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Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 28th March

The Digital Group will meet in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 28th March at 7.30.

For the first part of the meeting Jeff Owen will talk about and demonstrate alternatives to the Adobe image processing programmes such as RAW Therapee, Dark Table, Light Zone and GIMP.

During the second part of the evening Keith Sawyer will give a tutorial using one of his very successful composite images. It could be he will show you how he constructed The Snow Fairy or even the Darlek Bishop.

It should be a very good evening. Members £3.00, visitors £4.00

Digital Group Tuesday 28th February

The Digital Group will meet in the small hall at the Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 28th February at 7.30.

In the first half of the evening Sheila Tester will give tutorials on “Avoiding Halo’s with Unsharp Mask” and “Making a Hanging Plan in Lightroom”. After the break Ross Laney will demonstrate the production of one of his award winning images from capture to final image.

It promises to be a n informative and enjoyable  evening. Members £3, Visitors £4.

The Latest Tip from Glyn Dewis


Here is the latest tipfrom Glyn Dewis

Updates to Photoshop are great, but…
Creative Cloud means updates appearing on a regular basis and although we all like to see updates and enhancements, sometimes there are things we wish were left well alone.

For me one of the recent changes I’m not too keen on is the ‘New Document’ interface…I just prefer the older version so much more…
Photoshop Preferences Panel
Thankfully we can still use the old version and it’s very easy to bring it back.

1) Go to Photoshop Preferences (in Mac, Photoshop > Preferences)
2) Tick the Use Legacy ‘New Document’ Interface checkbox.

Job Done!

Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 24th January

The next meeting of the Digital group will take place on Tuesday 24th January in the small hall of the Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30. Members £3.00, Visitors (very welcome) £4.00

For the first half of the evening Ken Worrall will give a tutorial on understanding Histograms and Curves. Ken is a new member of the club and we look forward to his contribution to our evening.

After the break we have great pleasure in welcoming back to the Digital Group Ann McDonald. This will be the second tutorial in the series where we ask one of the highly skilled members of the club to demonstrate how they developed on of their successful images from viewfinder to award winning image.

Ann is an excellent communicator and all those who admired her images of Japanese fishermen at the North Mundham Exhibition will have the chance to see just how she made them.

An evening not to be missed.