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Nik Software

Nik Software

 Over the years many club members have successfully used Googles Nik Software for imaging purposes.

For the past year the software has been free on the Google website and recently there have been rumours that it will be removed and no longer be available.

My Nik software has suddenly stopped working, every time I try to log into it with an image the software throws it out along with either Photoshop or Lightroom putting me back into Bridge.  The reason for this is because Mac, Microsoft and Adobe have improved their software which now makes Nik unusable.  There is no fix nor will there be for this problem.  If your version is still working then be extremely careful if you decide to update with any of the above because you will lose Nik.

Hope this will be of information to members.  Ray Acland

Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 23rd May

The Digital Group will meet of Tuesday 23rd May in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30.

There will be a tutorial on the subject of HDR by Phil Shaw FRPS. Phil will demonstrate the differences between various commercially available HDR programmes including a French programme unknown to many of us.

After the break we will spend a short time reviewing the past season and looking forward to a new one in September.

Digital Group Tuesday 25th April

The Digital Group will meet in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 25th April at 7.30

In the first half of the evening Jan Davis will be talking about some of the books he has made and promoting them as an ideal way of collecting your images together to tell a story which is easily accessible to friends and family. Jan has experience with a number of publishers and will prompt you to get started.

After the break Sheila Tester will give a tutorial on the use of Blend Modes. This has been requested by a number of you so come along and learn how they might help you post processing.

New Blog from Glyn Dewis

There is a new blog from Glyn Dewis which can be found at https://www,glyndewis com

In addition to a number of new pieces which include two boy evacuees at a railway station (sounds interesting John!) he gives details of a seminar he is giving on Saturday 13th May at Herne Farm Leisure Centre, Petersfield, GU31 4PJ.

This has been organised by the Petersfield Photographic Society and appears to cover various types of lighting according to subject. Having spent a day listerning to Glyn at a meeting in Ringwood before Christmas I am confident this will be a seminar well worth attending.

Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 28th March

The Digital Group will meet in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 28th March at 7.30.

For the first part of the meeting Jeff Owen will talk about and demonstrate alternatives to the Adobe image processing programmes such as RAW Therapee, Dark Table, Light Zone and GIMP.

During the second part of the evening Keith Sawyer will give a tutorial using one of his very successful composite images. It could be he will show you how he constructed The Snow Fairy or even the Darlek Bishop.

It should be a very good evening. Members £3.00, visitors £4.00