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2nd Advanced Print Competition

Here are the scores:

First Name Last Name Title Score
Ray Acland Abandoned 8
Ray Acland Reminiscing 7.5
Ray Acland Bow-Fiddle-Rock 9.5
Frank Adams Rain Clearing Inch Strand 7.5
Frank Adams Serpentine River 8
Frank Adams Madonna Arundel Cathedrial 7
Don Baldwin Touch of the Blues 5.5
Don Baldwin The Sawyer 7
Don Baldwin Dianne 2 7
Jonathan Barham The View Remains 8.5
Jonathan Barham Goose in a Spin 7.5
Jonathan Barham Sand and Feather 8
Lorna Brown The King’s Shilling 10
Lorna Brown Across Dingle Bay 8
Lorna Brown Chrysanthemum 8
Michael Davison Keep Up ! 9
Michael Davison Birdman 9.5
Michael Davison Memory Lane 7.5
Andy Dulson Racing to Win 7.5
Andy Dulson Richard 8.5
Andy Dulson Handout 8
Ronnie Hall Silver Birch in Sun 8.5
Ronnie Hall Rodrigo Sanchez 8
Ronnie Hall A Pair of Pumpkins 9
David Harris Blue-Tailed Damselfly 9.5
David Harris Textured Clematis 7
David Harris Hares-Tail Seed Head 8.5
Ross Laney When the Boat Comes in 7.5
Ross Laney A Suitcase of Memories 8
Ross Laney The Midas Touch 10
Jeff Owen Eau 6.5
Jeff Owen Concentration 7.5
Jeff Owen Mosely the Fisherman 8
Lynne Owen Palm Leaf 8.5
Lynne Owen Speechless 7
Lynne Owen The Picture Window 7.5
Peter Rocchiccioli Power & Wealth 10
Peter Rocchiccioli Green for Go 8
Peter Rocchiccioli Health & Safety 8.5
Keith Sawyer The Plan 8.5
Keith Sawyer Tango 8.5
Keith Sawyer The Inner Life 7.5
Ken Stanhope Take Off 8
Ken Stanhope Icelandic Splendour 8.5
Ken Stanhope Voles Beware 9.5
Sheila Tester A Group of Mycena with Spider 9
Sheila Tester Skirting the Discussion 7.5
Sheila Tester Fungi Emerging from Fallen Tree 8

This Thursday is Deadline for 2nd Beginners and Intermediate Print Competition

This Thursday the 14th January is the deadline for the 2nd Beginners and Intermediate Print Competition.


Here are a few tips that should be noted, if you need help or have any questions just contact anyone in the club or use the feedback box below this post.

Upload instructions

Here are relevant extracts from the completion rules in the members Handbook on this link  Members Handbook:

4 Not more than three prints may be entered in any one competition. Entered prints should be consecutively numbered to show the entrant’s preferred sequence of selection for competition since acceptance of all prints submitted cannot be guaranteed.

Check that the PDI versions of your image are sRGB colour space and the cropping is the same as the print.  Also follow these guidelines that are for PDI club competitions.

2  Image file requirements:

  1. a) The maximum size of the image is 1400 pixels horizontal by 1050 pixels vertical, this is resolution of the projector so these dimensions will give optimum viewing
    b) Images should be in JPEG format (maximum quality) and each file must have a jpg extension.c) The working colour space should be sRGB. Images with missing or incorrect working space will be automatically converted to the correct working space but if this needs to be done no responsibility for any resulting colour changes can be accepted by the competition secretary.

SCPF Awards for The Club, George Atkins and Keith Sawyer

Friday night grand opening of The Southern Counties Photographic Federation exhibition and awards presentation.

Presentations by Tony Oliver SCPF President.

Peter Rocchiccioli receiving certificate for the Club second position in the PDIs

George Atkins getting his Silver medal for second place in the print section.

3T3A9957 copy

Keith Sawyer gained a certificate for his ‘Mind Games’ as Highly Commended PDI.

Well done

4th Round Of the Enprint Competition Coming Up Soon

For those of you who missed the earlier post, this is a reminder that the next round of the Enprint Competition will be judged on Thursday January 21st.

There is no set theme for this round and entries need to be with me by the previous week (14th January). Apologies that this is the same deadline date as the main print competition.

As usual prints need to be between 4″ x 6″ and 5″ x 7″ with minimal cropping and minimal digital manipulation. You may print your own or have them commercially processed. I look forward to seeing some  excellent images as usual.

The final round will be judged on 25th February and all the winning entries from the previous rounds will be judged on 10th March to find the final three winning images to go into the Annual Exhibition and to find the overall winner of the Enprint cup. So you only have two more rounds to have a chance of being selected ……….!

3rd Enprint Competition Results

With only 3 people entering this round of the competition it seems that either the constraints of a theme or the run up to Christmas have meant that this was not a popular round. For the next round we shall therefore have an open category entry format and perhaps try a theme again for the final round.
From the excellent images that were submitted for the 1st Beginners’ print competition I can see that some of you might no longer feel that the Enprint competition is appropriate as you have progressed beyond it, but do remember that all Beginners can enter and if you are one of the final winners then there is a cup to be awarded and an automatic entry into the Annual Summer Exhibition. So well worthwhile in the end.
On Thursday I shall be displaying the winning images from all the rounds and you will be able to collect any other prints that you have submitted.
The 4th round will be judged on 21st January, with submissions by 14th January please. So do get out and about over the Christmas break so that we can have a good selection to choose from.
Whilst written feedback is given by the selection committee for the the 3 winners, I do know that some of you would like feedback as to why your images were unsuccessful. As I have said previously at the meetings, the committee are always willing to give feedback if they are asked and I can point you in their direction if you ask me, or in fact direct you to other advanced workers who are always available to help when needed. I do pass on any verbal comments that may have been made, and some people have already benefitted from feedback when they have asked. I would encourage you to get some feedback as everyone is more than willing to assist and to help you and the club improve.
So finally the results:
1st Ed Feldmanis, 2nd Ed Feldmanis , 3rd Mem Baybars . Their images can be viewed on Thursday evening.

1st Intermediate Print Competition 2015-16

The scores from the competition held on 10th December 2015 are as follows:

First Name Last Name Title Score
Angela Acland Snowtime 9.5
Angela Acland Dual Flight 7
Angela Acland Croatian Sunset 8
Joan Barham Bridge over the Dordogne 8.5
Joan Barham Waiting for a Bite 10
Joan Barham A Left Boot 8.5
Linda Bullimore Waiting …… 8.5
Linda Bullimore Three Apples and a Plate from Paper Negative 10
Linda Bullimore Plant Patterns in the Sand 8
Jan Davis First Snow Nova Scotia 10
Jan Davis Icelandic Energy 8
Jan Davis Blonde Melissa 7.5
John Dean Reflection 7.5
John Dean Sloop 8.5
John Dean Calm Evening 7.5
David Donati Autumn Colours 9.5
David Donati Sheep at Chanctonbury 2 10
David Donati Silence 7.5
Hilary Featherstone Waiting for the Tide 8.5
Hilary Featherstone Catching Bubbles 9
Hilary Featherstone I Do Love You 7
Mike Hancock Yarra Bridge Reflections 9
Mike Hancock Rakov River 8.5
Mike Hancock Rising Mist at Jasna Lake 10
Jean Henwood Alert 7.5
Jean Henwood Peyto Lake 8
Jean Henwood Arundle Castle 8.5
Sue Nash Walk on the Beach 10
Sue Nash Ponte Vecchio 9
Sue Nash Autumn Mists, Arundel 8.5
Sarah Nichol Three Cliffs Bay 8.5
Sarah Nichol What’s in Your Dna 7
Sarah Nichol The Italian Chapel 8.5
Roy Page Sunset -Lake 9
Roy Page Silhouette-Walk-1 9.5
Roy Page Deco-Days 9.5
Vanessa Stern A Spectacular Sight 8.5
Vanessa Stern Inclement Weather! 8
Vanessa Stern Work in Progress 8
Tony Street Fantasy Tornado 8.5
Tony Street Stylised Image of Boat 10
Tony Street Bognor Carnival 7
Stephen Tattersall Descending Leopard in Moremi 9.5
Stephen Tattersall Indian Eagle Owl in Flight 8.5
Stephen Tattersall The Home Straight at Goodwood 7.5
Cath Walter Simply Fruit 7.5
Cath Walter Iona Abbey 7.5
Susan Watts Cornflower 8
Susan Watts Almshouse of Noble Poverty St. John Cross 8.5
Susan Watts Wet Feet 8.5
Paul Williams Dragonfly 8.5
Paul Williams Anna 8.5
Paul Williams Hurricane over Goodwood 8.5
Mick Wills Fallow Deer 8
Mick Wills Flying Biker 9
Mick Wills Castle Cove 8.5

1st Beginner Print Competition

The scores from the competition held on 10th December 2015 were:

First Name Last Name Title Score
Mem Baybars Watchful Eyes 8.5
Mem Baybars Magic of the Sea 7
Mem Baybars Fading Glory 7
Wojtek Boden DSC2858 Cooling Off 9.5
Wojtek Boden DSC01937 Night Train 10
Wojtek Boden P5303609 Queenie on the Mountain 8.5
Edgar Feldmanis Gateway to the Brooks 8
Edgar Feldmanis Sunrise 10
Edgar Feldmanis Swan Reflections 8.5
Justin Hadley No Fishing Today 9
Justin Hadley Time to Go 7.5
Justin Hadley View to Kingswear 7.5
Caroline Marshall Sunny Brushstroke on Meadows 8.5
Caroline Marshall Kerry Gold 8
Caroline Marshall Room for Improvement 10
Corinne Noyalet And the Train Goes by 8.5
Corinne Noyalet Going Down the Rock 8
Corinne Noyalet Flower in the Vase 8
Terence Powling Time Piece 9
Terence Powling Quiet Piazza (Venice) 9.5
Terence Powling Neon Afterimage 9.5


3rd Enprint Competition Deadline

Just a brief reminder that the deadline for entries to the next round of the Enprint Competition is this Thursday December 3rd 2015. The theme is “The British City” and images will be judged on December 10th. If you could let me have prints as soon as possible before the start of the meeting then perhaps we can all look at them in the refreshment break.


For another chance to shine please remember that the next round of the Enprint competition will be judged on December 10th. This time there will be a theme of ‘THE BRITISH CITY’ but it can be interpreted fairly broadly, for example architecture, shops, people or events in the city etc. The city can be Chichester or London or any other location as long as it can clearly be seen to be an urban environment. So no landscapes, pets, foreign parts or wildlife this time please. All images should be given to Linda Bullimore by 3rd December – sorry about the lack of time but we really wanted to get one more competition in before Christmas. Remember that this will be judged on the same day as the next Beg/Int competition so please be sure that you don’t duplicate entries if you intend to enter the main competition as well. So ‘happy snapping’ while you do the Christmas shopping and good luck.