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Adobe Updates October 2017

Just when we had got used to running along comfortably with programmes we knew and loved (or otherwise) Adobe appear to have thrown all the cards up in the air and come out with updates, different names and maybe different ways to pay.

Please find below a piece sent by “The Lightroom Queen” ( Victoria Bampton) to Joy who has passed it on for wider circulation.

Hi Joy Whiting!

It’s the Adobe Max conference this week and there’s LOADS of Lightroom news!

In this edition…

  • Lightroom Rebranded as Lightroom Classic
  • Lightroom Classic CC 7.0 Release
  • End of Perpetual Licenses
  • Cloud-native Lightroom CC
  • Lightroom for iOS/Android
  • Announcement FAQ’s

Since the first Lightroom beta was released in 2006, the world of photography has undergone many changes. In those days, most people had never even heard of smartphones, and editing photos required sitting down at a computer. Today, photos shot on mobile phones grace the covers of top magazines, and billions of photos are captured and instantly shared online every single day.

Today, during the Adobe Max conference, Adobe will announce the future of Lightroom. There’s lots of changes and plenty of confusion, so let’s get an overview…

Lightroom Rebranded as Lightroom Classic

The folder-based version of Lightroom that we’ve known and loved for the last 10+ years is still going strong. It’s been rebranded as Lightroom Classic, because it continues to use the traditional desktop folder-based organizational system we’ve used for decades (as opposed to a modern cloud-based system).

Future development of Lightroom Classic is being refocused on improving performance and enhancing the editing tools. It’s become a bit of a jack-of-all-trades over the last few years, so this new focus is great news for serious Lightroom users.

Lightroom Classic CC 7.0 Release

Lightroom Classic 7.0 was released today, including the first wave of performance improvements, a new embedded preview workflow for faster culling, and a new range mask tool for color/luminance based selections, in addition to the usual new camera/lens support. There’s more information on the new features here.

Before you jump to upgrade, a word of warning is in order. Performance is a tricky thing. Making a feature faster on one computer can make it slower on another, and the code changes are so widespread, it can create bugs in seemingly unrelated areas. I’d recommend exercising a little caution because opening a catalog into 7.0 upgrades the catalog format, so you can’t easily roll back to 2015.12 if you run into problems. Lightroom 7.0 can be installed alongside Lightroom CC 2015, so if you’re an early adopter, perhaps test it using a clean catalog before upgrading your main working catalog, just in case. I’ll compile the early feedback into a blog post over the next week or two.

End of Perpetual Licenses

For the last couple of years, it’s been a subject of great debate… will Adobe keep selling Lightroom as a perpetual (standalone) license or not? We finally have an official answer… Adobe will continue to sell Lightroom 6 as a perpetual license, but Lightroom 7 and future versions will only be available to CC subscribers. At least they’ve said it now, and we can all stop guessing. They’ll continue to add new camera support to Lightroom 6 until the end of the year, and even at that point, your perpetual version of Lightroom will not spontaneously combust. If you’re currently a perpetual user, I’ve outlined some of the options here.

Cloud-native Lightroom CC

There’s a new cloud-native version of Lightroom, designed for the next generation of photographers. Because in this version everything’s synced to the cloud, your photos and edits are available on all of your devices, wherever you are. Since Lightroom manages your photos for you, this new Lightroom app is really simple to use (no more missing files!), but still has the non-destructive editing power we’ve come to expect from Adobe. It’s been rewritten from the ground up, so it’s relatively bug-free (hooray!).

It’s early days, so Lightroom CC doesn’t have all of the features of the Classic version, but it already has the essentials and will continue to develop rapidly. If you’re a Lightroom user considering moving to the cloud-native app, I’ve created a feature comparison table, so you can check whether it has the features you need for your workflow.

I know you’ll have loads of questions, so I’ve written a free Quick Start eBook, available for download right now (just fill in your name/email again and check the Lightroom CC eBook checkbox).

More extensive books for both Lightroom Classic 7.0 and Lightroom CC will be available soon in eBook and paperback formats, and I’ll let you know as soon as they’re released.

Lightroom for iOS/Android

The iOS and Android versions of Lightroom have been updated with some fantastic new features including AI-based automatic tagging and search, keywords, album folders to organize all of your albums (prev. called collections), and the Android version now has the brush tool too. You can read all about the new features here.

The mobile apps are designed primarily to be a companion to the cloud-native Lightroom CC ecosystem, so they now use the new terminology (e.g., albums instead of collections). The mobile apps continue to sync with Lightroom Classic, as they always have done, but no new cloud features will be added to Lightroom Classic, so keywords and collection sets don’t sync with Lightroom Classic.

Announcement FAQ’s

There’s sure to be a mass of questions about these announcements. I’ve preempted many of the questions I expect to see, and I’ll continue adding to the FAQ’s as new questions arise.

Digital Group Tuesday 24th October 2017

The Digital Group will meet in the Small Hall of Tangmere Village Centre on Tuesday 24th October at 7.30.

For the first part of the evening Sheila will give a tutorial on downloading images from the camera and cataloging them in the Lightroom Library  so the you can find them again when you want to.

For the second part of the evening we have great pleasure in welcoming Ann McDonald once again. Ann will talk about making the most of your images, selecting those suitable for PDI’s or for prints and in the case of the latter, selecting a paper suitable for the image.

It should be a first class evening, Members £3.00, non-members £4.00. Refreshments included.

As an early warning, make sure you have Tuesday 28th November in your diary. Frank Adams will entertain us and he says his tutorial will be controversial! One not to be missed.

Digital Group, Tuesday 26th September.

The first meeting of the Digital Group for the new season will be held on Tuesday 26th September in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30.

This will be an introductory meeting when we discuss things you would like to have covered in the following meetings. We do have a programme sketched out but this is your chance to have your say in what you would like put into the programme.

There will be a very warm welcome for new members of the club and this is your chance to come along and meet established members on a less formal basis than on Thursday evenings.

Sheila will also give a tutorial for both new and established members on image resizing. This is something you will need to know if you are entering any of the club competitions.

The cost is £3.00 for members and £4.00 for non members. Everyone very welcome.

New Creativity Pack from Glyn Dewis

Glyn Dewis has just brought out a new Creativity Pack.This time it is on snow. In view of the likelihood of another green winter down here you could find the contents of this pack useful, even if only for Christmas cards.

Hiya David

Right, finally got this all done and ready so dropping you an email to let you know that my Snow Pack (Photographer’s Creativity Pack 2) is ready.

I know it might sound corny but I genuinely do appreciate you being part of this email community which I really hope will grow into something quite special, and part of that is that I’ll always let you know about any new stuff I have coming out with a member discount; £7 for the pack as opposed to the regular price of £12.

Sorry this has taken me longer than I’d intended but I spent last weekend putting working on content I hadn’t even thought about to be honest (videos, snow brush…) all thanks to lots of emails I got back with great suggestions.

Glyn Dewis - Photographer's Creativity Pack
Use the following code at Check Out to get the complete pack for £7
Discount Valid until Midnight (UK) on Monday 11th

  • 50 Snow Image Files
  • 5 HD Snow Video Files
  • Snow Brush
  • 7 x ‘How To’ Video Tutorials
  • Transcriptions (Video Tutorials)
  • Practice Files

•NOTE: Snow Image Files can be used in Photoshop, Elements, Paint Shop Pro•

This is a collection of 50 Snow image files, 5 High Definition Video Files and a Snow Brush that can be used in still images and video. The files I’ve created have been done so using the exact same special effect snow used in TV / Film so the final result is TOTALLY REALISTIC and have been used in some of my own pictures.

Discount Valid until Midnight (UK) on Monday 11th
Snow Files & Brushes
It’s really important to me that if you’ve got this pack then I want to make sure you get the very best results using it…regardless of your skill level so that’s where the video tutorials come in that you can watch on your computer or mobile device. Create unique scenes, add special effects…and not just to still images but also video footage, especially as video is becoming more and more widely used and accessible.The 7 included Video Tutorials cover:

  • Video: 001 – Creating a Snow Landscape
  • Video: 002 – Snow and Mist
  • Video: 003 – Creating Snow Brushes
  • Video: 004 – Snow on Objects
  • Video: 005 – Adding Snow in Video
  • Video: 006 – Enhancing Snow and Motion Blur Effect
  • Video: 007 – Storing Files in CC Libraries
Use the following code at Check Out to get the complete pack for £7
Discount Valid until Midnight (UK) on Monday 11th
Can’t wait to see what you create with these snow files so please do keep me posted.
Now let’s go have a play 🙂

Best Wishes

Copyright © 2017 Glyn Dewis Photography | All rights reserved.

My mailing address is:
Glyn Dewis Photography
Suite 18, Enterprise House,
Telford Road, Bicester

A New Video from Glyn Dewis

Glyn has produced a new video on retouching a male portrait.

Hi David

Before I forget I just wanted to send you this file over that I promised a few days ago during a recent YouTube LIVE Broadcast.

If you click on the blue button below it should download no problem. I know some people have had problems downloading things like PDF’s but it looks like that’s some kind of security issue with the Safari Browser but I think (I hope) I’ve sorted that now.

Oh and just so you know, if you were going to watch the video for this retouching over on YouTube (here’s a LINK) , I’ve added some stuff in the description where you can just click on a time stamp and it will take you straight to the point in the video you want…
Right, have a great weekend and I’ll catch you next time when I’m another year older; Birthday Boy this Saturday so a weekend of quality time with Anne in our favourite place awaits 🙂



Those of you connected with or visiting our Spring Exhibition at Tangmere Village Centre will remember the remarkable collage of rubbish by Hilary Featherstone. This was made up of some 120 images of the 300+ she took this winter whilst walking her dog, either within the National Park  in the area around the Trundle and Goodwood or along the foreshore and therefore within an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

All who saw it thought it needed a wider audience and Hilary hoped it might get into the library. Jeff took a shot of the screen (see above) and a few days later I sent it to Louise Goldsmith, Leader of West Sussex County Council. Louise asked us to meet with her at County Hall on June 2nd and this we agreed to do. Unfortunately, the time of the meeting was put back and having previously arranged for my nephew and his children to come down to spend a day by the sea the revised time was not possible for me. However, Hilary was atill able to go.

The meeting was a great success and as a result of Hilary’s dogged persistance through the dark days of winter her collage is to be used in a publicity campaign against litter. There is to be a large version of her image within County Hall  and another in the library. In September there will be articles and the images in both the local and the county papers. CDC is to be invited to join in and a programme of visits to local schools is envisaged.

Louise gave it as her opinion that coming from a local resident the public were more likely to take notice than to something from a local authority.

In all a brilliant piece of Documentary photography and very many congratulations to Hilary. It is also a  very good  reflection on the club. Think about it. There may well be something near you that would be worth a similar treatment.

Digital Group Meeting on Tuesday 23rd May

The Digital Group will meet of Tuesday 23rd May in the small hall at Tangmere Village Centre at 7.30.

There will be a tutorial on the subject of HDR by Phil Shaw FRPS. Phil will demonstrate the differences between various commercially available HDR programmes including a French programme unknown to many of us.

After the break we will spend a short time reviewing the past season and looking forward to a new one in September.

New and Aspiring Photographers Exhibition 22nd and 23rd April 2017

Some may think I have no place posting this. If you feel strongly enough I am quite willing to “step outside”!

I felt I just had to congratulate Sarah, her team and all who showed their work at the Exhibition this weekend.

Freed of the constraints of the 500 x 400  straight jacket ( this is not meant to be critical or controversial) it was amazing to seee the imaginative displays of work on show. Everyone should feel very pleased with themselves, not only for showing what they themselves can do but also showing the breath and depth of talent in the club.

There were also thought provoking messages. Jan’s depiction of the 1% who own 99% of the wealth. Perhaps of greater concern was the collage by Hillary of the evil and offensive detritus which litters our footpaths and shorelines.  All taken by her whilst walking her dog within the National Park or in  “Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty”. It is a message we have to get to a greater public and I for one am determined to do so.

Congratulations to everyone. Watch out Noth Mundham, they are coming to get us!