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Thursday 19th October

Brian Pettit was an entertaining and engaging speaker last night, with his presentation of the Wildlife of France and Spain.  Brian’s a prolific photographer, with that underlying respect for his subject matter that marks out the best of wildlife photographers, coupled with an acute awareness of the the need to sensitivity to the environment.

Ably assisted by Tim, his presentation gave us a wide-ranging overview of the South of France and into Spain.  The gardeners among us particularly enjoyed the sections on flora, especially the many native narcissus.  We might think of the daffodil as a British flower but seeing varieties of the species growing in profusion in alpine areas was a reminder that they are native to North Africa and  southern Europe, and, as Brian demonstrated, have a major stronghold in the Iberian peninsular.

Pride of place however, went to the native animals and birds – and it was encouraging to the aspiring nature photographers that Brian and Tim were very willing to also show the near misses, such as the photograph of Tim, well camouflaged and waiting for an owl to fly into shot, which, missing its cue, sat instead on the fence beside him! A very entertaining evening, coupled with some very serious messages about environmentalism, including the controversial – and to us – barbaric, force feeding and eating entire of the ortolan song bird, traditionally done under cover of a head covering napkin to avoid the eyes of God. All in all, a very accomplished, knowledgeable speaker with a wealth of information and images.

Don’t forget that the deadline for the 1st Advanced Print Competition is next Thursday, 26th October!

Keith Sawyer’s Tin Man, one of last year’s competition entries




Thursday 12th October

It was the first of the competition rounds last night, with the first Advanced PDI Competition and Roy Lambeth as our judge.  It’s always a great pleasure to have Roy, and his lovely wife Lynne, join us as they are both good friends to the Club.

Roy is a distinguished photographer, holds his AFIAP (that’s Ariste level with the Federation Internationale de L’Art Photographique) and his DPAGB (Distinction level with the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain) and last year was also awarded his APAGB which is the award for meritorious service to photography at all levels, from clubs through to the national levels.  

He’s a very able judge, with a very acute eye and lots of good advice on how the best can be got from our image files.  All of us will have learnt something from last night’s session.  

Jeff Owen once again came up trumps with getting the scores onto the website  before midnight last night and you will see Mike Davison tops the chart with John Howes and Keith Sawyer in joint second place and then five of us in joint third.  With currently only two rounds in the PDI competitions, we are already half way through and at the AGM last year there was a discussion about bringing PDI competitions into line with the three Print Competition.  This was very positively received and so next season (that’s 2018 – 2019) we will be trialling three rounds.

Last night should have been the deadline for the first Club Class and Intermediate PDI Competitons, but there was a technical glitch during the day and so Jeff has kept the portal open for a while longer and we hope that having seen a competition, new Members will be encouraged to take part. On which, the first Advanced Print Competition is now open for entries (deadline 26th October).

We were pleased to see Keith Sawyer receive his CPAGB (that’s Credit Level) from Peter Rocchiccioli (wearing his Southern Counties Photographic Federation President’s hat ) and Tony Baverstock receive his medal from the Sussex Photographic Federation (SxPF) Print Competition held last season.

The first Small Print Competition was also judged last night, and congratulations are due to Gary Howes who took first and third place and to Guy Partington, who came second.  You can see more about that on the separate post.

The images scoring 10 points in the first Advanced PDI Competition

Mike Davison’s Misty Morning, Lorna Brown’s Stradbally Strand Andy Dulson’s Silver Medal Winner Phil Shaw’s Tiger Portrait Peter Rocchiccioli’s Tango at San Telmo


Thursday 5th October

Our season continued in grand form last evening with Pete Whieldon and Animal Night,  yet another superb evening with yet another different take on photography.  Pete’s enthusiasm, his commitment and his absolute love of and respect for his subject matter simply shone out as he took us around the world with images that included bears, puffins, wolves, gannets, pumas and of course his beloved owls, two of whom accompanied him and sat observing us all evening – to our great delight.

Pete’s tales of his visits, mostly to the world’s colder regions, and his exploits were captivating – and indeed hair raising.  No need to worry, he told us, if a bear brushes past you, or you’re swimming without a cage with sharks, as long as you respect them, you’ll be fine.  This is a man whose dedication to his art has caused him to have specialist eye surgery to replace his lenses so that he doesn’t have the fogged up glasses problem in cold weather!

A number of our members know Pete and his workshops that are run from his Hampshire Hides, and he engaged us with a series of images from there of water voles, kingfishers, garden birds, harvest mice and – pride of place – the owls.  As David Harris said in his vote of thanks, he’d recently seen a flash of electric blue as a kingfisher sped over water and David had thought, even Pete Whieldon couldn’t have caught that.  After last evening’s showing, David wasn’t so sure!

We also managed to catch up with Ann McDonald who, very unusually, had not been with us at the Annual Exhibition Preview.  it was a great pleasure to present Ann with the Wilson Dent Cup for the Best Advanced Print and, by Members’ popular vote, the Coath Cup for Best Photographer.

Club Class and Intermediate members are reminded that the deadline for submitting PDIs for the first competition round is next Thursday, 12th October. And all members are reminded that any orders for Nomad Print boxes need to be with John Howes by the end of next Thursday session.

Lorna Brown, CCC Chair

Jean Brooks’s Three Sighted Mice , which was the cover image for the 2016 Annual Exhibition catalogue,was taken at Pete Whieldon’s Hampshire Hides base

Request for Prints for St Wilfrid’s Hospice Display

John Field has kindly volunteered with Hilary Featherstone to look after external exhibitions.  The Club mounts a permanent exhibition at St Wilfrid’s Hospice, changed 2 or 3 times a year, which is much appreciated by the residents at a particularly difficult time of their lives.  We would like to provide a new display in October and to that end John is requesting members to bring prints for consideration.  A box will be put out at the next 3 Camera Club meetings on Thursdays so please bring a selection of images in the usual 50 x 40cm mounts.  We need at least 40 prints from which a selection of around 30 will be made.

Sheila Tester’s Gannet Feeding Young


Graham Gets Gold – again!

I’m thrilled to be able to report that Graham Sergeant, our Audio Visual (AV) guru has won gold yet again for Beeswing.  Following his success last year winning  the Royal Photographic Society’s (RPS) Gold Medal at the RPS International AV Festival and becoming the first Brit to win the prestigious gold medal, Trophee de Paris, the Grand Prix from the Federation Photographique de France (ie the equivalent of our PAGB), Graham has now scored gold by winning the 2017 RPS Audiovisual Championships.

Many of us know Beeswing, the evocative and touching story of Lisa, a young homeless woman in Brighton that Graham tells through his AV with such power and humanity.  For anyone who has yet to see the work, we might – if we ask him nicely – persuade him to include Beeswing  in the PDI showings at North Mundham in the New Year. Many congratulations Graham!

Graham Sergeant with John Bradshaw, Club President, at the Annual Exhibition Preview when Graham was awarded Life Membership of the Club


Thursday 28th September

It was a packed house that welcomed Viveca Koh back to the Club last evening for her third visit to us, and once again her creativity, artist’s eye, range and technical virtuosity were very much to the fore.  On previous visits, Viveca had shared with us her photographic journey, through her Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society (LRPS), her Associateship and Fellowship and we have seen her complex layering of textures and thought provoking Urbex which featured dilapidated derelict asylum buildings and the remarkable fine art work she achieved using her iPhone.

 It was good to see Viveca’s mono work, mostly from Venice and her ongoing development of techniques, including a wetplate facsimile using a program from the Nic Suite and her post card project.  Few of us who might use our iPhones cameras on a pretty regular basis come anywhere close to understanding the variety – and indeed the quality – of techniques we could aspire to, and it was thought provoking to see what Viveca achieves.  I certainly came away with a few ideas to follow up, and as ever, Viveca was very ready to share her technical knowledge.  Her website is really informative, full of helpful notes on different processes, do have a look at 

I’m pleased to say we’ll see Viveca again in 2018 – and with nearly 2,000 on her Flikr pages, there will be much more to make us think and to inspire us.

There was a reminder from John Howes about ordering Nomad boxes through him (see separate post for details) and from John Field about prints for the Hospice (also detailed on a separate post).  Jeff Owen also told us that he will kick start a few photo walks – informal get togethers to just get out and about with our cameras, a chance perhaps to put into practice some of the techniques Viveca had demonstrated.  Watch out for more information!

We also caught up with Paul Williams who was presented with the Sutherland Cup for winning the Intermediate PDI League last year. 

Paul’s portrait of Amber 



We were treated to three very different presentations from members of the HIghcliffe and Infinity Photography Club.  Nicky Pascoe started the evening’s entertainment with beautiful images of dancers both in the studio and in a wide variety of locations including flower fields, Salisbury Cathedral cloisters, Highcliffe Castle and along the coast.  Dancers were shown in acrobatic as well as classical poses, often in the middle of winter but they looked to be enjoying the shoot almost as much as the photographer.  Nickly has developed a real expertise and high reputation for the quality and passion of her work and is often approached by ballet dancers to have pictures for their portfolio.

By way of complete contrast Fay Bowles showed us how to enhance still life photographs with a variety of background textures including wire wool, wallpaper, tiles, water reflections and the contents of a garden shed.  Layers were overlaid to produce really stunning effects and her use of small farmyard animals added a sense of humour and scale to her work.

The evening was concluded by the presentation of Jim Pascoe with a focus on the work and life of choristers at Winchester Cathedral.  Jim has been given unprecedented access to the behind the scenes activities of the boys in both formal and informal settings.  The photos were fresh, original and unusual.

The three presentations added up to an excellent evening of real entertainment and were much appreciated by all.

Key Fob Holders

The only way to access the Club is via a key fob system; the code access pad no longer works.  10 fobs have been allocated to us by the Village Centre and these are held by: Lorna Brown (Chair); Mike Hancock (Vice Chair); Peter Rocchiccioli (Selection Committee Chair); Ann McDonald (PAGB group); Graham Sergeant (RPS group); Dave Abbott (Digital group); Jeff Owen (IT/ Projector lead) and Graham Walls (meeting layout).  In addition Jan Davis is the holder of a spare and Wojt Boden has a fob on behalf of the Exhibition leads – Iain McGowan, Sarah Nichol and himself.

For those who may need occasional access to the Club you will need to make arrangements to get a fob from one of the named key fob holders and then return the fob after use.




We had an excellent prints presentation from Pete Bamforth last night extolling the benefits of the large print format for all of his images, but particularly for landscapes.  Many of the images were taken in winter, full of atmosphere and capturing the essence of the various places visited.  We were taken on a tour of iconic locations with big skies in such diverse places as Glencoe, Iona, Mull, Bhutan, China, Silk Road in central Asia and the Orkneys.  The predominantly black and white images were contrasted with a few in colour with the former generally conveying the greater atmosphere and producing more photographic impact.

This work was contrasted with the more intimate detail of images from Birmingham library, the colourful reflections in the surrounding canals and the high quality truly artistic graffiti on the canal walkways and walls.

Pete has a great eye for capturing both the beautiful and the grand in his work, with all images beautifully printed and presented.  An inspirational evening for us all.