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Graham hangs up the tea pot

Graham Walls, our long-serving and always reliable tea man (not to mention chair putter out in chief!) gave us some seriously bad news last night.  He’s retiring from his spot in the kitchen – and given how long Graham has done this for, and that as he puts, he’s not getting any younger, we can all understand why.  Firstly, we must give Graham our very, very grateful thanks for all those cups of tea and coffee which we so much appreciate.

Secondly however is the grave situation that we now need a new volunteer or there will be no refreshments for the refreshment break!  We need someone to keep the tea, coffee and those important biscuit supplies topped up, ensure there’s milk for the evening, that there are two people in the kitchen to serve, and to hand over the takings to the Treasurer along with receipts for expenditure.

Do please contact me if you (perhaps with a friend?) can take this on.


Club AGM – Where were you?

Chichester is a dynamic and successful club due to the dedicated hard work of a small band of volunteers who give their time each week, or indeed each day, to ensure the Club runs smoothly and offers such a range of activities.  Once a year we require at least one third of the membership to come together at the Annual General Meeting – the only business orientated meeting of the season – to recognise the work of the volunteers, to vote in the new Committee and Post Holders and to discuss issues relating to the Club’s activities in the future.

Last night’s important AGM was very poorly attended and while many Members will have had genuine reasons for their absence, it’s a very poor show when there are insufficient attendees to conduct the business and others didn’t attend because they thought it might be boring, it didn’t concern them or simply because it was raining.

Fortunately, there were no formal proposals on the agenda and so on the principal of absence conferring consent, the new appointments were confirmed.  If any Member wishes to object to that as the meeting was not quorate, do please contact me.

 In the event, despite the disappointing turn out, it was a thoroughly positive (and far from boring!) evening. There was a constructive discussion about the financial challenges we face; a positive response to to suggested changes to the PDI competitions and PDI of the Year, as well as helpful thoughts on improving the projection of PDIs.

We took a moment to thank all those whose unstinting contributions have given us such a successful year (the Review of the Year will be available on a separate post), especially this year our thanks to Liz Boden, stepping down now as Secretary;  to John Dean, our Print Competition Secretary for many, many years, now also stepping down. and to David Donati who has looked after the mentoring programme  who is also leaving the Management Committee.

I am very pleased to say that John Bradshaw was elected to the position of President, the vacancy having been created by the sad loss of Jeanne Bevis who had held the role for so long. I am pleased to welcome Tim Crabb as Club Secretary,  Mike Harris, taking up the reins of Print Competition Secretary and to have Linda Bullimore join the Management Committee, while she continues her Small Print Competition Secretary role.  Also newly elected as Post Holders last night were Richard Smith, taking on the SxPF and Regnum Crouch liaison responsibilities and Sue Nash who replaces Sarah Nichol as an Observer on the Selection Committee – our thanks to Sarah for sterling work.

There was one further significant piece of business last night, which was the appointment of Ann McDonald as Vice President, which gave John Bradshaw his first ‘official’ task in presenting Ann with flowers in recognition of this.  This item is fully reported on a separate post, but it was an honour for me to make this announcement and well deserved by Ann.

Finally, any disappointment we felt at the poor attendance last night was more that compensated for by the  lovely tribute paid to the Club by new Member, Richard Ryder thanking everyone for making him so welcome,  how much he had learnt and how much he was enjoying his membership. 

Newly elected Club President presents Ann McDonald with flowers following the announcement of her appointment as Vice President

Ann McDonald – Club Vice President

At our AGM on 18th May, we made a slight deviation from the Club rules, which I believe will be excused due to the reasons.  A nomination had been received from Iain McGowan, Pete Bamforth, Janey Devine and John Bradshaw which the Club’s Management Committee considered and has wholeheartedly agreed to.  That is the conferring of Vice President status to Ann McDonald.  This is in recognition of her long and very active contribution to Club life, as past Chair, past Chair of the Selection Committee and her ongoing organising role with selection, and her significant contribution to the PAGB Group.  The meeting had heard just some of the successes of that group, and it is to Ann’s credit that she reinvigorated the group in which she not only provides her own insightful thoughts on images, but secures the input from other highly capable Club Members.  Only last autumn she was also instrumental in arranging for the Club to host – for the very first time – a PAGB Awards for Photographic Merit day, arranged and masterminded by Ann to considerable applause. Not least of course is Ann’s skill as a photographer and the role her images have played in securing and maintaining the Club’s good position in southern counties league and national inter-club competitions.  It should also be noted that Ann is the first female Club member to be so honoured – and it is was an honour for me as Chair as to make the announcement to which was made at the AGM as, by means of stealth, we discovered that Ann will not be at the Preview of the Club Annual Exhibition where these announcements are due to be made.  As there is no cup, medal or certificate to mark a the conferring of Vice Presidency, John Bradshaw, just elected as Club President, presented Ann with flowers to mark the occasion. Well done and well deserved Ann!

Club President John Bradshaw and Vice President Ann McDonald

EPSON Photo Stylus A3 + R. 3000 printer.

To any Club Member who may be able to use this printer for `spares`
The Black ink supply unit is not working despite cleaning with Magic Bullet etc..  All other colours worked as normal. The existing inks have been sold.
The printer is in excellent condition throughout.  The estimated repair bill from Epson was extremely high so a new printer was purchased.
Free to anyone interested.
Contact Mike Davison, whose contacts details can be found here: –

Thursday 11th May

We had a very entertaining – and inspiring  – evening last night with Sue Dunham and Ian Hutchinson from Southampton International Exhibition who presented a slideshow of PDI entries and award winners from this year’s exhibition.

Sue has worked with SIE for an incredible 25 years and is also an active member of Beaulieu Camera Group, and for this long service and immense contribution she has recently been awarded the APAGB that is given for ‘Meritorious Service’.  As many Chichester Members are regulars at SIE and we have long enjoyed seeing work from the exhibition, we were pleased to add our congratulations to Sue.  She reciprocated by presenting Ann McDonald with the SIE Chairman’s Medal for her mono print, Three Fishermen at Dusk! Ann certainly had a bumper year at SIE with 14 acceptances and a two certificates and it was good some of these during the evening.  

Our season is of course drawing to its end now and next week sees the Annual General Meeting.  Do please attend, it is an important part of our our fixtures and necessary for the good running of the Club, and is also one of the more social evenings during the year.  Full details and papers are available on the website (and included in the 4th May and 12th May Newsletters). Apologies for attendance should be sent to Liz Boden, Club Secretary.

Over the summer we of course look forward to our Annual Exhibition, and yesterday the processing of entries began with all submitted prints being numbered ready for judging on 1st June with Alison Crawley.  Key dates for all Members are the Pre Exhibition Meeting on Thursday 27th July (7.30pm at Tangmere) and the Exhibition Preview on Friday 4th August at the Assembly Room, Chichester at 7pm.  There are still gaps in Stewarding for the Exhibition so do please let Wojtek Boden, Exhibition Secretary, know when you can help via the website posting.  

Ann McDonald receiving her SIE Chairman’s Medal for Three Fishermen at Dusk

Notification, Agenda and Papers for May 18th AGM

Please find attached the Agenda and papers for the forthcoming Club AGM on Thursday 18th May at 7.30pm to be held at Tangmere Village Centre.

This is the one meeting in the year devoted to the Club’s business and it is important that members do attend to vote in the next Officers, Committee Members and Post Holders who are so vital to the good running of the Club.  This year, this will include the election of a new Club President following the loss of Jeanne Bevis, our redoubtable President for many, many years past.  I am very pleased to let you know that John Bradshaw has been nominated to the position and you will find that ans all the other nominations on the attached ‘Club Elections’ file.

It is also a social occasion when we look back over the past year, the Club and individual members’ successes, have an opportunity to consider new ways of working and look forward to the coming season.

Please ensure you do download, print and read the required papers as copies will NOT be available on the night in the interests of economy. If you can also bring snacks for sharing during the refreshment break that will be very welcome.

I look forward to seeing you at the AGM. 

Lorna Brown – Chair

AGM Agenda 18th May 2017

Club Elections 2017

Draft Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2016

CCC Accounts, AGM Report & Budget, May 2017 (Appendix 2)

Thursday 6th April

It was a sad start to our meeting last night to hear of the death of Jeanne Bevis, our long-time President, which is reported more fully on a separate post.  

The evening that followed was a highly enjoyable look at the art of panelling for Royal Photographic Society distinctions, and was led by our very own Graham Sergeant who runs our RPS Special Interest Group. Graham was aided and abetted by his fellow Fellows, Janey Devine, John Bradshaw and Iain McGowan, who also support the RPS group.

The evening started with a look a recent successful Licentiate RPS panels from Lynne and Jeff Owen, and then Geoff Lambert, Chair of Horndean Camera Club and regular at the RPS Group, showed the panel he is working on – we wish him every success!  Guy Partington bravely showed his work in progress, very helpfully demonstrating the process of putting panels together.

After the break we moved on to Associate panels, and were very pleased to have Phil Shaw (who is currently on our waiting list) with us.  Phil has his Fellowship with the RPS and showed his magnificent nature ARPS panel of big cats.  Jill Stanley, who now supports our RPS Group, showed her very different and wonderfully striking panel of glass sculpture details which you might have seen featured in the RPS Digital Magazine last year.  I was very pleased to be asked to show my own recently successful flower print panel which I had been delighted to have retained by the RPS.  It was illuminating to see three such different panels which yet met the requirements of the RPS in constructing these collections of images, as it was to hear about the ‘statement of intent’ that is required at Associate and Fellowship levels.  The importance of these statements was very clear with  the mono  panel Tony Cortazzi is developing illustrating the way women have become directly involved in the steam traction engine world, as the message of the images is equally important to the photographic quality. Again – very good wishes for success! 

We hope the evening will have encouraged others to embark on the distinctions route – the RPS Group meets on the third Tuesday  of each month, the next meeting being on the 25th April at 7.30pm in the small hall.  Do just come along and find out more!

Through an epic piece of bad planning for which I take full responsibility, our Vice Chair Mike Hancock is currently away (his other passion – golf!) and I am soon off to the Hebrides for a couple of weeks.  In our absence our thanks go to John Bradshaw who will host next week’s third and final Club and Intermediate Print Competitions, and to Glyn Edmunds who will host the Bristol Salon evening on the 20th April.  Mike will be back for the AV evening on the 27th April with Carole Speight and Graham Sergeant.

Graham Sergeant & Lorna Brown

Annual General Meeting 18th May 2017

Preparations for the Club’s forthcoming AGM are well underway with some important dates coming up.  Any proposals to be considered by the AGM must be with Liz Boden, our Secretary, by the 27th April, duly set out and seconded.  Please note that this refers only to proposals that would bring a formal change to the Club’s operations – if there suggestions, questions or thoughts you would like aired this can be done in the discussion and questions section at the end of the meeting.

Nominations for Club management committee and post-holders also have to be received by 27th April – Dave Abbott will be ensuring these are collected and if you have any questions about these do please see Dave.  This year, following the sad death of our long-time President, Jeanne Bevis, this will include the election of the President.

Papers for the AGM will be sent out electronically on the 4th May (there is no Club meeting then due to local elections).  This will be via the Club’s normal newsletter system – do please print your own copy of the papers and read them prior to the meeting. You can find the Club’s constitution which governs the Club’s running and the AGM here.  CCC_CONSTITUTION_APRIL_2015

The agenda will follow our recent practice so as well as the formal business of the minutes from the 2016 AGM, accounts and Club elections, there will be a review of the year and a look forward to the next season. The meeting is an important moment in the Club year giving a opportunity to find out more about the behind the scenes business as well as a social occasion so do please come along.

Lorna Brown – Chair

Jeanne Bevis – Club President

Club Members were greatly saddened to  hear of the death of Jeanne Bevis, our long-serving President, on Thursday 6th April. Jeanne, who was 98, had lived in her own home until just before Christmas when she broke her hip in a fall.  

Ann McDonald told us that she had visited Jeanne just over a week ago on Jeanne’s birthday and how Jeanne had rallied when she saw Ann and how pleased she was to receive the flowers and greetings from the Club.  

Jeanne was of course an absolute stalwart at the Club, to see her chair empty was a rare occurrence.  She had given many, many years service to the Club and to the photography world, which was recognised by the Southern Counties Photographic Federation which put Jeanne’s name on the SCPF Roll of Honour.  A great privilege.

She has been one of our longest serving members, joining the club in 1957. She became club President in 1989, taking up the role after the death of her husband, George, who was President at the time. During all that time she has worked tirelessly for the Club and has been enthusiastic in the promotion of photography and in encouraging and helping the members. She donated our beautiful silver Seal of Office which is worn at official Club events and also our new smart print easel, for which we are really grateful.

At the age of 87 she embraced digital photography, buying a computer and learning the intricacies of digital manipulation and printing, shortly afterwards gaining her LRPS with a panel of digital images. At the time her enthusiasm for digital imaging was an inspiration to many much younger members. In addition to photography she was a gifted potter, with her own potter’s wheel and kiln. She was also Chairman of Chichester Magistrates at one stage. 

She took her role as Club President very seriously indeed. She never missed the opening of the Annual Exhibition, each year giving her President’s speech with energy and aplomb. This year’s opening will the very first one she has not attended – she will be greatly missed.

Club President, Jeanne Bevis, receiving the SCPF Roll of Honour in April 2016.

Jeanne Bevis – Chichester Camera Club’s President