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Thursday 15th March

If there was one piece of advice we should all take away from Andy Beel’s presentation last night it was, ‘Be your own photographer’. Andy was of course a very welcome late stand in for Richard Walton who was unable to join us due to ill health, and he was able to take up the planned theme of ‘Mostly Mono’ with his own very fine mostly black and white images.

Andy is well known for his mono work and also for his enthusiasm in encouraging others and sharing his skills and we enjoyed seeing his large scale work and the wealth of tips and suggestions he provided. His thinking about understanding your own ‘trends’ by analysing what and how you take pictures and – consequently – being able to change was interesting, and he demonstrated this by his habit of taking ‘left hand pictures’ (as in panels) and his need to make more right hands images!

He holds that there is good lighting somewhere, sometime in any day and he  couples this with Hugh Millsom’s advice of photographing during ‘gentlemanly hours’, for Andy is no early morning riser! 

He summed up his approach to printing as, ‘Brighten what you want people to look at, darken everything else – thank you and goodnight’, although in truth his very thorough approach to post-process planning (fully explained in his books) gives much more about how exactly to achieve the desired light and dark. A full evening with tips across the spectrum, from camera and lens use, right through to how the colour of the mount you chose can change the look of the print – and all put together at such short notice, for which we were very grateful.

Andy Beel

Small Print of the Year Winners

Following close scrutiny by the Selection Committee, Guy Partington’s image “Harriet” was judged to be the overall winner of the Small Print Competition for this season. Guy was a well deserved winner having entered every competition this year despite being away for a long period. Seven of his images featured in the final fifteen and he also achieved a third place position with “Maori Greeting”.

In second place was Gary Howes’ image “Eagle Eye” and he also achieved a Highly Commended for “Kingfisher”. Gary is a new member this year so I am sure he will continue to feature in next season’s competition. Mike Busby and Simon Jones, also new members, are to be congratulated for having photos selected for the final fifteen.

Thanks are also due to all the other photographers who entered the competition during the year, namely: Nikki Holden, Lynn Painter, Jo Tricklebank, Stuart Whyte, Tim Crabb and Stuart Heir.

Let’s continue to make this a keenly fought competition next year. 

Don Baldwin news

Just a note about Don, who was much boosted by receiving the card from members the other week.

He is now at Bognor Hospital in Don Baines Ward  and is likely to be there for another week  or so.  Although the hip operation appears to have been successful Don is unable to walk around to exercise it as following the triple by-pass he is unable to put any strain on his arms. Helen tells us he is slowly making progress in the right direction but has really been through the mill.

Cards and messages from members would be very welcome  to encourage his recovery.

Don’s Helm on Deck 

Spring Exhibition.

There are still a few boards available!  Also those who have registered please remember that 29th March is only 2 weeks away when you should have

  1.  Sent your personal statement to Cheryl Marshall.
  2. Provided Sarah Nichol with a hard copy  of your hanging plan
  3. Uploaded Pdis for the exhibition in the usual way. They need to be sized 1980 by 1020

If you need any help with any of this please ask any of us.

Also a reminder that we hope to have cards for sale over the weekend!

Sarah Nichol

Fact Not Fiction Films short film ‘Ellston Bay’ to screen at BFI IMAX London

Fact Not Fiction Films has confirmed that their short film ‘Ellston Bay’, directed by Nicholas Eriksson, has now completed post production and will have a private screening for media and investors on Saturday 14th April 2018 at the BFI IMAX
Fact Not Fiction Films highly ambitious large-format short film ‘Ellston Bay’, is an ambitious short film thriller, set against the backdrop of the red Jurassic cliffs of Budleigh Salterton, in Devon, England. The film was supported by Kodak Motion Picture Film, and filmed in the summer of 2016.

Nicholas Eriksen is one of our featured speakers and is a Cinematographer!


For further information please visit

Janey Devine – Multimedia Group – Wednesday March 28th 2018

For this month’s meeting we are pleased to welcome the highly talented Janey Devine FRPS. Janey is well known for her unique artistic style and recently for her documentary work (Janey leads the RPS SE Documentary Group) and as a member of the Focus group ( Focus Group Web Site) and Arena (ArenaWeb Site), her own web site is here.  She uses many types of media to publish her work, including books, films and AVs.

As promised, this meeting will have an Apple Mac bias. In the first half Janey will show how to use Final Cut Pro and then after the interval she will show some examples of her work, each illustrating some of the elements touched on in the first half.

Janey is a prolific generator of books and will bring examples along with her.

Please bring along examples of your work, or work in progress. As time permits we will look at work just before and after the interval.


More salon successes for the pagb group at the Southampton International Exhibition of Photography.

Once again the PAGB Group excelled at this salon.

Seven members of the group entered and between them achieved 28 acceptances and three awards. It is a great achievement to gain acceptances and awards in this prestigious FIAP & PSA international Salon.

Congratulations to…

Mike Davison,

Lorna Brown

Sheila Tester

Sue Nash

John Howes

Ann McDonald

Mycena with Gossamer Thread © Sheila Tester which won an award.

Resting © Ann McDonad which won an award.

Salon Successes for pagb group members at the Bristol international Salon of Photography

Congratulations to ROSS LANEY who gained three awards at the Bristol Salon.

The following members of the PAGB Group entered the Bristol Salon and between them got 17 Acceptances. It is a great achievement to gain acceptances and awards in this FIAP and PSA recognised salon.

Mike Davison

Sheila Tester

Lorna Brown

Peter Rocchiccioli

Ross Laney

Penniless © Ross Laney which was Highly Commended in the Bristol Salon.