Lightroom on iMac or PC.

In her vote of thanks, Lorna summed up the evening, vowing to rush home and start work whilst she could still remember some of the considerable amount of information Richard had given us.

Tutorials by Richard can be found on www,

Richard will also be heavily involved in the Adobe Theatre at the Photography Show at NEC from 19th to 22nd March. The programme for the Adobe Theatre was published  here on 26th January.

As a result of Richard’s visit we are actively considering taking some of the subjects he covered and perhaps with the help of his blogs deal with them more fully and at a more pedestrian pace.

John Larry – Salon successes

Congratulations are in order to John Larry who has achieved his 100th award on the international salon circuit!  That’s some achievement on John’s part, and – if memory serves – he’s got something like 1000 acceptances.  Those of us working towards our AFIAP and even EFIAP awards are in awe of John’s success rate and send him our warmest congratulations.

John Larry-Dawn in Africa-10

John Larry’s Dawn in Africa, which scored 10 in the 1st Advance PDI competition this year

Black and White Group meets for the first time

The new Black and White group met for the first time on Wednesday 17th February. The meeting was well attended and extra seating was brought in.

Group leader Ray Acland  ran through an outline programme for future group meetings  and expressed the hope that now the group had restarted it would be well supported.

Black and White images produced in the darkroom from film were the shown by Graham Sergeant and Dave Abbott showing the difference in print s which could be achieved by various developer and paper combinations. After the break John Howes and Ross Laney show recent digital Black and White images.

The next meeting will be on Wednesday 2nd March when George Atkins will demonstrate how to get the best Black and White rendition by first manipulating the colour file to maximum effect.