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Portrait Group Activities:Autumn 2017

The group  meets ad hoc when opportunities arise for people photography.

There will be a meeting at Tangmere on Wednesday 25th October where we will review last seasons work.

Dates and times will be announced.  


Do not hesitate to contact Jan or Andy if you have any ideas for a photoshoot.




  • In particular regular photo shoots at Chichester College Hair and Beauty and Barbers dept.  from November to April, daytime
  • Events in the city such as Remembrance Day Sunday 12th November,  
  • St Pancras Wheelbarrow walk Saturday 16th December  
  • Also there are opportunities to contribute to St Wilfrids Hospices’ , Moonlight Walk and other activities .   
  • Lavant Players, December, January

Jan Davis, Andy Dulson

Roll of Honour: Annual Exhibition Presentations

At the opening of The Annual Exhibition the cups were presented by Walter Benzie HonFRPS, President of the RPS to the

 2016 – 2017 Seasons winners 


Lankester Trophy, Winner of the Club PDI league: Helenka Boden

Sutherland Cup, Winner of the Intermediate PDI league: Paul Williams

Hackett Cup, Winner of Advanced PDI league: John Howes EFIAP

Waddington Cup, PDI of the Year: Lynne Owen LRPS


Shubotham Cup, Winner of the Print Panel competition: Pietro Rocchiccioli BA (Hons) Photography

Ada Tyler Cup, Winner of Small Print Competition: George Sayer

Brierley Cup, Winner of Club Print league: Richard Ryder

Postma Cup, Winner of Advanced Print league: Lynne Owen LRPS

Simcox Trophy, Winner of Intermediate Print league: Ed Feldmanis

Exhibition Trophies


Charles Sayers Trophy, Best Club PDI in Exhibition: Helenka Boden

Birch Cup, Best Intermediate PDI in Exhibition: Susan Watts

Turner Cup, Best Advanced PDI in Exhibition: John Field ARPS

Whitaker Trophy, Best Portrait PDI in Exhibition: Jeff Owen LRPS

Bevis Cup, Best Record PDI in Exhibition: Margret Preece ARPS

Chichester Challenge Cup, Best Landscape PDI in Exhibition: David Harris

Darley Cup, Best Pictorial PDI in Exhibition: Glyn Edmunds EFIAP


Evershed Martin Cup,  Best Club Print in Exhibition: Guy Partington

Bastow Cup,  Best Intermediate Print in Exhibition: Linda Bullimore LRPS

Derek Smith Cup, Most Creative Club or Intermediate Print: Carmel Lynch

Wilson Dent Cup, Best Advanced Print in Exhibition: Ann McDonald DPAGB

Read Cup, Best Portrait in Exhibition: Lynne Owen LRPS

Charles Howard Record Trophy, Best Record Print in Exhibition: Jan Davis

Simcox Landscape Trophy,  Best landscape in Exhibition: David Abbott

Chichester Cup, Best Pictorial Print in Exhibition: Jean Brookes EFIAP

Edleston Trophy, Most original Advanced Print in Exhibition: Lynne Owen LRPS


Stewart Jones Cup, Best image within 10 miles radius of Chichester Cross: John Field

Tester Cup, Best natural History Image in Exhibition:Sheila Tester

Coath Memorial Cup, Photographer of the year: Ann McDonald EFIAP

Edmunds Cup,  Contribution to The Club over year: Graham Walls

SCPF PAGB Presentations by Pietro Rocchiccioli

CPAGB Credit Award: Lynne Owen

DPAGB Distinction Award: Ross Laney

Our new President John Bradshaw congratulating our new Life Member:Graham Sargeant.

SCPF June Newsletter

Newsletter, June 2017

SCPF Exhibition 2018  

It’s that time again!   Registration for the 2018 Exhibition in Salisbury is now live online.

The process is as before: clubs wishing to participate must register online before the end of August, along with payment of the entry fee. Uploading of entries online will be in October, the exact dates to be confirmed …this will be after the uploading window for League entries.

Prints will need to be taken to the Club Reps’ meeting on 17th November, and there is no leeway on this as the judging takes place just two days later! The judge will be Roger Ford FRPS EFIAP/g

As before, due to the available space in the gallery we can only accept print entries from 35 clubs, but there is no limit on the number of PDI club entries. Entries will comprise 6 prints and/or 8 PDIs

We do ask all participating clubs to help with stewarding the Exhibition. Without stewards we are unable to provide catalogues, display the PDIs or provide information to the visitors, which really devalues the event. Last time we only covered about half the available stewarding slots, and this was provided by just nine clubs …. so lets do better this time round!

PAGB results

Set out below is Peter’s full report and results of the PAGB Inter-Federation Competition and Exhibition. For this all our entries are scored, with the top 15 counting towards to Inter-Fed Championships. Then the Exhibition is selected but with fewer images and ensuring representation from every Federation, so the scores are not the sole determining factor in this. Thanks to so many of our members we had a great set of images to select from, and this is reflected in the excellent results for SCPF.

2017 Sony PAGB Inter-Federation Print & Projected Digital Image Exhibitions

I am pleased to provide the information on the PAGB Inter-Fed Exhibition Competition 2017 results, which were judged on 3rd June, at: Carleton Community Centre, Carleton Road, Pontefract, hosted by the YPU. The first page has the results of our Federation position in each category and the images that have been accepted including the photographers’ names. The next four pages show all of the marks for each individual entry. My congratulations to all of our members that have had their work accepted and in particular to Marcin Ciesielski for a PAGB Ribbon awarded to his image Coco. It should be noted that our Colour prints achieved the 4th position which is an outstanding result. Thank you all for your support, the standard was exceptional and many excellent images were not selected. The non-selected prints will be returned at the September Reps’ meeting.

The 2017 Sony PAGB Inter-Federation Print Exhibition will be officially opened by The Mayor of Rotherham, Councillor Eve Rose Keenan accompanied by Mr. Pat Keenan on Monday 10th July 2017 at 1.00pm at the Rotherham Riverside Library, Main Street, Rotherham, S60 1EA.The Winning Federation Trophies will be presented on the opening day of the Exhibition. The Medals and Ribbons will be sent to the Federation Competition Officers to present to the winners. The Exhibition will be displayed at the Rotherham Riverside Library, Main Street, Rotherham, from the 10th July until the 22nd July. The other Venues and dates are:

The Old Schoolhouse, Oldbury, West Midlands, from the 19th August until the 13th September, Maesteg Sports Centre and Library, Old Forge Site, Maesteg from the 4th October until the 26th October. The Exhibition will conclude at the Art Gallery, Manchester Road, Accrington; 1st December Pre-view Evening, opening the 2nd December until 28th January.

Peter Rocchiccioli President  

Overall Results

SCPF newsletter-

Request for Prints and PDI’s for PAGB Interfederation Championship and Exhibition

The Federation needs your prints for the PAGB Interfederation Championship and exhibition.

We need to select:

30 Colour Prints

30 Mono Prints – FIAP Definition

30 Open PDIs (not nature)

30 Nature PDIs – FIAP Definition


These are the numbers the Federation have to send in as our entry, so we need many more to select from!


The print mount size must be 50x40cm (see the note below on print size tolerances required for exhibition framing)

The PDIs are to be 1400×1050

All must be to Peter by this Thursday 27th April so that they can be considered for selection.


Please support the Federation with your prints and PDIs

Peter Rocchiccioli

Annual Exhibition 2017 from 5 to 12th August

The Annual Exhibition 2017 will open from 5 to 12 August this year at the Assembly Room, North Street, Chichester.

This note is to remind members that the deadline for both Print and PDI entries is Thursday 27 April.

Guidance Notes for entrants

Arrangements for the Club’s Annual Exhibition 2017 are well underway. The success of the exhibition relies heavily on the support of Club members to volunteer a small amount of their time during the exhibition week to help with stewarding as well as in the kitchen


The link above takes you to the details of the tasks to be covered.

If you wish to enter the exhibition, please register all your entries via Photocomp.

Boxes will be out on the stage every Thursday evening to receive Members’ Print entries up until 27 April. Please make sure you place your Prints in the correct box, which are labelled Club Class, Intermediate Class and Advanced Class.

I will shortly be asking Members to assist with the stewarding of the exhibition and will circulate a rota and would be very grateful for your support. In addition, the kitchen will be open for sale of refreshments (teas, coffees and cakes) throughout the exhibition and Carmel Lynch has agreed to organise this. A separate rota for the kitchen will also be circulated.

Should you have any queries, please contact Wojtek Boden, Exhibition Secretary

Nominations for Coach Cup and Edmunds Cup for 2017

There are two awards determined by a ballot of Club members at the end of each season: The Coath Cup for Photographer of the Year and The Edmunds Cup for Services to the Club during the last 12 months.  Lorna Brown the winner last year receiving cup from Jean Bevis.

You are invited to nominate whoever, in your opinion, deserves to be recognised for these awards. To nominate your choice of Photographer of the Year and for Services to the Club please use the appropriately labelled ballot slip. Enter the name of the person you wish to nominate, sign your slip and place it in the ballot box on the table at the back of the hall. Ballot slips will be available at each Club evening during April and May.

The last date for submitting your nominations will be at the Pre-Exhibition Meeting on Thursday 27th July 2017. The cups will be presented, together with all other awards, at the  Opening of the Annual Exhibition at the Assembly Room, North Street, Chichester on Friday 4th August 2017.

Coath Cup – Awarded to Photographer of the Year.

Your nomination should be for the photographer who has produced the best or most inspiring body of work during the year. You may also choose someone whom you consider to be the most improved photographer in the last 12 months. All Club members, irrespective of class, are eligible for nomination.

Edmunds Cup – Awarded for Services to the Club.

This award is for a member of the Club who, in your opinion, has served the Club and it’s members “above and beyond the call of duty”. This is not confined to officers of the Club.  All members are eligible for consideration, but must have contributed something without which life in the Club would have been the poorer.