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Deadline for December Small Print Competition

A quick reminder to all club class photographers that entries for the December Round of the Small Print Competition are due in by next Thursday, 30th November. Up to three small unmounted prints can be given to me at the meeting next week. I would encourage new members to enter the competition as it can provide private feedback on your images with advice as to how they might be improved.

Results of November’s Small Print Competition

Huge congratulations to Guy Partington for taking all three  places in the last competition.

1st Place: Dragon fly  

2nd Place: Girl with no Name  

3rd Place: Old Friends  

Just a reminder to all Club Class members that entries for the December Competition are due in by 30th November, which is in two weeks. Let’s try and give Guy a run for his money – I already have his entries!




November Small Print Competition

Just a gentle reminder to all Club Class members that the next round of the Small Print competition will be on Thursday 9th November. So could I please have all entries by Thursday 2nd which is NEXT WEEK. Three unmounted images sized up to 7″ by 5″ are all that is required, or even one or two if you are struggling to find anything suitable. I hope new members were able to see October’s entries which were on display in the small hall during the coffee break and that one or two more people will have been persuaded to enter this month. If you are still unsure of the rules and what is required then please feel to ask me or use the website to access the Members’ Handbook. I look forward to seeing more of your images next week.

Linda Bullimore

Results of October’s Small Print Competition

Thanks to the club class members who entered the first round of the Small Print Competition. It was pleasing to see new members entering this first competition and, having seen the process, I hope some more of you will be brave enough to put forward your work for next month.

After careful consideration by the Selection Committee, the following people are the winners of this round and their images will be retained for the final annual competition in March.

1st place: Gary Howes with “Lizard”

2nd place: Guy Partington with “Isabelle”

3rd place: Gary Howes with “Eagle Eye”

Well done to these photographers and to everyone who took part. If you would like feedback on your images then please ask me at the club meeting next week when you can also collect your images.

Prints for the competition on Nov 9th should be with me by Nov 2nd please.

Linda Bullimore

October Round of the Small Print Competition for Club Class Members Only.

The first of this year’s Small Print Competitions will take place on 12th October so I would like all entries by 5th October please, which is only one week away!  For anyone who doesn’t know me my name is Linda Bullimore and you can give me up to 3 prints on any subject.

All club class members are eligible to enter the competition except any winners of previous annual small print competitions. I would especially encourage new members with no camera club experience to enter as this is a “non-stress” competition with judging taking place privately and only the winners’ names being revealed. You may also ask me for any feedback which might improve your images.

Images should be 7″ by 5″ or 6″ by 4″ and do not need to be mounted. They should however have your name and a title on the reverse, preferably on a sticky label so as not to damage your print. Images can be printed at any Photo Lab eg Boots, or you can print your own. The only digital manipulation allowed is basic colour correction etc with minimal cropping – no cloning or effects please as we like to keep it really simple. Prints, straight from your camera are totally acceptable.

Looking forward to meeting lots of new entrants with different styles and experiences. Not forgetting the “older” club class members of course.

Linda Bullimore





Results of the Small Print Competiton of the Year

Congratulations to this season’s winners.

1st George Sayer with “Chameleon”

2nd Guy Partington with “Thoughtful Conversation”

3rd Tim Crabb with “Storm over the Arun”. These are all new members this year.

Five members were represented in the final and as always it was a difficult decision. To everyone who participated this year I have to say thank you for all your entries throughout the season and I hope you will continue to support this competition next year. Thanks as always to the selection committee who always look very carefully at each image and have given invaluable advice every month.

Small Print of the Year Competition

The 15 winning images from each round of the 2016-17 Small Print  Competition will be judged on Thursday 9th March by the Selection Committee.  The winner will receive a small trophy at the Annual Exhibition. The first, second and third placed photographers will be entitled to an automatic entry into the Annual Exhibition in August. If you are one of these lucky people then please contact me about the requirements for the exhibition.

Thank you to all the photographers who participated this year; members have commented on the good standard achieved. And thank you to the judges who have been very thoughtful in their deliberations and have given advice as to improvements that could be made in the future. Well done to everyone and good luck to the finalists.

Results of the 5th Round of the Small Print Competition

This month’s worthy winners were:

1st: Tim Crabb with his image “Chaffinch”

2nd: Guy Partington with “Thoughtful Conversation”

3rd: Mike Harris with “The Glorious Alps”

These three images will be added to the winning images from all the previous rounds to be entered into the final competition on the 9th March to decide the overall winners for this season. Good luck to all the finalists. Many thanks to all the judges who have given their time and feedback over the past year; it hasn’t always been an easy task for them to decide on the finalists. As many of you weren’t at last night’s meeting I shall be returning your images, along with some feedback, next week.

5th and last round of the small print competition

February 23rd is your last chance to enter the Small Print Competition for this season. If you want to be in the running for the Grand Final in March, when winners will be chosen from all the finalists from the individual rounds, then please bring your entries to the club at the start of the meeting next week (Feb 16th). The winners of the Grand Final will have the opportunity to have their winning entries shown at the Annual Exhibition in August, and the overall winner will be awarded the Small Print Cup.

January winners

Results of January’s Small Print Competition

Thank you to Sheila, Carol and John for judging the Small Print Competition this month. They chose from fifteen submitted images all of which were of very good quality. They were unanimous in their choice of first place, but there was some discussion over second and third places, so well done to everyone who made it such a close contest.

The results are as follows:

1st place: Tim Crabb with his image “Storm Clouds over the Arun”

2nd place: Tim Crabb with “A Break in the Storm”

3rd place: Guy Partington with “Bath”

Highly Commended: George Sayer with “Icy Leaves”

The last competition of the year will be next month on February 23rd. So entries to me by February 16th please.