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DxO release Update to NIK Collection

DxO took over the NIK Collection from Google in October 2017 and have now released their first update called NIK Collection 2018. Sadly, it is no longer free [cost £39.99 if purchased before 1 July 2018].  However, DxO say that they have now made the software work with the latest Adobe CC Photoshop and Lightroom releases “The app is now completely compatible with Adobe Lightroom Classic CC, Photoshop CC 2018, and Photoshop Elements CC 2017/2018!” it is “now fully functional with the latest 64-bit version of Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X“.  Apparently lots of bugs have been squashed and the “Selective Brush tool is now fully operational, and you can modify filters and dynamic objects freely“. Please note that if you already use the Google version of NIK Collection and  have created presets and/or recipes then you should export these BEFORE installing the new version.  See further information on how to do this here or here.  I haven’t tried these yet so please do your own due diligence.  You can find DxO NIK Collection support pages here.

Club Members Published on RPS “In Focus Friday” Blog

2 of our club members have recently had interviews/articles posted on the RPS Documentary Group In Focus Friday.  Stephen Marsh has

Taken in Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom, Friday, 16/03/2018. Photo by: Richard Ryder

had his photo featuring the “Ann Summers” shop published here and Richard Ryder has also had his photo of “The Bognor Busker”  featured here – part of a photographic essay seen at the Spring Exhibition and panels competition evening earlier in the season.

Summer Photo Walks – Organisers Needed

Jan kicked off the summer photo walk with an entertaining, but challenging photo sprint around Chichester, the theme was to take images from a “Dogs eye view”. This theme was messaged to Jan on the night by a friend in Norway.

We had a good turn out with great images from our Club attendees, who walked off with all the honours.

We are not planning to run a walk next week as many people will be involved with the Exhibition Judging, but are looking for volunteers to organise walks through the summer. If you are interested please email me ( with your location and date you can do and we can take things from there.

We are hoping to get something organised for Thursday 14th June, so watch this space, like Dave below.

Photosprint Thursday 31st May “Through the eyes of a dog”

The Theme for the one and a half hours photo sprint was:

“Through the eyes of a dog, How a dog sees it”

We were 15 photographers and chased around Chichester and the subject stimulated a great range of images.  The evening finished in The Four Chesnuts”  The judging was done by Dave Abbott and Ghislaine Davis.

The winning image was taken by Zelinda de Cruz who won the bottle of wine prize.


The next best image was taken by Nicki Holden

The third best was by Richard Webb

Thursday 24th May – the AGM

I am very pleased to report that last night’s AGM was well attended and very productive, with the rather special interval for refreshments provide by ‘Cook’, who enticed us with curry tasters and a delicious dessert. Our hearty thanks to Carmel Lynch who arranged this treat with ‘Cook’.

Last night was the third AGM I have chaired – and also the last, having served as Chair for two years and Vice Chair before that.  I summarised to the AGM those four years, outlining a range of positive changes that the Management Committee has overseen. Much of that has been behind the scenes, such as the production of role guidance for all Committee posts and many Post Holders, to make clear what it is we expect of those who take on these roles. Especially, that has clarified where responsibility for the Club lies, for while we have no formal existence in law, we do not exist outside of the law, as you can see in the separate post regarding the Privacy Policy required of us under the new General Data Protection Regulations.

Some changes are more visible, not least the way we run the AGM itself, now with greater input from the many who have worked so hard to make the Club successful.  That includes the budgeting system David Harris, our excellent Treasurer, has established and reported on last night so that we can better predict that our finances are secure – so important last year when costs were running ahead of income and we were able to take steps to manage that.  

Other changes have been about our public face, with an updated Club logo, renewed Annual Exhibition Banner and much improved labelling for the exhibition. We have upgraded our equipment – the laptops, screens, sound system and importantly the much needed new projector, greatly assisted in that by Mike Hancock’s funding bid. A replacement second projector is on order, plus equipment to help record our Special Interest Groups to improve our online self-help tutorials.

Our competition rules have been revised, and Vanessa Stern’s efficiency as Membership Secretary enabled us to reduce the overly long waiting list, with a successful mentoring scheme for new Members also set up.  The website has been revamped, thanks to Jeff Owen, and is no longer dependent on one webmaster but can be kept up by a number of us. The Spring Exhibition, established in 2015 for our new and aspiring members, is now a firm fixture in the calendar, and we also introduced Little Christmas – the ladies celebration on Twelfth Night, very happily stolen from the Irish tradition.

I must thank Vanessa for her diligence as Membership Secretary, Linda Bullimore and Kim Tattersall for their contributions as Committee Members, and Mike Harris as Print Secretary, all of whom are stepping down now, although Linda and Mike Harris return in new roles. I must make a special mention of Dave Abbott, the longest serving of our Committee Members, ending his term of office this year, whose contribution to the Committee has been valued and to whom I must also add my personal thanks for his support to me, both as Chair and as a developing photographer.

Thanks are also due to Sheila Tester for SCPF representation and to Glyn Edmunds, for yet another year of first class programming, both of whom return next year. Thanks also to David Harris for his sterling work as Treasurer, and to Tim Crabb, our Secretary, both elected last year for two years. And of course especially to Mike Hancock for his enthusiasm as Vice Chair, his ready support to me and for his hard work in looking into the issues around our Club Class Members.

Our thanks are also due to our Post Holders who are standing down this year, to Linda for her excellent work as Small Print Secretary, to Cath Walter who has been our Publicity Secretary for many years and to Richard Smith who valiantly took on Regnum Crouch and Sussex Photographic Federation representation. Our grateful thanks to Jeff Owen, who stays on as PDI Competition Secretary, for all his hard work, including the major work on GDPR.  Thanks are also due to Phil Shaw, stepping in as Exhibition Secretary and to John Field and Hilary Featherstone who took over the External Exhibitions, and to Iain McGowan and Sarah Nichol for their work with the North Mundham and Spring Exhibitions. The amount of sheer graft that goes on behind the scenes isn’t always evident, which is to the credit of this dedicated band of volunteers, and which of course includes our highly regarded Special Interest Group leaders.

In terms of hard graft we must also recognise the Selection Committee, tasked with ensuring we do the very best we can while including the widest possible representation of Members’ work in external competitions. Their skill in doing this has retained our position in the top league for prints in the SCPF and returned us to first division for PDIs.  The Management and Selection Committees have worked closely together to try to make its working clearer. To that end we have published role guidance, introduced an appeals procedure for promotions, revised (and continue to revise) the assessment of new Members’ work and now quickly publish selected images and authors and the results of external competitions.  

Many of our Members also work towards accreditations, and this year John Howes and Margret Preece achieved their EFIAPs, and Glyn reached his EFIAP/gold. These are achieved by entering salons, and while many of our Members have had success in these exhibitions, the total successful entries are too great to mention in full, but Glyn achieved a gold medal at the London Salon and Ann McDonald won gold at Southampton.  Ann, who was elected to the prestigious London Salon this season, also won the only southern region award with a PAGB Gold Cup. Sheila Tester, who had many salon successes this year, also received an SCPF Roll of Honour. Sheila, Ann and Peter Rocchiccioli were all successful in the PAGB Masters of Print, and Peter secured his DPAGB, while Jeff Owen was awarded CPAGB. Andrew Vance was awarded an LRPS. On that very positive note the formal part of our AGM concluded, with outcome of the discussion regarding promotions and classifications reported on a separate post.

While I don’t fully step down as Chair until the opening of the Annual Exhibition, this is the last weekly newsletter post of the season, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support while I’ve been Chair and wish the new Committee and Post Holders every success.

Lorna Brown, Chair

Promotions and Classifications

At the Annual General Meeting on  24th May,  our President, John Bradshaw, led a discussion on issues relating mostly to our Club Class Members.  Mike Hancock, as Vice Chair, (and now incoming Chair) had ably led this work for us, and the conclusions presented last night had been considered and agreed by John; Ann McDonald, as Vice President; Lorna Brown, Chair; Peter Rocchiccioli, Chair of Selection Committee and Mike, and subsequently by both the Management and Selection Committees.

As John summarised, a meeting held with all Club Class Members in April 2018 had looked at why there were relatively low number of entries by Club Class Members into Club competitions;  issues of support available to them and matters of grading and promotion,  both internally or the new Members. This followed a very full response by those Members who had been invited to comment by email.

While there were many positives arising out of the responses and the meeting, it became clear that there were issues relating to lack of confidence, lack of technical knowledge, a desire for more specific support for new photographers  and a perception of a log jam in Club Class, as well as issues relating to initial classifications on joining the Club.  

To address these matters, is was agreed that: –

  • A Developer’s sub group will be set up specifically for Club Class Members, developed and delivered by those Members themselves, and co-ordinated by Mike Hancock. This group will only be open to Club Class Members.
  • Training material on the Club website will be reviewed and developed  to encourage Members to do more self-help with presenting and manipulating their images.
  • That in competitions for Club Class Members only, names will be announced only for those images held back by the judge.
  • That all new and existing members with evidence of photographic qualifications at the following levels or above: LRPS, CPAGB, AFIAP or a Degree in Photography will be placed into the Intermediate or Advanced Class, as determined by the Selection Committee.
  • That promotion from Club Class to Intermediate will be made easier with the Selection Committee looking favourably on those in Club Class submitting work to competitions regularly, so that more of those Members are promoted each year.
  • It was also noted that for those dissatisfied with their grading as an outcome of their competition entries in any programme year, there is a formal appeal procedure set out on the Website.
  • The criteria for promotion from Intermediate class to Advanced will remain as at present, that is only through assessment of work by the Selection Committee either in the initial classification on entering the Club or through performance in internal and external competitions and exhibitions.

The particular matter for discussion at the AGM was to consider the position for those Members who have been in Club Class for some time already and any newer Members joining the Club who do not achieve promotion for some time.  There was a very supportive debate, with a number of questions raised and it was agreed that: 

Existing members who have been in Club Class for 3 years or more and who wish to progress to the Intermediate Class will have the option of self-referral to Intermediate providing they have entered the main Club competitions during the previous year, irrespective of the marks obtained. 

New Members placed in Club Class who have not been promoted after three years may also self refer to Intermediate, as long as they have taken part in competitions during those three years, irrespective of the marks obtained.

While the expectation is that this means entering ALL competitions for the specified period – along with an encouragement to take part in the Spring Exhibition – the Selection Committee will consider mitigating factors if Members are unable to enter every competition.  Please also note that this does not means taking part in competitions is obligatory – from Club Class Members’ responses it was clear that some are very happy watching others progress but have no desire to do so themselves, and that will not change.

I would like to thank everyone for their positive response to this, and especially Mike Hancock for the work he undertook and the Selection Committee members for their sympathetic consideration of these issues.

Lorna Brown, Chair

Ken Worrall’s Permission to enter politely refused

Chichester Camera Club exhibition at the Novium Museum

I am delighted to be able to let you know that the Club has been invited to work with the Novium Museum – Chichester’s local museum – and holding an exhibition in the temporary gallery there between November and March.  That is a professional exhibition space and we will have full support and assistance from the museum staff, in curating and hanging the exhibition, which is part to mark the 125th anniversary of the Club this year. 

While this is rather early days, the overall plan is to exhibit some of our archive prints, our current  work and feature images inspired by Chichester District.  That is a wider area than the 10 miles of the Cross, so I would encourage you to get out over the summer and into the autumn to take images throughout the district.  That’s broadly from Selsey Bill up to just beyond Linchmere and from this side of Rowland’s Castle across to Wisborough Green.  There will be a selection process for the best and most wide-ranging of those images as the new season starts, and over the summer the Photocomp portal will be opened for you to upload your images.

As a taster the images below are a taster of the work from our archive and images inspired by Chichester district.  

Old Harry by Charlie Simcox, circa 1942
Some Enchanted Evening by Brian Southward (Boxgrove Priory and the Cross)The Sheep Judge by John Howes (Weald and Downland Museum)

For Goodness Sake Don’t Drop Your Keys by Ken Worrall (Bosham)

CCC Programme 2018/19

Date Event Judge / Speaker
6th The Joy of Seeing : Photography My Way Viveca Koh
13th Tides & Tempests, Coastal Photography Rachael Talibart
20th Nature Photography Ben Hall
27th A Feeling of Impressionism Steve Le Prevost
4th Negative Space and Photographic Chaos Leigh Preston
11th 1st Advanced PDI Roy Lambeth
18th 30 Years as a Fleet Street Stringer Andrew Hasson
25th 1st C/I PDI Paul Dunmall
1st An Evening with … Paul Sanders
8th 1st Advanced Print Jim Pascoe
15th The Experience of Creating Images Vanda Ralevska
22nd 1st C/I Print Sue Sibley
29th Under African Skies Phil Shaw
6th SCPF Prints (Div 1) Ken Scott
13th Xmas Bash Mike Hancock
3rd Photo Stories David Shaw
10th SCPF PDIs (Div 1) Walter Benzie
17th Ragbag & Tall Tales Rikki O’Neill
24th 2nd Advanced Print Tony Oliver
31st Chair’s Evening – Personal Reflections Mike Hancock
7th 2nd C/I Print Glyn Paton
14th Visions through a Viewfinder Roger Hance
21st 2nd Advanced PDI Andrew Mills
28th 2nd C/I PDI Rob de Ruiter
7th An Evening of A/V Carole Speight & Graham Sergeant
8th – 10th 33rd Arena Weekend Seminar         TBC N/A
14th Double Exposure Two Paula & Guy Davies
21st 3rd Advanced Print Chris Palmer
28th 3rd Advanced PDI Alison Cawley
31st Mothers’ Day N/A
4th Print Panels Paul Mitchell
11th Bristol International Pete Howell & Carol Sykes
18th 3rd C/I Print Caroline Colegate
19th -22nd Easter Weekend N/A
25th 3rd C/I PDI Paul Thackeray
2nd No Meeting (Elections) N/A
9th 2019  106th  Southampton International Sue Dunham
16th AGM N/A
23rd RPS Panels Graham, Iain, John & Janey