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A webinar from Glyn Dewis

Notice of a webinar from Glyn Dewis which could well be of interest

Hey David

This literally is just a quickie to let you know (if you’re interested) that I’ve been asked by BenQ to run a Photoshop webinar on Tuesday of next week.

It’s online and LIVE on the 26th June at 6pm UK time and I’ll be going through some of the new content that I showed recently at Photoshop World in Florida in a class I did called Photoshop Power Hour. One of the things I’ll be showing is a technique I came up with for making your pictures take on the same colouring as any film, TV show or even other picture that you like; I only came up with it a couple of days before going to Photoshop World and it works a treat!

Oh and you’ll need to register to get the link for the webinar and you can do that here [LINK]

Right, I’ll leave you to it,
Catch you later,

ps> Not sure if the webinar will be available to watch afterwards…sorry

pps> Friday’s ‘HE SHOOTS, HE DRAWS‘ podcast episode this week is with our ‘other’ Brother from another Mother, Aaron Blaise (used to work at Disney and animated on Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty and the Beast etc..)

Digital Group 22nd May 2018

“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers”

On Tuesday 22nd May a small but select number of gentlemen of the club enjoyed an instructive  evening lead by Ken Worrall. Ken gave an outline of the possibilities of ACDSee Ultimate 2018 as an image manipulation programme. From what we saw it appeared to have more to offer than Photoshop Elements and perhaps should be considered by those who object the paying a monthly fee.

Ken then demonstrated how he constructed one of his images which recently scored 10 and which was made up of elements from 5 different images. Thank you Ken

Your Votes are Needed!

Two of the Cups which are awarded each year are not in the gift of the visiting judge but of the club members. These are the Coath Cup for the Photographer of the Year and the Edmunds Cup for the person who has served the club during the year “Above the Call of Duty”.

Each Thursday evening from now until the end of the season, including the pre-Exhibition Meeting on the 2nd of August, voting slips will be found on the raffle table at the back of the hall. These are pink for the Edmunds Cup and white for the Coath Cup.

Please vote. It will only take a minute of your time and will show your appreciation of those who YOU think are worthy winners of these awards. It greatly devalues the awards if only a small minority of members bother to vote. It could be taken that you are not bothered who ends up with the cups. In this case it would save a lot of time and effort if we were to put all 130+ members names into a hat and  the first names out win

I suspect there would be a mighty outcry. SO PLEASE VOTE

Digital Group Tuesday 22nd May 2018

The final meeting of the Digital Group will take place at Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 22nd May at 7.30.

In the first half of the evening we will be breaking from perceived tradition by inviting a Club Class member to give a tutorial. The member in question being Ken Worrall.

Ken joined the club in the autumn of 2017  and this year has just won the Brieley Cup as winner of the Club Class Print league for 2017/2018. Ken scored 86 marks out of a possible 90 and only one of his images did not receive a Certificate of Merit.

A number of the images submitted by Ken were composites and on the 22nd he will demonstrate how he constructed one of them from 5 or 6 elements taken from other images of his. Moreover, he will show how he did this without the assistance of Messers Adobe!

After the break we will review the past year and hopefully you will submit ideas for the future. Members £3.00, visitors £4.00.

Cups, Cups, Cups

We had a useful number of Cups returned last night but I ask that the remainder are returned by Thursday 26th April.

We do not have a meeting on 3rd May so the next opportunity would be 10th May which is getting very close to the deadline.

Nicely polished please.

Digital Group, Tuesday 24th April

Lightroom, Lightroom, Lightroom.

Calling ALL Lightroom users.

As you will know there has been a considerable upgrade to Lightroom Classic CC and on Tuesday 24th April, Phil Shaw, ace photographer and educator will be going through all the changes and what it means to the way you work. The tutorial will go at whatever pace you want and all your questions will be answered.

Even if you don’t use Classic CC you should come along so that you can appreciate what you are missing. So everyone is welcome. It will be a great evening. Tangmere Village Centre, Small Hall at 7.30. Members £3.00, Visitors £4.00.


Club Cups and Trophies



It is that time of year again when we collect all the trophies won last August back into the club in preparation for yet another round of judging of fresh images. The cups should be highly polished, as you yourself would expect to receive one at the Annual Exhibition Preview Evening in August.

Please return the cups to me over the next couple of Thursday evenings.

Dave Abbott

Digital Group, Tuesday 27th March

The Digital Group met on Tuesday 27th March and had an excellent evening of tutorials. Ray Acland showed the almost infinite opportunities offed by the Topaz Labs and Topaz Studio plug-ins. In addition he showed a range of recent prints in which he had used Topaz presets and he discussed the various papers he used to compliment the subject matter.

After the break Phil Shaw gave a master class on the Photoshop tools he uses in the production one of his stunning wildlife images. For me it was not just his mastery of the individual tools but his attention to detail which was a lesson in itself.

Digital group 27th March 2018

The Digital Group will meet at 7.30 on Tuesday on 27th March in the Small Hall at Tangmere Village Centre.

For the first half of the evening Ray Ackland will give a tutorial on the use of Topaz Studio and show a number of recent successful prints where he has made use of this plug-in.

After coffee Phil Shaw will look at some of the more frequently used and misused tools of Photoshop. With tips on how to get the best out of them. Members £3.00, visitors £4.00