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Honours received by members

EDINBURGH International Salon of Photography successes for pagb members

Once again the PAGB group has fared very well in this salon. Sheila Tester has received an RPS Gold Medal and two more members, Lorna Brown and Ann McDonald had images accepted. Congratulations to all!

Church at Vik © Sheila Tester which won a RPS Gold Medal at the Edinburgh Salon of Photography

Wisteria © Lorna Brown which was accepted at the Edinburgh Salon of Photography

Gannets Sky Pointing © Ann McDonald, accepted at the Edinburgh Salon of Photography


Dead Vlei © Glyn Edmunds

I’m delighted to announce that three club members have been awarded FIAP Distinctions  this week.

John Howes EFIAP

Margret Preece EFIAP

Glyn Edmund EFIAP/gold

These are highly prized and difficult to achieve distinctions and are a reflection of the very high quality images produced on a regular basis by John, Margret and Glyn. Congratulations to all for a wonderful achievement.

Waiting for the Train © John Howes

Meeting Point © Margret Preece

Janey Devine joins ARENA!


I’m delighted to announce that our resident advisor at the PAGB Group, Janey Devine, has been elected a member of The Arena Group of Photographers, one of the UK’s most prestigious, invitation only Photography Groups. This is an indication of the high esteem in which Janey’s photography is held, not only in our area but also throughout the UK.

Janey has a very unique vision and style and we are very privileged to have her as a regular advisor at our PAGB Group meetings.

Congratulations Janey!

London Salon of Photography successes for the club

London Salon Successes for PAGB group members. 

Congratulations to Peter Rocchiccioli who had an image accepted at the The London Salon of Photography. This is Peter’s second time having an acceptance at this salon, where only a very tiny proportion of the submitted images are accepted for exhibition.

Taqua © Peter Rocchiccioli, accepted at The London Salon of  Photography.

This year members of the PAGB group excelled themselves  with a total of three acceptances at the London Salon with one member of the group awarded a London Salon Medal.

The Scottish Salon of Photography Successes for the club.

The Scottish International Salon of Photography successes for PAGB Group members.

Once again the group has fared very well in this salon. Sheila Tester has received two awards and had nine acceptances. In addition several other members of the group have been successful in having images accepted, including Mike Davison whose image is pictured below along with one of Sheila’s images. Congratulations to all!

Lotus Temple, Delhi © Mike Davison, accepted at The Scottish Salon


Isolated Shed, Poland © Sheila Tester, accepted at The Scottish Salon


more pagb distinction successes for the club.


I’m delighted to announce that there were four more distinctions for the club at the PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit Adjudication in Croyden this weekend. Four members of the PAGB group were successful in gaining their PAGB Awards.

Congratulations to (from left to right)

 Frank Adams CPAGB,   Lynne Owen CPAGB,  Keith Sawyer CPAGB, Ross Laney DPAGB

These are very highly desired distinctions and very difficult to achieve indeed,  requiring a very high standard of photography. Congratulations to all of these talented photographers. Below are some sample images from their successful panels.

The Midas Touch © Ross Laney DPAGB

Cornered © Lynne Owen CPAGB

Machine Man © Keith Sawyer CPAGB

Lindisfarne Castle © Frank Adams CPAGB

Well done Ross, Lynne, Keith and Frank!


Last night we were treated to a visual feast. Pete Howell and Carol Sykes traveled from Bristol to present a superb selection of the images accepted and awarded in this year’s Bristol Salon of Photography, one of the most prestigious of the international photographic exhibitions. We were delighted to see that several of the images shown came from our own club. This year Lorna Brown, Keith Sawyer, Mike Davison, Jean Brooks, Sheila Tester and Ann McDonald were amongst those who had images accepted in this exhibition. Congratulations to all!

Family of Mycena SP © Sheila Tester which was featured amongst the images shown at last night’s Briston Salon PDI Show.